I need help.

owl and pussycat

I need help – yep that’s right – anyone with psychiatric training and/or a straight jacket.. could they quietly step forward.

opps – wrong thread …

Brother of the Ms. is getting married in a couple of weekends time – and in a unique and interesting twist on wedding DJ theme – he and his partner put out a call for 3 tunes from each guest that would be played after the proper entertainment. This might have become hipster jokes, genuine diversity of taste, random sticking a pin in a iPod or whatever. But I have exhausted my tunes .. can anyone help? (anonymously if need be)

It’s not your everyday indie shambles with barely a tune in their collective fingertips – not pounding, pounding techno music – not even speed garage or ska punk.

Nope – I need help getting ummm heehee – these tunes:

scream after the jump

When a Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge

I Will SurviveGloria Gaynor NOT:Donna Summer
You To Me Are Everything by The Real Thing
It’s Raining Men by The Weather Girls
September by Earth, Wind and Fire

The Jean Genie – David Bowie
You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon
Africa – Toto

Get Lucky – Daft Punk
Upside Down – Paloma Faith
Pencil Full of Lead – Paolo Nutini

Your Song by Elton John
Oh Boy by Buddy Holly

Come Back and Stay by Paul Young
We Will Rock You by Queen
Africa by Miriam Makeba

Sexy Boy by Air
You Used To Hold Me by Ralphi Rosario

Money’s Too Tight by Simply Red
Get Down On by Cool and the Gang
Rolling In The Deep by Adele
Walking On Broken Glass by Annie Lennox
Funhouse by Pink
Believe by Cher

Johnny B Goode by Peter Tosh (version)

Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? By The Clash
Add It Up by The Violent Femmes

I shall open a folder in the RR box – you are all wonderful – thank you.

45 thoughts on “I need help.

  1. Always happy to help – a dozen tossed in the box to get you started. When I contribute to wedding playlists, I always include OneEskimo’s ‘Amazing’, but it’s not really dance music.

    It cracks me up that your amazing record collection is so cool that it falls to the rest of us to rustle up the soundtrack from the road more travelled!!

    • thank you – I have the Air album – but it was purchased on one of those new fangled indestructable CD thingies – does it still play? – does it fuzzy duck.. (same goes for Daft Punk).
      I’m also one of the only people in the world not to own any David Bowie – not because of his music – just because he played at my dad’s best friends wedding – his name was mentioned ‘a lot’ in our house, so I never bothered buying any.

  2. Yikes! I trust any contributions will remain anonymous? This might be a the first couple that require counseling before the wedding.

    • If you imagine the entire guest list of all ages and tastes have 3 tunes – it’s going to be late when they get played… I’m sure ‘somehow’ a playlist can be created to mix everyone’s choices up .. and there’s always running out the room for more booze.

    • hi Ali – I’m not needing any extras – just those tracks typed out – it’s a bizarre experiment in crowd sourcing the guest tastes – and these were the one’s I’ve failed to find yet.

      Fight the Good Fight – isn’t much different to someone suggesting ‘Should I Stay or Should I Go…’ – is that really appropriate? I thought as the e-mails came in. 🙂

  3. Three tunes from each guest, hmmmm. Does that mean the boys get to choose 3 each too?

    I’m giving you Mothers Finest – Baby Love, Catherine Russell – Everybody Loves My Baby and You’ve Made Me So Very Happy – Blood Sweat & Tears (because I am totally original in my way of thinking). For reasons I’m too tired to work out, dropbox won’t let me fix the song titles to add the artists.

    Ooh, and I’ve just popped back and added Hot Chip – Ready For The Floor.

    Hope you have fun that weekend!

    • hey debby – I’m not needing new (improved songs) just the one’s typed out – although the Ms. has just said she is picking 3 tunes for herself (I’d gone for 3 tunes from our family in total) I think I might just add a few extras anyway – how on earth are they going to remember what tracks each of ‘their’ guests picked – heehee.

      It should be a good weekend – the Brides family are all coming over from Germany and all of the brother in laws family are making it too – even those that live in Zimbabwe .. all on a Scottish Island – should be fun… or …..

      • Oh blimey, now I’m really embarrassed. Maybe I should actually start READING the posts before I dive in to the comments? Or may I put it down to Overtired Single Mum Syndrome (for a change hahaha)?

        Still hope you have a great weekend!

  4. The last wedding I went to did something similar, but they wisely only asked for one song per guest. The bride and groom later awarded funny prizes to a few of the guests (‘Cheesiest song’ got a box of Dairylea, etc).

    Which three songs are you contributing, Shane?


