End of the Week Quiz

There seem to be a few wisps of tumbleweed on the ‘Spill lately, so maybe this will create some interest. There is also the possibility of a small prize, if you read on:

1. You have not decorated your living room for 15 years. You make a start, but are hampered by small child, attached to X-Box and assorted paraphernalia with umbilical cord. Do you:

(a) Decorate around him, leaving the middle of the room murky yellow while the rest is terracotta and coral flair?
(b) Call a computer geek to sever the cord and lead him howling to his bedroom?
(c) Give up and contact a painter and decorator (it’s only money)?

2. You have too many books and, to your horror, you discover Aubrey Beardsley next to “The Children of Green Knowe”. Do you:

(a) Donate all the books to Oxfam, no one ever reads them;
(b) Take all the books off the shelves, go through them, decide you can’t bear to lose them and put them back?
(c) Sit on the ladder with a cuppa and a biscuit, and start reading the Aubrey Beardsley?

3. Your son assures you he can play blu-ray discs so you buy “Life of Pi” as neither of you has seen it. He rips off the wrappers (so you can’t return it) and then tells you you’re stupid because he can’t play blu-ray. Do you:

(a) Take him back to the shop, abandon him there and buy yourself a blu-ray player / download relevant software?
(b) Flog it on E-Bay, if you can be arsed;
(c) Forget about it, you’re too engrossed in that book?

There you are – the prize is “Life of Pi” on blu-ray disc for the first person to tell me they want it. Otherwise it’s ‘Spill points as usual for the wittiest answers. Have fun.

42 thoughts on “End of the Week Quiz

  1. First I will declare a lack of interest (or, at any rate, a lack of Blu-Ray player) so you are all safe from me.

    1 When I moved into this house, eighteen months ago, I bought a tin of magnolia emulsion in case I felt like doing any decorating. The tin remains unopened. This state of affairs does not bother me.

    2 I must have more books than you, because I have lots in between Beardsley and Boston – notably, many by EF Benson. Again, I am fine with things the way they are.

    3 Must confess I’m a bit puzzled as to why you didn’t just buy the DVD in the first place. Or, better still, borrow it.

    • You can take the librarian out of the library, but you can’t take the library out of the librarian… Ali didn’t actually say that these books were necessarily in strict alphabetical order.

      • Many reasons, which may include:
        – Small children.
        – Other beings of lower organisational powers being present in the house and having access to the books.
        – Oversize books.
        – Books unpacked randomly and never put in the correct order.

      • Response to Zalamanda. Oversizebooks normally, but not always being non fiction have their own appropriately sized bookcase. Cannot speak for the small beings as ours grew up some while ago!

        I’m under strict instructions to put books back where they came from and we have fortunately (see my own post) only recently moved so the books were duly sorted on to the book shelves in order when we moved in!

  2. Similarly to TFD, we are hampered by the lack of appropriate technology.

    1. (d) wait until he goes to bed?
    or (more likely) (e) start painting a mural on one of the accessible walls
    2. “You have too many books” Probably true; answer: (c), although I was jolly organised to have found a ladder.
    3. (c), while promising myself the (b) would happen. Although I don’t think that I would have believed said son in the first place. And I would have bought the paper edition instead, on account of it having no compatibility issues.

  3. Like TFD we moved in a mere eight months ago to a “project” and gave ourselves six months to live in it before we decided to do anything. We’re still living in it. There’s plenty of time yet to decorate.

    As Mrs Leavey would say, “you can’t have too many books” but they do need to be in alphabetical order, as do LP’s.

    Will it play on a Betamax video recorder?

  4. (1) The books are mostly alphabetical but children’s books are separate from the others, so I don’t know how Mr Beardsley got into the wrong bit.

    (2) I bought ‘Life of Pi’ as a treat from young Munday to watch with his dad (thus allowing me a night off & a chance to get mildly inebriated in Leeds). I was assured blu ray was OK but stupidly took his word for it.

    (3) Young Munday goes to bed when I go to bed (or vice versa). We’re pretty much joined at the hip, despite my efforts to escape occasionally. It’s like being married with none of the perks.

  5. 1. So a 15-year gap between decorating is OK? Excellent; that’s one job less to consider thinking about making a start on planning.
    I don’t quite understand the landscape. If he’s in the middle of the room, can’t you do the walls? Is there room for a small tent? Can you wait until he’s grown and left home?
    2. Agree with (a) and intend to do something about it. Don’t get round to it.
    [I think of myself as a logical person but have never filed books or music alphabetically.]
    3. (b) sounds favourite; or is there a shop/market stall somewhere that may buy it?
    tbh Life Of Pi should be seen in 3D on a cinema screen. Without the stunning visuals you’d probably spend too much time trying to figure out if the ideas being expressed hold much water (pun intended). It did a good job of transferring the book, imho.
    My son bought me a blu-ray player last year (you get something back if you wait long enough!). I’m not convinced they’re a great leap forward from DVD’s and they are overpriced.

