The song that made me happiest this year.

Hello all,

So, how’ve you been? I’ve missed being around and joining in the fun. There’s probably been, at a rough estimate, at least a kajillion changes to things over the past months, all of which I’ve missed, and will probably never catch up on at this stage (but if anyone wants to try to give me the salient points . . . ). Because of the job I got way back near the beginning of the year, I’ve been focussing mostly on film rather than music over the past months, and with a recent contract extension of a year (yay!), that will probably continue. While this does make me very happy in day-to-day life, I do miss you all, and the banter and education you all provide.

Anyway, all of this is a preamble to the below song. I saw a preview of the new Muppets film this morning, and spent most of it with a stupid, unwipeable grin on my face (opens in the UK and Ireland February 10, go!see!it!). This song was written by Bret McKenzie of Flight Of the Conchords fame, which fans might be able to hear (hello, Steenbeck!), and it’s too good not to share. There’s some dialogue in it (no spoilers) that will make more sense when seen in context, but I defy you not to catch yourself humming it later, or at least smiling during. Well done if you can pick out Leslie Feist’s line and don’t forget about the coming oscar nominations 2013. Hope you enjoy, and if I don’t get back before Christmas, I hope everything has been fantastic for each of you this year, and long may it continue.

16 thoughts on “The song that made me happiest this year.

  1. Hi Catcher! Great to hear from you and very glad to hear that you’re thriving. Congrats on the job and the new contract.

    (PS – Any chance of some holiday pictures from Leenane this year?)

  2. Massive sedonds to those best wishes from Amy there, Catcher.

    I’m hoping to play a little catch-up on this and other things with a locked-in-the-office day today.

    Back later then . . .

  3. Hey Catcher! That was most, er, catchy! And joyous. Thanks for sharing – and great to ‘see’ you again. Not that you’re asking, but this earworm of mine from earlier this year is deffo still the song that’s made me happiest this year:

  4. That was a nice track! ! !

    It reminded me of those classic Disney show numbers in the arrangement.

    I am sure I will be humming it all night!!!

  5. Hi Catcher – lovely to hear from you! Personally I think life’s a happy song if it’s just me. Come to think, though, it’s my middle grandson’s 3rd birthday today and it’s jolly nice to think that the party’s only just round the corner…

  6. Two songs both introduced Stateside in commercial campaigns.
    They don’t fit any defined US radio niche format, they’re just both catchy fun retro-styled pop ditties.

  7. Catcher! Miss you being around on the Mothership. Pleased you’ve been kept busy by something you enjoy. Merry Christmas to you & yours.

  8. Shane says that this is a challenge now? Well, the song that made me happiest, in terms of making me smile whenever i hear it, would be Fatima Mansions’ Shiny Happy People. Have the feeling that’s not quite what you had in mind though.

    • amy – you don’t have to listen to me – I just need distraction… (so I don’t think of how much I have to do before Friday) and bishbosh started it.

      The song that made me happiest this year:
      (that isn’t in my ‘spill best of)

      fujiya & miyagi – minestrone

  9. Cathcher! Please, please, pretty, pretty please drop in again from time to time. The song that made me happiest this year hasn’t been recorded yet (i have heard it live though!)

  10. Hello Catcher! How nice to see your name again! I’m glad your job is going well, and that it was renewed.

    This is, indeed, a lovely song!

    I miss the old days of RR, too.

    And I wish I could watch Flight of the Conchords over again without ever having seen it before, because nothing else compares!!

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