Earworms 5 August 2013

It’s all a bit dolly mixtures this week, I hope everyone finds something to their taste. There’s a pink one, and a green one, a blue one and a yellow one … yep, I’ve lost it … ah well, if you want to hear YOUR favourite, please send it to the many-hued earworm@tincanland.com.

John Pizzarelli – I’m An Errandboy For Rhythm- send me! – goneforeign: Introduced in 1945 by the Nat King Cole trio, this up-tempo jumper was written by Nat King Cole himself: this version is by John Pizzarelli  with a great group behind him. There’s a great guitar solo by John himself followed by a piano solo by my favorite jazz pianist, Dave McKenna.  ‘It’s something that I’d like to bring to you’

Heading Home – Bert Kaempfert – Beltway Bandit: some years back I developed an interest in what was then being called “loungecore” music of the 60s and 70s and would merrily scout out treasures in charity shops and the like (think I will do a Spillpost on the theme soon) – I particularly liked the records of German band leader Bert Kaempfert (the first man to put The Beatles in a professional recording studio) and this track is just a great example of his art, a simple 5 note riff that gets passed from instrument to instrument whilst the backing swells louder and louder as choirs and massed strings join in. I used to DJ with a friend at University, and sometimes, if the mood was right, we would end a night with this – despite its incongruity with the rest of the music we played, it was guaranteed to send people home with a smile on their face, and they would be humming the tune all the way home (well, most of them anyway).

Hall and Oates – Kiss On My List – CaroleBristol:  This is almost insanely catchy and it was buzzing around in my head for about a week. I know that H&O aren’t everyone’s faves, but they do produce damn good pop hooks.

Emmylou Harris & Rodney Crowell – Back When We Were Beautiful – tincanman: Beautiful, slightly wistful song about looking back on life and missing a loved one which has more gravtias than the original by [the youngish – and beautiful] Matreca Berg. The melody will stick with memory-challenged, aging earwormers.

Jose James – It’s All Over Your Body – Albahooky: First track off the latest Jose James LP and his 1st for Blue Note has it all; Pino Palladino’s down-low bass, Chris Dave’s rimshot cracking snare anchors Jose’s breathless vocals, add the ‘Voodoo’ style horns and a touch of Robert Glasper Rhodes then stir well for a sultry Mystic Brew.

Lucero – Go Easy – DsD: I’m a simple soul: a hard-rock fan whose also a sucker for gruffly-romantic lyrics and faux-gospel stylings. Gimme all of the above from a band I already like, and it’s earworm on repeat all the way down the M65 to Preston.


12 thoughts on “Earworms 5 August 2013

  1. A mixed bag today. I have to say that Bert K didn’t do it for me at all. Not sure about Lucero, but I will listen to it again.

  2. Surprised myself by liking the Bert Kaempfert; definately an artist at work.

    Pizzarelli & James paired up well – cracking stuff, both of them keepers and hit my mood just right on a sunny long weekend Monday here.

    Hall and Oates and Lucero I knew. Lucero can be such a good band when they don’t go too MOR 70s

  3. Lovely set once more. Highlights for me were the Pizzarelli (great guitar solo); Jose James (ultra cool and suited my mood); and the Lucero track meant the set ended on a high – a great wave-it-all-about anthem, in the mould of One day like this, or With a little help from my friends. Brill!

  4. Sorry I can’t dig the Bert Kaempfert, beltway, but it was in the part of my Dad’s collection that I rebelled against, along with his Herb Alpert. But I like the idea of reviving these forgotten idols in case they need a reappraisal….

  5. Found the Pizxarelli too rushed and frantic the first time around. Gave it a couple more listens and it started to grow on me. Liked both the solos. Bt contrast, I found the Bert Kaempfert too ‘background’ at first but subsequent listens brought out some hidden depths to the thing. Was convinced at the beginning they were going to start playing “Anything Goes”.
    I’ve heard the Hall and Oates before, of course and always thought they were singing “your kiss is on my lips”. Very catchy. Does make me think of Oldie Goldie radio stations though.
    Like the Emmylou/Rodney song. Is it me or did she start to sound like Barbra Streisand at times?
    I don’t know Jose James or Lucero at all. The first was a bit of a slow burner rather than an earworm. Yes, sultry like you said. Lucero was enjoyable in a traditional, anthemic sort of way. Had me swaying back and forth in my seat. Hope DsD doesn’t do that when he’s driving down the M65. Good one to end on.

  6. I liked the way that most of these tunes flowed together, the first four seemed made for each other but it’s funny how tastes differ. If I’d been the producer on Jose James I’d have got rid of the bass and drums right off the bat and replaced them and had hit , so much potential there but it was ruined by that pair, sorry Alba. And Lucero fitted nicely with the openers. The name Bert Kaempfert rang some bells, I suspect from long ago radio.
    Nice list, nice transitions.
    I only discovered Errandboy a couple of weeks ago on the radio, it became an instant earworm.

    • Thanks GF. I have still got some excellent jazz from GF but nothing really suitable to team it up with, so if anyone out there wants to send me some jazz-friendly worms …

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