    • prizes for cheesiest song – most inappropriate for a wedding etc – songs like a great idea – do you remember any more categories?

      My choice is: Dance Little Rude Boy – Ian Dury & The Blockheads.
      the Ms. wants something like: Wedding-Cocek – Goran Bregović from the Underground soundtrack – but she wants more ‘hey hey’ jumping about vocals in her Balkan tunes (any suggestions are welcome)

      the boys have chosen: (Hey You) The Rock Steady Crew by The Rock Steady Crew because they CAN.

      the Ms. says as it’s her ‘little brother’ she’s choosing 3 tracks herself – if she gets her way I might add more too – as they have been together 9 years and have 2 children already – steenbeck’s perfect:
      Our Way To Fall – Yo La Tengo
      could easily end the evening:

  5. I’m sure I can lay my hands on the cake (the tune not, not the trad. confection). At least the guests will be spared the OTT warblings of Gloria – the least we can do.

  6. Time to break down the choices so far:

    1. Appropriate syrup.
    2.. A divorce song (& wrong artiste)
    3. See 11
    4. Sucky choice (& tune), unless bride is marrying several grooms at once.
    5. No, it isn’t.
    6. WTF ?
    7. Not unless either bride or groom is called Al (still blows, either way).
    8. Blimpy might be able to lay his hands on this one.
    9. We all need luck, so ok.
    10. Why?
    11. Is this a cover?
    12. See 10
    13. See 2
    14. Wedding has cost too much?
    15 & 16. Father-of-the-bride does not want details of upcoming honeymoon
    17 through 20. Erm…?
    21 & 22. See 2.
    23 See 17

    In conclusion, RR recs most inappropriate wedding songs would find it tricky to compete with these choices.

  7. Are you still missing any? I have/can lay my hands on over 50% of those – I used to DJ at places where the cheese was ripe. I refused to play 2. I even worked out, by an unfortunate process of elimination, where the Gloria Gaynor song was on a certain hotel’s CD collection and eventually put a wonderfully ugly gouge in the right spot. Eric Clapton’s Wonderful Tonight and his cover of Cocaine also received similar treatment.

    Perfectly inappropriate wedding tunes.

    • add to that Babybird and his wonderful twisted song about using and abusing models that often get lumped in with such things – ‘You’re Gorgeous’ indeed.

      if there’s any left in my new list at the bottom of this thread – then any help is much appreciated:
      as I don’t think you use dropbox, do you?

  8. I couldn’t see the Paloma Faith in there (possibly just my eyesight) so I’ve bunged it in. Incidentally, I saw the folder in the dropbox before reading this thread and thought I’d missed a meeting.
    Did Donna Summer record a version of I Will Survive btw? Or was that just a typo?

  9. right-e-o – brilliant job so far – thank you everyone – I’ve put all of them so far into a folder and I’m left with this set still to get:

    September by Earth, Wind and Fire
    Africa – Toto
    Get Lucky – Daft Punk
    Come Back and Stay by Paul Young

    Africa by Miriam Makeba
    You Used To Hold Me by Ralphi Rosario
    Money’s Too Tight by Simply Red
    Get Down On by Cool and the Gang

    Funhouse by Pink
    Believe by Cher
    Johnny B Goode by Peter Tosh (version)
    Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
    Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? By The Clash
    Add It Up by The Violent Femmes

    and a song called ‘African Fever’ anyone know the artist?

    • Have somewhere in the house:

      Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? By The Clash
      Add It Up by The Violent Femmes At least 3 formats on 5 albums
      Money’s Too Tight by Simply Red
      Get Down On by Cool and the Gang (Presume this is Get Down On It)
      Funhouse by Pink
      Believe by Cher
      Africa – Toto

      I’m going to the library tomorrow and should be able to get:

      Get Lucky – Daft Punk (Too ubiquitous to have bought)
      Africa by Miriam Makeba (Is this the song on Welela?
      You Used To Hold Me by Ralphi Rosario I have this on cassette from 1987 but yet to digitise my collection. I also have it on a Mono Junk early Finnish house vinyl mash-up)) (Props to whoever asked for it)

      Johnny B Goode by Peter Tosh (version) I had this on a Greatest Hits I have lost)
      Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen (See Daft Punk)

      September by Earth, Wind and Fire (I have three vinyl versions) (Party starter, dance-floor rescuer, oh yeah)

      Come Back and Stay by Paul Young (I think I have him singing “Toast”) You’re on your own with this one…

      • No Idea what African Fever is. Jungle fever by Das rascit should be a suitable replacement though. Texas fever by Orange Juice. Dengue Fevr by The Ruby Suns? Did the Ruby Suns do that?

