Earworms 12 August 2013


Photo courtesy of 123RF Rangizzz

An upbeat world mix for you this week – or is it? Beware the ghostly telephone … More worms much needed please! Send them along to earworm@tincanland.com with spare undies, a snorkel and a bucket and spade. Thanking you.

Lusofonia – Maria Teresa – goneforeign: From the CD  of the same name,  unfortunately it has only Portuguese liner notes, from Wiki I was able to discover that it relates to the Portuguese-speaking countries and their cultures, namely those belonging to the CPLP (Community of Portuguese Language Countries). The Singer is Maria Teresa, she’s accompanied by traditional instruments. It’s on the French Chant du Monde label.

Maracaibo 15 – Palo Palo – Lambretinha: In Venezuelan Spanish, palo is slang for an alcoholic beverage (rum and wine in this song) These guys are wasting their lives away, a few drinks and a few girls at a time. Poor sods… The song’s music style is called gaita, and is local from the Maracaibo area.

Tarika – Sekta – beltway bandit: despite its very uplifting feeling, it is a song that warns of the dangers of getting involved with religious sects, not obvious from the life affirming feeling it radiates.

Alan Stivell – Suite Irlandaise – AliM: Inspired by Beltway to re-visit my Celtic roots, I recalled this. There’s a surprise at the end (BTW to prevent further self-indulgent jiggery-folkery, please send me some more worms tout de suite. You know it makes sense).

Damien Jurado – Ghost of David- ghe: “My local indie festival is End of the Road, but sadly I can’t go. So I will miss Seattle-based Damien Jurado, among a host of others. Here is a delicate and touching instrumental, Ghost of David.

Nanci Griffith – Just Another Morning Here – tincanman: Griffith wrote this disarmingly catchy tune about receiving one of those middle-of-the-night calls that every parent dreads, sadly based on experience. Is she grateful for mornings or would she rather not wake up one day?

14 thoughts on “Earworms 12 August 2013

  1. no ironing tonight as I’m on my summer hols (and it’s waaaay too hot to iron over here), but liked each and every one of these. Gold star goes to Tarika – that was just ace!

  2. Lusofonia – Maria Teresa
    I love the sound of Portuguese ! ! ! In Japanese several words tht come from Portuguese – “arigato:” which is thank you comes from the Portuguese “obrigado” and there is a big Brazilian community in Tokyo and a big Japanese community in Brazil. There is a genre of Enka music called Bossa Enka which is Japanese traditional songs with bossa nova rythms so this song really touched me ! ! ! I love it ! ! !

    Maracaibo 15 – Palo Palo
    Gosh ! !! This is a Latin set ! ! ! I really enjoyed this and it had me dancing around the dinning room in my mum and dad’s home ! ! ! Actually the old hipster heard the music made me play it again and go danced with me in his pajamas ! ! ! Great ! ! !

    Tarika – Sekt
    Ok this Africa – right ? ?? I really loved it, I think it is so summery and fun, even if the message is serious ! ! ! It is another great dance track ! ! !

    Alan Stivell – Suite Irlandaise
    Ok it is not lain . . . But I liked it a lot, for me it is another dance track. It reminded me of a great drama series about a guy and a girl who stop a guy committing suicide and then they become lovers and the guy loves Irish music and Irish dance and they go upstairs in the guys parents house and start to do irish dance and the parents think they are making love because of the sound they make ! ! Like a lot of celtic music I found it very visual and narrative ! ! !

    Damien Jurado – Ghost of David
    This was another very visual trak for me. It brought lots of images to my mind. Strangely it reminded me of Vera Queen who is a Taiwanese singer song writer and really creates hauting melodies. I loved it and it made a nice change of pace in the playlist ! ! !

    Nanci Griffith – Just Another Morning Here
    I like country a lot but of all genres it is the one that requires honesty or it just loses itself in sentimentality. I felt the honesty in this track and I really enjoyed it very much indeed ! ! !

    It is a really great playlist ! ! ! Thank you Ali ! ! !

  3. Hi Sakura, I guessed it was you from the interesting comments (and the exclamation marks!!!)
    I didn’t know that any Japanese words were derived from Portuguese – fascinating. And I now have a mental picture of you and your esteemed old hipster dancing in pyjamas … thank you!

  4. Sakura: Dancing in PJ’s indeed! Actually I’m totally in favor though I don’t shake a leg myself very much these days. But Japanese and Portuguese? You couldn’t find two more difficult languages to blend! Here in the SF Bay area we have a small Brazilian community [though there’s a large Japanese community, and an even larger Mexican/Hispanic group.] There’s a Brazilian woman that does a program totally in Portuguese on a local radio station at about 2 am every week, it’s only for her community, everything: artists, titles, groups etc is in Portuguese, I have no idea what she’s saying but I listen every week, I love her voice and her music, I think I’m in love with her; [not a word to my wife about any of this mind you, she wouldn’t understand.]
    Agreed on #’s 2 and 3.
    Alan Stivell: He may have been one of the first in the early 70’s to expose me to what became ‘World Music!’
    I recall buying several albums of ‘Celtic Harp’ back then, I must still have them somewhere.
    Damien J and Nancy G fitted perfectly, a very smooth playlist, thank you.

  5. Avery pleasing selection this week. I was struck, when I visited Portugal that I had an idea what was going on when I read Portuguese, but could not follow it at all when spoken, it sounds lovely though.

    I like Palo Palo, I must be getting Strictly Come Dancing withdrawal symptoms because it made me imagine Vincent and Flavia being flirty with each other through a Latin dance, lots of fun.

    Enjoyed the others too, lovely and light and summery, thanks Ali, I am thinking about some more earworms for you 🙂

  6. Loved this set. Can’t think of much to add to what’s been said. I agree with Sakura about country music. Nancy Griffiths does get it right though. Favourite, I think, was the Tarika one. All great stuff. Pure enjoyment this week.

  7. Wrote a lengthy (witty, erudite, etc) post that I then lost thanks to “the IT department”. Suffice it to say, I loved the first three, was a little more ambivalent on the next two, and really liked the last one. Lovely list all in all – thanks everyone!

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