Earworms – 26th March

'Spill points alert! 6 cars, 6 songs, 6 points - which car represents which song, and can you identify the vehicles? Thanks to DsD for the inspiration! ... Bonus point if anyone spots the slight anachronism.

Little Angels – Radical Your Lover
90s Scarborough rockers Little Angels come screeching into the Earworms Shopping Centre car park, in a low-slung, souped-up, tastelessly-resprayed Citroen AX. The sound system in their boy-racer (worth more than the rest of the car) blasts out one of my favourite uses ever of a brass section in Classic Rock.

Dragon Ash ft. Rappagariya – Deep Impact
I love this track! ! ! It is loud, noisy and has a fantastic beat and riff.  Dragon Ash are a really innovative group that have been around forever and I love they way they mix styles and all the different influences they show in their music.  I hope people like it – but I know not everyone will! ! !
Hoshino Sakura

Cornershop ft. Bubbley Kaur – United Provinces Of India
Although I’m a big fan of Cornershop, I was very unsure about a whole album with another vocalist but it’s an absolute delight.  She isn’t called Bubbley for nothing and has me dancing round the kitchen on a regular basis.

Thundermug – Africa
I’ve been digging deep into the Canadian charts of this era.  The general rule is that, even in the era of CanCon, the Canadian charts generally paralleled the American charts with Canucks (and to a lesser extent, Brits) charting higher.  That leaves quite a few interesting exceptions which failed to crossover to the US or UK.  Here’s an odd hybrid of T-Rex glam, bass-heavy Mountain funk, bloozy Led Zep hard rock, and kazoos (!).  Hit #38 in Canada.

Richard Berry and the Pharoahs – Louie Louie
This is the original 1956 cut by the song’s composer. Although I like the Kingsmen’s better known version, I actually prefer this. I’ve just discovered that the vinyl EP I own which this track comes from is now worth about £200.

Funkadelic – Smokey
I imagine that after a hard day funking on the mothership you might want to sit down, relax and kick back. if so, this would be just the tune to do it with whilst chanting the mantra: ‘looking back at you, I lost a lot, you’ve got a lot, miss you a lot’  – just try to resist.

Please send earworm contributions to earworm@tincanland.com.  Thank you!

50 thoughts on “Earworms – 26th March

  1. Now that’s my kinda set!


    Only had time for one run-through as yet, but loved it all.
    Will try to be a bit more analytical later.

  2. Oh what a great set. I loved everything. We are totally spoiled this week. Each and everyone is (a la Charlie Sheen) a WINNER!

    And I am ravenous for more Spill points. Some guesses as transportation isn’t my groove.

    Little Angels – Citroen CVA is that smallish looking one with the flames on it.
    I liked the song very much.

    Dragon Ash feat. Rappagariya – I would have gone with a big old Chevy truck up on huge wheels, but I will go with the military vehicle as this could blow you away.
    Hell yes, my kind of a song.

    Cornershop feat. Bubbley Kaur – I will go with the little vehicle that looks a lot like a US Postal truck 🙂
    Loved it. I’d have placed it much higher if this wasn’t such a stand out week.

    Thundermug – The four wheel drive thingy at the back
    Another great song. Lovely.

    Richard Berry And The Pharaohs – The gas guzzler of a t-bird looking thing
    Classic and awesome. Brilliant in every way. My pick of the week with Sakura’s a close second

    Funkadelic – the VW Camper van with the flowers on acid paintjob
    Groovy and fabulous.

  3. Far and away my favourite Earworms set for many a week. Loved all of them!

    I have vague memories of having a Little Angels cassette single, but can’t remember anything about it at all. Enjoyed this a lot.

    I listened to a bit of Dragon Ash when I first came to Japan, but never really followed up on it….looks like a bad call as this was ace. Hints of ATR in places !

    I too like a bit of Cornershop and still listen to WIWBFTST pretty regularly. This was much less indie and much more…..Indian (??!) and all the better for it…standout of the week.

    I don’t think I’ve ever actually heard this original version of Louie Louie before, which is a bit embarassing considering all the other versions I know and love. Great stuff !

    Thundermug (great name….I think !) and Funkadelic were greta too. Thanks all !

  4. A goodly set (and not just because one of mine’s in it!).
    Little Angels. I like this. Great sound.
    Dragon Ash. Love the noise and exhuberance.
    Cornershop. I’ve been listening to quite a lot of bangra and related stuff recently. This is a good example of that genre.
    Thundermug & Funkadellic. Both fine, very listenable tracks.

    Nice bunch

  5. Hm, is this the list Zala was asking for raucous tracks for, I wonder?!

    I quite like the Stonesy groove of Little Angels. The lyric doesn’t do much for me (is “radical” meant to be a verb?), but I suspect that’s not the point! Good, dumb fun. Nice honkytonk piano at the end too.

    I wasn’t sure about Dragon Ash to begin with (and am a bit squeamish about the use of the word “motherf***er”, which – not speaking Japanese – was one of the few I picked out), but I rather enjoyed it once the rap kicked in. There’s something appealing about the rap-metal hybrid – for me, this isn’t up there with, eg, Faith No More, but it’s got a great energy to it.

    I was primed for the Cornershop to be my favourite before starting to listen to the set and this didn’t disappoint. Fantastic stuff. Adore Bubbley’s voice – really cheering. And as Mitch says, a lovely bhangra groove.

