Amy’s Dead Gorgeous……Playlist

grateful_dead_30th_anniversary_sticker_largeAmy asked me for a second playlist of gorgeous Deadsongs to add to the one I posted for Robert Hunter’s 70th Birthday, so here it is.

There happen to be 11 tracks so please feel free to play the Tuesday game with it. Or just pass on by without a glance.




1.  Sugaree. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, 11th April, 1972
2.  Crazy Fingers. San Francisco, 13th August, 1975
3.  Friend of the Devil. Boston, 7th May, 1977
4.  Cassidy. San Francisco or New York, September/October, 1980
5.  Here Comes Sunshine. Los Angeles, 17th November, 1973
6.  Sage and Spirit. San Francisco, 13th August, 1975
7.  Loser. Copenhagen, 14th April, 1972
8.  Stella Blue. Louisville, 18th June, 1974
9.  They Love Each Other. Cleveland, 6th December, 1973
10. Row Jimmy. Cleveland, 6th December, 1973
11. Brokedown Palace. American Beauty, 1970

35 thoughts on “Amy’s Dead Gorgeous……Playlist

  1. Don’t encourage him, Amy! Honestly… Just kidding (of course) – I look like having a quiet work day tomorrow so look forward to a listen then.

  2. nice one, Chris … simply lovely. I dread to think how many hours of music you’ve gone through to refine your choice down to this list, but there’s sone gorgeous stuff here …. a fine selection.

    • I think they call this kind of thing a ‘labour of love’. I had a mental list of the eligible songs, listened to some/all of the versions on my PC (archive downloads and gifts from mainly) or on CD and then picked the ‘best’. There are probably better versions out there somewhere.
      I was quite keen to get some Donna and Keith in there, for added colour, preferably without too much Mickey.
      I hope it fits the bill, amy.

      • “I think they call this kind of thing a ‘labour of love’. “

        What i assumed. I know how you love to spread the gospel of the Dead. I won’t get to it though, until i have time to give it proper attention – i have a busy 2 days or so, then i’m free. It will fit the bill, i totally trust you on that one. Maki’s “bliss” comment is all i need to know it will.

  3. 1. I like the gorgeous rolling guitar motif – I’d sample it and add a decent thumping drum machine to enhance emotional rave element.
    2. it’s the technique not the song…. some scratching on the technics should pull it all together.
    3. sample the piano for some italian house and it’d be ace.
    4. sample the cheering at the start and add a whistle – should perk it up.
    5. think I’m on the wrong drugs
    6. think I’m on the wrong spirits
    7. not as good as Beck.
    8. is stella blue the super strength lager?
    9. everybody’s coming up and feeling the love – is it the e talking?
    10. I’ve been doing some maintenance on a houseboat today – standing on a makeshift platform has been like surfing – I’d advise Jimmy NOT to row in this wind, okay.
    11. I don’t think they are broke down the Palace – the queen got a 5.2million pay rise this year.

    Cheers for that Chris … (for your proper efforts – not my piss take – They Love Each Other was my fav closely followed by Sugaree, the playing on both tracks wrapped around each instrument and gave me a cuddle, with the musicianship NOT overpowering the tracks .. so I didn’t drift off thinking about the skill level rather than the song. Very lovely. I don’t usually do eject songs – 5 was the one that left the littlest impression… but what would I know, rave on dude, is there any hi-energy remixes?)

      • I was only pulling your leg with my review – as I’m sure you know.
        I did see your previous post with the mixes – your ears were correct. An interesting experiment but nothing to write home about – the gr8ful deadmou5 does have some interesting bits where the music and technology has been interplayed well (but it’s got bog awful bits too and is far too long if you’ve given up the smoke) – I’m not one for the destruction of well crafted songs, if a creative person uses samples, it’s the subtlety that counts – an obscure ‘fantastic’ drum beat lifted for a mediocre 70’s disco disc will always satisfy more (for example: dj shadow – endtroducing) than say taking the words ‘A little less conversation’ from Elvis and building a pop hit around it (jXL) – nothing wrong with either method – but some things should just be left how they are.