    • Miriam Makeba is the last track on Welela – I think the other Africa track (comes up as Africa Rising on itunes – Africa sunset on the cover) is better though, but it’s not my choice – I do have that album somewhere .. but I can’t for the life of me find it. So don’t worry too much about it – I will search better when the boys are asleep.

      is Daft Punk on the new album? – I only listened once and decided it wasn’t for me.

      you just inspired a house search – The Godfathers of House #1 Trax records has ‘U used to hold me’ (although ‘you used to know how to love me right’ is a bit ‘past tense’ for a wedding song – but hey some kicking house IS going in!) brilliant. Got it.

      in the same place I have a ‘hard trance’ tack of Tosh’s Johnny B Goode (it’s clunky) and a normal one on Sunshine Reggae Hits – was this nominated this week? so got that too.

      I have an African fever by Zoro – here’s a track by him:

      and a King Chango – African Fever – ummm .

      cheers for your help.

      • Cool. Will start digitising now. That Chicago House Trax comp is ace. So nobody’s asking for classic S’Express, Lil’ Louie, etc. Must be a diff age group to the last wedding I did – for friends. Got them doing the conga to Lust for Life by Iggy. Top memory.

      • this set of tracks doesn’t really show it in a good light – I imagine the younger ones (or ones more into their music, have e-mailed them or put their choices on/in a cloud) but everyone who got an invite has had the choice to select songs.
        I knew that you lot could help if we got stuck finding them all – from those that don’t use computers – I also have to remind myself that there are people in this world that go into asda and buy one album a year – that’ll be Adele or in the past Annie Lennox or the geezer from Faithless’s sister – they do it at Christmas or for a birthday .. but they don’t really like music.

        The same way I don’t really like socks – but when they become more hole than sock – I HAVE to go into a shop and replace the pair I’ve had for the last decade… same thing really, just different ideas of what is important.

      • Ah yes the CD from Asda at Xmas man:

        There’s a great Swedish comedy called Solsidan where the Alpha-male tells his wife he has to buy a new sound system. “But you hate music,” says his wife.

        “I don’t”

        “What was the last album you bought?”

        “Xerox Zamaroni”. (Or something like that)

        The wife bursts into gleeful laughter.

        BTW. Sorry can’t find Simply Red (I hope someone has stolen it) or The Valentine Brother’s original.

      • You should now have in your inbox:

        Should I Stay or Should I Go Now? By The Clash
        Add It Up by The Violent Femmes
        Get Down On It by Kool and the Gang
        Funhouse by Pink
        Believe by Cher
        Africa – Toto

        Never thought I’d be sending you Toto tracks.

  10. If you want an actual wedding-type song, I remember this song being played at some cousin’s wedding back in the 1980s. Not a dry eye in the house afterward. Had totally forgotten about the song – and I don’t think the marriage in question lasted either – until one of the music collector blogs I follow recently uploaded it.
    Kenny Dale – Two Will Be One

    • cheers SHA – as you can see from the list, I don’t think anyone of these has been really thought of as a ‘wedding song’ – I’m guessing some are just what people ‘think’ should be at a wedding because they have heard them before (at weddings).

      I don’t need any extras, it’s strictly what people who are turning up at the ‘do’ have sent, thankfully there’s plenty more that I have that suit the couple A LOT better.
      That was a lovely song suited to a wedding and thought about. thank you.

  11. so we are left with:

    Get Lucky – Daft Punk
    Come Back and Stay by Paul Young
    Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepsen
    Money’s Too Tight by Simply Red (but I’ll add The Valentine Brother and see if they prefer it – if anyone has that)

    that’s pretty good going for a days collecting – thanks everyone.

    • Will get you Daft Punk as well as The Valentine Brothers or Simply Red tomorrow. Can’t help with the CRJ – all copies loaned out to flirtatious teens. Oh the library also has the Paul Young. Cheerio.

  12. Found an empty folder tonight over on DropBox. Have put the ginger tosser’s version of Money’s Too Tight in there, if you still need it . . .

    • yep, I emptied out everything – didn’t think it was going to be the top sharing folder in RR/’spill history – thanks everyone for helping out _ cheers DsD, I NOW HAVE THE WHOLE SELECTION… (but will see if they want The Valentine Brother instead – I mean why would you suggest ‘Money’s Too Tight (To Mention)’ for a wedding song?. It’s supposed to be a fun day.

      anyway – yippee – all finished – now for ‘odd couples’ – think I’ll do them a bonus CD … heehee. (they are NOT odd – honest – just in case they look in)

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