1 River Blue Truth No Bird Sing
2 Bluebird One Self
3 Black and Blue Emily Wells
4 Darker Than Blue Andreya Triana
5 Blue Soul (Suobho Blue Groove mix) MOP MOP
6 Blue Blood Foals
7 Powder Blue Trans Am Amy Correia

1 Pastel Blue Sister Vanilla
2 Blue Headlights Shout Out Louds
3 Blue Flower Pale Saints
4 Deep Blue Ladytron***
5 Go For Blue Pepe Deluxé***
6 Blue on blue Pet Shop Boys
7 Blue Thunder Galaxie 500

***big-up to the recommenders.

sadly no space for/lacking any colour reference:

Perfect Blue Sky Junkie XL Feat. Robert Smith
Non Photo-Blue Pinback
Blue Light Bloc Party
Blue Song Mint Royale
Kiss In Blue Yello
Pink and Blue The Mountain Goats
Bluejays And Cardinals The Mountain Goats
Ice Blue The Mountain Goats
Blue Harbour The Wave Pictures
Bluer Over The Rhine
New Blue Malcolm Middleton
Blue Cassette Friendly Fires
Blue Light Schwervon!
Bluebell Morning Ooberman
Violet Blue Jill Jones

14 thoughts on “Klein

  1. Ha, i never even thought about old Yves.

    Looking very forward to a listen, but i have a lot to catch up on first – starting with Fuel’s list that i haven’t even gotten to yet. I’ll see you back here sometime soon.

    • I’ve been manic setting up the festival that these pieces (in the photo) were exhibited at – and we have visiter’s this week, so I’m struggling to keep up too – I do have a quiz to go with it.
      Sold the artwork centre back – and our French guests have Champagne, wine and beer – so could be quite merry by the time I get to nominate them properly on RR – heehee.

      • Congrats! I don’t think i’ve ever seen any of your big artwork before – just what you post on here. Would love to see more.

    • Looks like it was a lot of fun! I wish we were there! The hats look very cute, and the women too:-) I am sure the police enjoeyd it more then some other things they have to deal with;-)

  2. No overlaps! (did mean to include Ladytron, but forgot to copy them into the playlist – weird).

    The number of blue tunes is a little daunting (although most of them are “something, something”, blues).

    • I would almost always add Colourbox to my list – tried to make it easy by deleting all the ‘something, something blues’ kicking out loads of my fav Tuesday Weld stuff – still had over a 100 to narrow down .. but it was fun – thankfully I didn’t have time to dwell on it so was ruthless.

      Your list looks great and will get to it after I’ve been away for a couple of days.

      good fun for a BIG theme.

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