        As you are fond of championing – the musicians here remix and re-work each track themselves anyway, each and every time they played them live.
        Cheers again – it was fun to envelop myself in the songs – I haven’t had time to listen to anything in the last couple of weeks, so it was fun to start with something different for me.

  4. 1. Lovely, tender, relaxed vibe. Remarkable sound quality for a live recording. You’ve got to be a patient sort to be a Grateful Dead fan, haven’t you? They don’t seem to go in for three-minute pop blasts.

    2. This one’s not grabbing me as much, but then I am trawling through the comments on the Mothership as I listen. Just seems a bit meandering. Like the bit where it picks up the pace.

    3. Is this a different vocalist? I like the voice. And I like the ‘friend of the devil is a friend of mine’ hook. I do like a hook…

    4. Ah, nice to have a change in tempo/mood! Yeah, this is grabbing me the most so far. And I’m usually not big on crowd noises, but this crowd seem to know when to make noises that enhance the song rather than detract from it.

    5. Oh I stopped paying attention again. Damn those innuendos. Not so taken with this one, sorry. Beginning to wish sunshine would get a move on and arrive. The little musical motif before the bit where they sing “Here comes sunshine” is nice though – can’t give you a timing as I can’t seem to see it on this browser. Probably about minute 347…

    I’ll try and get to the rest later in the weekend.

    • The prime voice on all the songs is Jerry’s, apart from #4 (which is Bob). Jerry’s voice started to age in 1976, with the start of his interest in heroin. Listening to his voice just got more sad as time went by.
      I do appreciate the effort, bish, given the lack of snappy, synth-based pop. Although the original version of Friend of the Devil is a much livelier 3 minutes 20 seconds.

  5. Is this available anywhere else, ie dropbox? I’d like to listen on my ipod in the comfy chair in the living room rather than on a hard chair in front of my Mac.

  6. Boom boom!

    1. Lovely, laid back sound. Great after a day in the sunshine and a glass of wine. Just need someone to share it with … oh! I’ve got you lot. Duh.

    2. Like the intro. Not sure about the song – I mean it’s nice and all, but needs a few listens, I think. Gets better and better as it goes on, lots of noodling (this is good).

    3. Gah! Living with a 10-year old has its drawbacks, he is singing the Wombles song because he KNOWS it’s really annoying …) That aside, I like this, though not as much as the first two.

    4. Great opening. The sound quality seems really good on all these tracks. I like the tone changes in this – my favourite so far.

    5. No, THIS is my favourite. Fabulous.

    6. Or maybe this … I seem to like the non-vocal best.

    7. Nice, bluesy sort of riff.

    8. Hmm, drifted over my head a bit.

    9. Very mellow.

    10. More mellow.

    11. OK, mellowed out now.

    Thanks very much, Chris and Amy. (6) is my best and (8) my least best, but enjoyed the whole very much.

  7. What an absolutely gorgeous Sugaree. Jerry’s voice sounds so strong there. Quick glance at the list and i see that all but one song are from the 70’s, mostly early too. (hmmm, like the best Stones bootlegs.)

    • Crazy Fingers was new to me – wouldn’t put it up there with the faves, but that was indeed some gorgeous noodling at the end. Loved that Friend of the Devil, for this Sunday morning (even though i keep thinking that it’s Monday) i like it better than the usual treatment. One of the first songs i learned on guitar. The guitarwork on Cassidy was indeed gorgeous, sounds like an exceptionally good quality recording there, doesn’t it. Here Comes Sunshine is beyond gorgeous, just pure bliss.

    • The chances of finding good Dead stuff after 1978 are fairly low, imho, and I didn’t really look there. Jerry’s voice is declining and heroin reduces the quality-control on his playing, Brent smooths things out that should stay rough, Mickey overpowers Billy’s subtlety on the drums and drives them both too fast and Phil’s ‘Heineken and cocaine years’ reduce the frequency of him being ‘on’ (and, as we know, when Phil is on, the band is on). Bob is the only reliable one, but even he got a bit showbiz, y’all.
      I think there are different reasons why the Stones were a bit crap after the early 70’s.

