Leeds Northern Social, Saturday 24 October

Some time ago I posted a “Shall we? Shan’t we?” note about a northern social in Leeds. I’m pleased to say that after several weeks tramping the streets and dragging ourselves in to various bars and clubs in our respective quarters of the metropolis, Daddypig and I have found
somewhere to go.

The Northern Social will be held in the upstairs function room at THE PACKHORSE PUBLIC HOUSE, BRIGGATE, LEEDS, on Saturday 24 October. A modest sandwich buffet will be available and we can use the pub’s CD player. Due to financial constraints we will not be having a separate bar, but we will have access to the downstairs bar which sells a good range of alcoholic beverages etc. and sports a picture of the late Jimi Hendrix. I have booked the buffet for 8.00pm but I’m thinking of turning up a bit earlier. Just ask for me or say you’ve come for the
“private party” upstairs, and give your name.

If you would like to come, please let me know via t’Spill, or by e-mail if you know my e-mail address (I don’t fancy posting it here). It would be helpful if you could confirm before 19 October in case we need to cater for more, or fewer people than planned. We have been working on the
basis that 10-15 people are likely to come. If ten people come, then the cost will be £10 each to cover the room booking and buffet, payable to me on the night. If more than ten people decide to come the cost will go down, unless we need a lot more food.

The pub is approximately ten minutes walk from Leeds Station, off Briggate, which is a pedestrianised shopping area. It is up an alley way (Packhorse Yard), just past the junction with Commercial Street, with the jewellers “H.Samuel” on one side and “Principles” on the
other. I can’t find a picture on Google, but if you look up “Briggate Leeds map” on Google you should be able to find Briggate and its junction with Commercial Street without too much

If anyone is planning to make a night of it, there are lots of hotels within easy reach of the station, e.g. The Queens Hotel, The Hilton, Travelodge and the Discovery Inn (aka the Comfort Inn), with a range of prices.

Any questions? Handy hints? Let me know.

Hope you can make it!

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