Hanging Around


Jeanne & The Darlings – Hang Me Now
Dirtbombs – Executioner Of Love
Micragirls – Electric Chair Twist
Narrows – Under the Guillotine
Sex Pistols – Bodies
Editors – An Eye For An Eye
Frightened Rabbit – Head Rolls Off

Tim Rose – Hey Joe (You Shot Your Woman Down)
Tindersticks – The Girl On Death Row
Wheel – My Hanging Surrender
Lisa Germano – Guillotine
Extra Lens – Programmed Cell Death
Thee More Shallows – Ave Grave

A Popular History Of Signs – Justice Not Vengeance
Wolfgang Press – Executioner [Adamson Mix]
Ultra Vivid Scene – Mercy Seat [12″]

19 thoughts on “Hanging Around

  1. Happy belated 4th, Shoey.

    Set 1 –
    Whoa, Jeanne and the Darlings is awesome. Hmm, so are the Dirtbombs. Love Narrows, it rocks. Pistols of course. Great set.

    • Really nice Hey Joe. (Jimi’s is zedded of course). Oddly not that big on the Sticks here. Lisa G was lovely, i believe she was a Catcher fave. I miss him. Thee Shallow Graves is lovely too.

      • Very early Tindersticks by the sound of it – didn’t know it was cover & now have to track down the original as it’s ace.

        Cheers for stopping by.

      • The second set was as chilled as a theme on capital punishment can be. Thee More Shallows was a fine closer and that’s my fave version of Hey Joe. Executioner is just fab just love the glide the beat has and the matter of fact / amoral quality to the lyrics. Not to mention the machine gun beats. Narrows was brutal. Love that mix of metal and hardcore. Nice to see you give Editors a mention. Damn good b-side, will have to give the new album a listen. Cheers

      • That would have worked in well with part one. Thought (briefly) about trying to shoepander Strangler’s No Mercy.

        Was quite pleased that the tone wasn’t that gloomy for this one. Cheers again.

  2. Wheel – My Hanging Surrender, was my fav knew to me – I could easily have ended up with that and these making up another another 5 for my game. The Press track and UVS are two of my all time top tunes. Glad you put the 12″ Mercy Seat up makes Seavault sound less like an exact copy.

    Frightened Rabbit – Head Rolls Off
    Extra Lens – Programmed Cell Death
    Wolfgang Press – Executioner [Adamson Mix]
    Ultra Vivid Scene – Mercy Seat [12″]

    do you know The Lovely Bad Things? – I wanted to add ‘Fried Eyes’ this week – but couldn’t force it in –

    great pixies like album and ep – shout if you want a sample.

  3. Not been in the Shoelounge for a while – thought I’d pop in and have a listen. Hope you are well.
    Jeanne and the Darlings just my thing, as are Dirtbombs – which is more than I can say for Narrows, but you know what? I LOVE that tune ha ha! Love the Hey Joe version and guessing that’s Bazza’s tweaking there on Executioner – ace! That’s the best Mercy Seat I’ve heard this week, tho I liked the fuzzy bass on the Seavaults one on Shane’s list.
    Pretty varied listen that, and not as grim as I thought it would be. Tho I do like grim too.
    Cheers x

  4. Managed to get deleted on the Mothership (been a while). For the record….


    Censorship isn’t cool; Restraint can be. Dissension can be healthy; Personal attacks based on perceived slights from people you’ve never met can be entertaining/weird, but nothing good is going to result from it.

    If you deliberately seek to cause offense, maybe you should move under a bridge (no offense intended to the unfortunate who actually have to live under bridges, while we are able to blog on about tunes we like).
    A “scorched earth” policy might work well for a while, but you’ll probably end up alone in an Elba prison dying of cancer/poisoned by your enemies.

    Hounslow Boy is a valuable contributor of tunes to our game; as was that leper S?ar&u#t. We, here, are tune-whores first & foremost & proud of it.

    There is no RR illuminati (not yet)

    Hoping we see more APOLOGIES & handshakes on the results page than fireworks & subsequent redactions.

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