Earworms 8 July 2013

Are you sitting comfortably? Doing the ironing? Soaking in the bath? Eating your tea? Whatever, here is a contemplative selection for you this week. Thanks to all for your contributions, and keep them rolling in to earworm@tincanland.com.

National – Apartment Story (tincanman): Not much of a story because we’re left to fill in for ourselves why they decide not to go out tonight after all. Buzzing guitar and staccato drums soundtrack the unfolding drama.

Furniture – I Miss You – bethnoir: This is a risky one, I actually love this song and can listen to it on repeat for ages without getting sick of it, but the only song I’d heard by Furniture until this year was the ubiquitous Brilliant Mind. If you hate it, please be kind.

Aztec Camera – Orchid Girl – ToffeeBoy: We all know that extra tracks on CDs are crap.  If they were any good they’d have been on the album in the first place. All they do is disturb the perfect balance that the artists strove to achieve when they decided that that track was going to be the last one.  But occasionally, just occasionally, a track appears that challenges this undeniable truth.  And here it is: the beautiful Orchid Girl, tacked on the end of Aztec Camera’s debut album, High Land, Hard Rain.  And very gorgeous it is too…

Jane Siberry with Julia Fordham – Love is Everything – Tatanka Yotanka: This just in from a recent live performance in Los Angeles, always loved the tune but I love the off kilter non harmonic harmonies on this version.

Modern Eon – Child’s Play – Beltway: So my brother has been engaged in a project to digitise his extensive collection of obscure vinyl records of Liverpool bands from the late 70s and early 80s and I’ve been a major beneficiary of this. This track is a standout one for me, it seems to distill so many elements of great records from that era, the sparse electronic sounds, the perfect pop sensibility, the soulful vocals – it even has non-cheesy sax, a magical “lost” record I wanted to share with a wider audience, hope you enjoy it!

Bad Daughter – Duì Jiùshì Duì, Cuò Jiùshì Cuò, Méiyǒu Shé Me Duì Yǔ Cuò – Sakura: The title means “right is right, wrong is wrong, there is no right and wrong”  I love Vera Queen and this is her singing in the band Bad Daughter before she started her solo career.  The track is a typically ambiguous song about love and relationships.  I just love her voice ! ! !

10 thoughts on “Earworms 8 July 2013

  1. Worms in the box, folks. Dipping in and out at the mo so apologies if I don’t respond to comments. I like National & Modern Eon best, this week. Don’t think Tamarind & co. will be able to comment this week (just too exhausting, dahling). No idea what I’m on about? Don’t worry about it. Enjoy!

  2. National: I like the slightly portentous 80s feel of the stuff of theirs I’ve heard. Like Psychedelic Furs or something. Feels designed for people in their early 40s. In a good way.

    Furniture: Yeah, I know this one. I do love his voice. The song isn’t one of theirs that’s massively grabbed me, but it’s got a lovely sound to it – and very different to Brilliant Mind.

    Aztec Camera: We’re very 80s today. Yeah, love Roddy, love this. He’s so often perfect listening for a sunny, summery day.

    Jane and Julia: One of my favourite Siberry songs (nice version by kd lang too) – missed her salon shows this time round. More fool me. Bit quavery on the vocals here, which I’m not sure I’m keen on. But it’s still a lovely, grown-up song. What does Julia Fordham do these days? She’s entirely slipped off my radar…

    Modern Eon: Right up my street – proper Pavlovian response to that ‘sound’: I’m practically slavering. Never heard this before but glad to have done so now. Thanks Beltway. It’s a shame the 80s are so maligned – yes, the second half of the decade was pretty dire and uninspired, but the first few years witnessed a fair bit of imagination, individualism and creativity (even if much of the product of it sounds daft and overblown now).

    Bad Daughter: Yeah, lovely voice! Again, very 80s sounding – like something by Altered Images.

    Very well put-together list, Ali! And thanks to all contributors – enjoyed these a lot.

    • Thank you! I will bask in the glow of being on the same wavelength as someone in their mid forties …(it’s the monkey glands, y’know).

    • National – Lots of possible references here. The one that popped into my mind for some reason was Baby Bird and “You’re Gorgeous”. Yes, a bit Psychedelic Furs too. Liked it.

      Furniture – Prefer “Brilliant Mind” but this is good and brooding. Oddly enough I kept thinking of George Michael’s “Different Corner” but I’m sure the voice is reminding me of someone else. No, it’s gone.

      Azrec Camera – Always like their stuff. This is quite light-footed and summery.

      Jane Siberry & Julia Fordham – The wobbly quavery vocals take a bit of getting used to. I didn’t know the song so I would probably need to hear the original version first. Hard to judge it from this performance. Very individual (ok – I know there’s two of them).

      Modern Eon – Odd. I’ve listened to this three times, and enjoyed various elements of it each time, but afterwards I can’t remember a thing about it. Well I remember that I enjoyed it obviously.

      Bad daughter – Strange jangly, chiming feel to the music. Love the voice. Yes, liked that a lot.

      NIce as a set. Very eighties and very enjoyable.

      • Going to have to Google “Brilliant Mind” now, see if I actually know it? … … … Errr … nope. Think the ’80s passed me by. Or vice versa.

        • ‘you must be out of you brilliant mind” dum, dum, dum, durrr

          You’ll have heard it, probably not deliberately.

  3. I like what bits of the National I’ve heard, and this is good too, low key, but pleasing. Even Bloodbuzz Ohio doesn’t quite have that fall in love with me thing for me, is there a different track I should listen to?

    Hadn’t thought of the Furniture song sounding like George Michael, I suppose I connect it more with a less husky David Sylvian, I like the drama, glad no one hates it yet anyway.

    Never really got into Aztec Camera, but this is terribly sweet, sunny.

    The next one didn’t appeal to me, I’m afraid, Modern Eon sounds like something I’d like and I quite like it. Although Mr Bethnoir has just said it sounds like Peter Gabriel which isn’t making me like it.

    Bad Daughter’s good. A good selection this week 🙂

  4. The National
    It was the first time I heard the National. The voice reminded me of Leonard Cohen actually. The track also reminded me a little of the Jonathan Richmond maybe. I liked it a lot, it was very atmospheric ! ! !

    Another a group that is new to me. There is a dramatic quality to this track which I liked, I think a voice and piano is a very effective and evocative combination ! ! !

    Aztec Camera
    I thought this was a really very interesting track, there was a contrast between the jazz guitar almost like a parody of the type of jazz combos you hear in Hotel bars, but the voice was a different style completely and that tension made it very interesting. I had the image of a guy singing karaoke where you have the voice singing the song completely differently to the way you expect from the arrangement ! ! !

    Jane Siberry with Julia Fordham
    This was a really lovely track and I enjoyed so much. I love the emotion in the track and the restrained feeling, but you feel the restraint is being stretched almost to breaking point and there this something quite frightening just below the surface that is unsaid.

    Modern Eon
    I enjoyed this track also. It certainly captures and era perfectly ! ! ! I can imagine the suite and hair style immediately! ! ! I really liked it ! ! !

    Bad Daughter
    This was my pick of course, but I just love Vera Queen and everything she does. Unfortunately she has not released a new album for more than a year . . .I hope we see one this year ! ! !

  5. a pretty raw and emotional bunch for this week’s ironing! Not quite all my cup of tea though, would go for Bad Daughter as my pick of the week.

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