16 thoughts on “A brace of covers

  1. Mmmmm, like that Watson twins one, barbryn; thanks. Even though I have the original, I’m not actually a big enough fan of The Cure to have spotted the connection without the “cover version” prompt.

  2. I’m a huge Cure fan – but love collecting covers …

    do you know – Just Like Heaven a cure tribute? It’s an excuse for many bands to play great bass lines.

    the Camera Obscura alway reminded me of the Concretes – or the Concretes reminded me of Camera Obscura covering ABBA .. whatever – it’s all good.
    Haven’t done an under the covers in a long while – and keep forgetting to create a new file for them – this is a great prompt… loved them both – Cheers barbryn.

  3. God, that’s a beautiful Cure cover isn’t it. The original is in my bones and blood, i’ll love it till i die, and still gets my vote for the best pop tune ever. But that’s quite a worthy stab.

    One wild guess what my J pick was going to be, guess i had best come up with an alternate.

    Otoh, Abba is my bete noire and i can’t quite work up to listening to that one yet…

  4. Always thought a brace was more than two. No complaints – fine choices; & always good to see a post from Barbryn.

    • I always thought that too – until the football reports about scoring a brace started to be used a lot – I then asked my Granddad about it and as a engineer he said most thing in his industry termed as a brace were two part tools – clasp or clamp or some such – can’t quite remember his terminology. It made a bit more sense to me then.

      • I think it’s mainly used in hunting and shooting – “a brace of pheasants” – which I guess works for football – you quite often hear that someone “bagged a brace”. But not sure of the etymology.

  5. There are some ABBA songs I hate and some that I love. Super Trooper is one that I’ve always hated, but Camera Obscura make it listenable, which is a great achievement.

    I like the Watson Twins but will always plump for the popness of The Cure.

  6. The first is a definite improvement on the original, and it still makes sense lyrically (apart from the title, which was always crap).
    I’m a bit agnostic about The Cure (sorry, amy!): sometimes Robbie’s voice grates, sometimes it fits. I may well prefer this cover, too: it suits being slowed down and being sung by someone else…..

    • I’m not a huge fan of the old gothy type stuff (that’s Beth i think) – i much prefer the poppy ear candy. Lyrics are a few cuts above the usual otherwise pretty pop tripe too. Why i’ll take Just Like Heaven over the gorgeous La’s.

      I don’t think it’s just the vocals on this cover that makes it good – it’s nice to hear the music without 80’s production too. Not that i have much of a problem with that on the Cure though. Otoh, listening to Marr’s guitarwork divorced from the Smith’s 80’s production can be a real treat at times.

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