      • “I think there are different reasons why the Stones were a bit crap after the early 70′s.”

        Yeah, Mick Taylor left, and they quit shooting up. Songwriting went to crap too. Although they did have some moments after that.

        Sage and Spirit was new to me and drop dead gorgeous, sounded almost ecclisiastical (sorry). I was afraid i’d hit a problem with Loser – that’s never been one of my favorites and can be downright depressing if you hit the wrong version. But it was fine here and fit right in. Stella and TLEO were lovely, and especially Row Jimmy. You know how much i love Brokedown, and especially now as i’m in the process of researching apartments and jobs so i can leave my brokedown palace of a state and crawl back home to the banks of the Delaware river where i originally hail from. (Although i’d prefer the banks of the Thames, but looks like that won’t be able to happen tomorrow.)

        So i’m not tossing any of them if i don’t have to. It’s too bright to shoot today and i’m waist deep in coding, so i think i’ll just go back to playlist #1 and start all over again and listen to the Dead all day. So many thanks for this. When you first put list #1 up, i couldn’t listen to anything but the Dead for a week. That may happen again (I can’t really listen to Stones when i work, or much else for that matter), but it’s ok. Hope you enjoyed doing the lists as much as i enjoy listening to them.

  8. On the sound quality of the live tracks:
    1 and 7 are from the 24-track tapes made for Europe ’72.
    2 and 6 are from the tapes made for radio and released as One From The Vault.
    4 is from the 24-track tapes made for Reckoning.
    The rest are soundboard recordings held on which have been lovingly de-hissed and enhanced by people who care about these things.

  9. Thanks for Dropboxing these, there is no way I’d get round to listening otherwise – am downloading now.

    That New Yorker article on the ‘Dead soundboard recordings and their ‘live legacy’ that came out last year was fascinating. Was a real insight into the mind of a Deadhead and certainly made this casual listener more aware of the passion and commitment of GD fans and why it’s all about the live recordings. Makes you wonder how much is still out there! I meant to mention it at the time, but never quite got round to it.

    Here’s a link for anyone who is interested, it’s a really long article!

    • Thanks for that link, panth. Some astute observations in there.
      I never got anywhere near the taper’s world and only started to appreciate the wide range of Dead performances (in every sense!) when Vault recordings were released. Discovering was like being given a treasure trove.

      The writer’s fixation on one Scarlet-Fire transition is typical of a Deadhead: out of three hours of playing, a two-minute-ish passage of unexpected yet seemingly-scored collective improvisation can elevate a concert into legend. For example, there’s a single phrase in the Europe ’72 version of Ramble On Rose in which Garcia leaves a hole in the melody he’s playing and Weir fills it perfectly. A one-off miracle that the casual listener (or sensible people, as they are known) wouldn’t hear at all or wouldn’t realise what just happened.

  10. Cheers Chris and thanks for “boxing” them. Looking forward to listening to them during the week. Will pop back with some comments when finished.

  11. Thanks for those Chris, I seem to have offended Dropbox and now I can no longer access it so it was the hard chair. And thanks to Panther for that NewYorker link, best on the topic I’ve yet read.

  12. Chris – dunno if you get updates from these posts. But the Deadlist player looks seriously messed up, and on the Hunter one too. Ali’s wormslist looks pretty good though. I posted to the RR group on FB to let Blimpy know, dunno if it’s FF, WordPress, or something else.

    • It seems to be WordPress, amy, as all my playlists are now buggered. The ‘Spill Player Jan 2010’ instruction manual is no longer valid.

      I’ll investigate what’s needed to upgrade…..

      • so it’s not just me then. Ali’s looks good from here though, maybe she can help. This list, the playlist bar slashes across the image, and it just plays the first tune, that’s all. Same with the playlist on the Robert Hunter thread.

    • I’ve updated the player, amy. Although the page break isn’t perfect, it seems to work again.

      btw, have you seen that a film has been made about Bobby (The Other One: The Long, Strange Trip of Bob Weir)? It’s been shown at the Tribeca Film Festival and my fingers are crossed for a wider release.

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