Hair of the Dog

Hair of the Dog

For those that haven’t had enough whiskey how about a Hair of the Dog?

Those with a hangover might want to skip the raucous ones though!

Molly Hatchet – Whiskey Man
Murder By Death – As Long as There Is Whiskey In the World
The New Riders of the Purple Sage – Whiskey
Morphine – Super Sex
Nickelback – Bottoms Up
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds – Brother My Cup Is Empty
Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine – A Prince In A Pauper’s Grave
Kings of Leon – Soft
Drive-By Truckers – Dead Drunk and Naked
500 Miles to Memphis – Sunshine In a Shot Glass
The Lacs – Another Shot
Moonshine Bandits (Feat. Colt Ford & Big B.) – For The Outlawz

14 thoughts on “Hair of the Dog

  1. And I found, post-deadline, another hangover-punishing, on-topic, DsD-fave guitar wig-out from the usually restrained American[a]-Gothic outfit Willard Grant Conspiracy. Are you familiar with this, LIAB?

    I figure the lyrics will strike a chord with you:

    One night of whiskey
    is worth a lifetime in Hell

    • Hi DsD, isn’t that always the way something crops up after midday and you have that head slap moment thinking how apt it would have been!

      Not heard of them but yes that line is oh so apt and great guitars too! Love the voice, sounds like my sort of thing.


  2. Hi LIAB – enjoyed this immensely although now feel in need of a drink. Particularly liked Molly Hatchet, Nickelback, Drive-By Truckers and 500 Miles to Memphis. Thanks for livening up my Saturday night!

    • Pleased you enjoyed them. Am currently ensconced at home watching Johnny Cash at Folsom Prison. No drinks as on taxi duty tonight for Mrs. Leavey 😦

  3. Molly Hatchet & Murder By Death amongst my recommendations last week, so I obviously love those.

    I know that New Riders Of The Purple Sage song, but not that version. Whose version will I know …?

    Morphine new to me and ace. Sounds like Jarvis Cocker and the Memphis Horns have dropped acid before auditioning for the Blues Brothers!

    I’m not as sneery about Nickelback as most; unafraid to say I enjoyed that (wonder if it’s one that one CD of theirs I picked up sleeveless out of a bargain bin).

    • Personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with Nickelback thou’ Dark Horse did take some getting used to; prefer their earlier stuff.

      According to wiki-lies Donna Jean Godchaux of the Grateful Dead sings background vocals on “Whiskey, perhaps Chris can advise whether the Dead ever did a version!

  4. This type of tune from Nick Cave, and both Carter USM & Kings Of Leon generally are less my kinda thing, but still eminently listenable; ta.

    DBT & 500MtM were my noms again, though I admit Dead Drunk And Naked wouldn’t be in my DBT Top 20.

    Never heard of The Lacs or Moonshine Bandits, and really don’t know what to make of them: both need [a few] more listens.

    Brill, LIAB9, just what I needed to take the stress-edge off my revision (got a job interview / final assessment test in the morning, so am desperately trying to resist pouring myself a drink at this hour).

    • Ooh that sounds tense, especially on a Sunday.

      The Lacs and Moonshine Bandits were totally for fun; think the Lacs was exiledMan’s and have a feeling but not totally sure but Moonshine Bandits was RANTaGHOST’s!

      Best wishes and perhaps just a small one!

      • Can’t let RANTaGHOST take the credit/blame for the Moonshone Bandits. They’re not from my collection but from a relative’s. Country hip-hop. Er… not always, songs like My Kind of Country are Tom Petty referencing country rock. But the lyrics are … the lyrics … oh those lyrics are sometimes not easy on the ear or mind. Lots of whiskey mentioned in their songs.


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