    • I spent 2 months doing up his bedroom (knocked 2 rooms into 1) so that he would play up there … but he seems to prefer my company (or maybe it’s just that he’s not allowed food upstairs). I’ve started round the walls but with just one room downstairs there’s nowhere to move anything. He’s only 10, I suppose another 8 years or so wouldn’t hurt …

  6. I do not have a Blueray player either, or a video player, but I still have videos, silly huh?

    Good questions. Could you move computer operations to another room whilst you decorate? If you have a spare TV this could be plausible. Whilst I sometimes dream of paying a decorator, the costs seem silly compared to doing it oneself. I admit that there has been a little corner at the top of the stairs for 9 years that I can’t reach no matter how many bamboo sticks I gaffer-tape on to the end of the brush handle, but I don’t think a decorator would come just to do that, even when they say ‘no job too small’. So um (a)

    2. I have books arranged in order of how much I like them followed by size and pleasing colour on shelf, but my CDs are alphabetical. We don’t buy books except on special occasions, we are lucky enough to have an excellent library service, otherwise we’d be stuck. How about a rotation system so only some are on display at any one time? Speaking as someone who donated lots of books to charity when we moved house and then bought some of them back, I’d say read Aubrey. (c)

    3. Sell it on ebay and join lovefilm (or equivalent) instead, I get 2 DVDs a month and it costs about a fiver. we’ve been watching Monkey! (70s Japanese Tv series), kids love it ๐Ÿ™‚

    • My kids adored Monkey too, back in the day. Are there some universally-loved things? Dr Who, perhaps, is another. I get endless cred from having a friend who worked on the special effects.

      • We’ve even watched Monkey! with subtitles in original language and they still enjoyed it (last one was about the Fractions Demon), I think it’s so imaginative and different culturally they never know what’s going to happen next, only 50 episodes to go ๐Ÿ™‚

        I am very impressed that your friend worked on Doctor Who, which Doctor was it or are they still there?

        • ah, the good doctor is not universally popular here, too scary and gave children nightmares. I think some characters do travel across generations though.

      • only because it’s Sunday night and we’ve had to be sensible all day as small son has SATs next week…on Tuesdays I’m extremely silly.

    • Great to hear that Monkey is still popular! I loved it as a kid (pretty sure they were repeats even then).

      Of course, before he was Monkey, he was a top pop star:

      • I had read in the biographies that Masaaki Sakai was a pop star, but hadn’t heard him, quirky, but I think I prefer his acting skills ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. 1. What games does he like, any recommendations? My eldest is nine, is attached to Minecraft on xbox (and ipod, and ipad) and Far Cry 3 on the PS3 (built in blu-ray player) – I miss the times when we played the lego xbox games on co-op.

    2. My books (and my music) are arranged kind of autobiographically, slightly by genre, and occasionally by size http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQvOnDlql5g

    3. Return blu-ray to shop, citing the lack of pies.

    • He likes Minecraft but is at the age where ‘young’ games are too young and ‘old’ games are too old. I’ve given in, and he plays Halo Reach, Assassins Creed and Call of Duty, all of which I think are completely appalling, but all his (same age) friends have them and they play on line with each other. I’m probably more lenient about it because he can’t get out and play much due to his illness. But I hate the games.

      Apart from that, there are a couple of driving games he likes and Skate 2 (or something), which is skateboarding. They bore me rigid but I try and play with him sometimes.

      • yes, It does take a while sometimes and some things don’t get found at all!

        But I like to feel my way around and find the kind of thing I want to listen to, rather than one specific album. As my James Brown obsessed friend once said to me: “you don’t wake up in the morning and think ‘I really want to listen to something beginning with G'” !!

        Saying that, if my collection was bigger I may well have gone alphabetical, or possibly alphabetical within genre….but that gets difficult as not everything can be properly classified into one genre…hmm……

      • Understand about the ‘surprise’ find and thinking oh yes haven’t heard that for a while; i’ll have a listen now.

        Genre, that’s a whole different ball game and I must get round to doing that with my digital files as I have some very odd ones on there!!

  8. 1. Decorating – move the Xbox and get it done! MInd you, we have been painting the nursery for the last six months…..I did it once and Mrs Panther decided she didn’t like the colour, so am having to re-paint………it’s getting there, but am trying to avoid the moment when have to put a new floor down…

    2. Books – for novels I donate to charity (we have a box for just that at work), or give to friends as I rarely re-read them. For non-fiction (mainly music books) I keep to dip into again and again in absolutely no order whatsoever!

    3. Sell it on E-bay…I have no idea what Blu-Ray is, but Mrs Panther was telling me the other day about how her friend’s husband worked on developing it…..or was it something else….

    • Blu-ray seems to be the format that has passed me by, and will pass me by, having been trumped by downloaded/streamed HD video files. I’ve never watched a blu-ray; I know how to author one, but I’ve never had to do that either.

  9. Ali: I’ve had a sudden lapse of forgetfulness. Have you tried LoPi in the X-box? I’m pretty sure the later models play blu-ray discs.

  10. “You have too many books”
    Sorry, I don’t understand that phrase.
    Unless you are the British Library I can’t see how this is possible.

    Decorating ? Wait until child leaves home. They will probably ruin new paint job with blue-tac anyway.

  11. “Ooh, an EOTWQ!” squees the Tumbleweed Queen.

    1. Postpone decorating until TheSmallOne is big enough to do it himself.

    2. b) Take all the books off the shelves, go through them, decide you canโ€™t bear to lose them and put them back.
    But what is this ‘too many books’ of which you speak?

    3. Give it to someone else for Christmas (along with a hint to their offspring that a blu-ray player is topping Auntie Mabel’s wishlist this year)

    P.S. My bigger SmallOne’s umbilical chord is attached to a Squier Jaguar…
    P.P.S. I’d rather have some ‘Spill pints than a blu-ray, of you please.

  12. MummyP’s mum was clearing a few things out the other weekend, and I was put in charge of a boxful of “The Cricketer”s and “Wisden Cricket Monthly”s, that belonged to my late father-in-law. Still much missed. I started flicking through and soon I was engrossed in an analysis of how things went wrong for the England bowlers in the 2001 Ashes series. We now have a boxful of magazines at our house.

    So that’s the equivalent of sat on the ladder with a cuppa and a biscuit…

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