    And there was me hoping for a Toto cover… Yep, another fun one from Thundermug. Just the sort of slightly random curio earworms are for!

    Think I prefer the rockier, raggedier takes on “Louie Louie”, but Mr Berry has a lovely voice.

    I get a bit scared of the idea of Funkadelic (and funk workouts full-stop). Always fear their tracks will be a bit meandering (and without enough actual melody to carry it off). I’m sure they’re not at all! That’s my ignorance for you. Anyway, this was lovely – with some very pleasing melodic flourishes – although as a fan of the three-minute pop song, I did indeed find my attention straying toward the end (after the fade). At least it ended properly though!

    Thanks all. I enjoyed that lot. A lot.

    • Actually, Bish, it’s not “the list Zala was asking for raucous tracks for”. This one mostly coalesced before then. The request was a general one because I’d noticed a general tendency towards the downbeat.

  6. Great pick me up at the end of a long, tiring day. Enjoyed every track.

    The Toyta SUV is for sakura’s, right. It’s Japanese and it’s got a dragon on the side. Wasn’t the artwork on the AX callled “BadBoy” and if so, what are you trying to tell us about DsD, Zala?

    • Yay! Well spotted, Maki. It’s a Toyota Landcruiser and the dragon is (I hope) a proper Japanese one. I await Sakura’s verdict, naturally.

      I confess that I don’t know the name of the artwork on the AX; it’s more to do with where else it’s been used. Or, rather, who by.

  7. A most entertaining Little Angels track, I have a feeling there was a single of theirs I really loved back in the days when I was enamored by the Dog’s D’Amour, but I can’t remember which one it was, any suggestions for their big hits?

    DragonAsh really not my bag, I tried, but preferred the Cornershop track, that was lots of fun, quite enjoyed the Canadian one, bass was good and rumbly. Nice version of Louie Louie too and it led into Funkadelic very neatly, which was surprisingly enjoyable.

    An excellent selection this week.

  8. Ooh, thank you all. I was expecting a whole raft of awkward/polite “thanks-but-no-thanks” comments about Little Angels. They weren’t even close to being my favourite band when they were around, and I’m on record as being VERY rude about singer Toby Jepson’s later stint as vocalist in the reformed Gun.

    Re their “hit” singles, Womankind, She’s A Little Angel, Too Much Too Young and Ten Miles High all charted higher than Radical Your Lover (& no, Bish, I ain’t got a clue about how the title works as a sentence), but possibly the most memorable single would have been Product Of The Working Class.

    I can’t pick a favourite out of this half-dozen: I’d just like to say it’s an ace playlist, and leave it at that.

  9. Yep, great set. Love the Little Angels, and Dragon Ash rocked. So did Cornershop. All of them did i think, no single standout!

    Thanks all and Zala!

  10. Yep, cheered me up too, even Sakura’s 😉

    Strangely, I think I liiked Funkadelic best. Oh no! What’s happening to me? (Reaches blindly for Roy Harer CD)…

  11. This is a great playlist Zala and I really enjoyed it ! ! !

    I loved all the tracks and I was pleased people like Dragon Ash – I was nervous that people would not like it ! ! !

    I have put it onto my iPod already ! ! !

    I think this is a great playlist for listening to in the car on a trip ! ! ! and I loved your painting of the cars as the cover for the week ! ! ! The dragon on the Toyota looks very Japanese ! ! !

    Well done Zala and everyone who nominated a track – A really fantastic Earworms ! ! ! !

  12. Gotta agree with everyone who admired the variety of this week’s. I could have predicted my order of preference for these before even listening … and I would have been wrong(ish). Funkadelic is my fave, but Drag Ash is a surprise second. Thanks Sakura

  13. I had great fun putting this list together. I’m really glad that it was so popular! I loved all of the songs.

    For the record, here are the cars:

    Little Angels have arrived in DsD’s “low-slung, souped-up, tastelessly-resprayed Citroen AX“. I didn’t want to go overly tasteless, so I raided the band’s Web site for a graphic; this is the upper part of a red devil’s face.

    Dragon Ash ft. Rappagariya are cruisin’ in a Toyota Landcruiser decorated with a Japanese dragon that I found lurking on the Web. Thank you for confirming the authenticity of the graphic, Sakura.

    Cornershop ft. Bubbley Kaur are trundling around in an autorickshaw, popular in many Indian cities, or so I understand.

    Thundermug are privileged to trek the savannah in Sheddi’s very own 1961 Mercedes Unimog (resprayed) – a former German army radio van, and a serious off-roader. The virtual respray was originally orange and black, but you don’t get tigers in Africa, so I changed it to a zebra. The real vehicle is still army green and doesn’t work. Which is just as well in a way, because it really is a gas guzzler!

    Richard Berry and the Pharoahs are cool in their 1959 Cadillac Eldorado (3 years after their record was made). I made it blue… just because it didn’t want to be pink. “Bluie Bluie”, perhaps?

    Funkadelic are, of course, dozing in the back of their classic VW Camper, which has been psychedelically decorated with a stock image that came with Corel Draw.

    … which reveals the nature of this image. It’s a vector graphic, assembled from several sources. Some of the cars were already on my hard drive, some of them I created for this post. Any of them can be readily resprayed with a fancy bitmap or just recoloured to suit the next project…

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