Unlucky Thirteen!

Unlucky 13

Unlucky because one has got to go.

Here’s an unlucky list of thirteen songs about teenagers; it might be a while since some of us were in our teens, perhaps not you AIP but cast your mind back and remember how they were filled with excitement, adventure, new experiences; oh they held so much promise for the years ahead.

They were also filled with drama, crises, worries, angst, self doubt and possibly the occasional regret!

So let’s get rid of one and leave an innocent dozen with their teenage years ahead of them.

Which one’s are the teenage dreams and which is the spotty ‘yoof’?

Let’s have a Teenage Rebellion with Gaslight Anthem https://readersrecommend.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/15-teenage-rebellion.mp3

All that rebellious activity happening is bound to lead to plenty of Teenage Angst so let’s hear all about that from Placebo. https://readersrecommend.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/teenage-angst.mp3

There was always that unattainable girl / guy at school and who wants to go out with a Teenage Dirtbag? Wheatus‘ ‘prom queen’ has two tickets for Iron Maiden – come with me Friday? https://readersrecommend.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/teenage-dirtbag.mp3

Rebellion, angst, now perhaps we should take a look from the perspective of a Bohemian Teen with Get Cape, Wear Cape Fly https://readersrecommend.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/the-chronicles-of-a-bohemian-teen.mp3 

Always got to be a bit of country in my playlist selections so none better than The Man in Black and his Ballad of a Teenage Queen 

From Johnny Cash to Fall Out Boy (AIP are you out there?) and A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More “Touch Me” https://readersrecommend.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/11-a-little-less-sixteen-candles-a.mp3

Let’s rock it up a bit with Slash and Velvet Revolver who are Just Sixteen and getting caught with teacher! https://readersrecommend.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/09-just-sixteen.mp3

A bit of Chuck Berry and Sweet Little Sixteen https://readersrecommend.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/sweet-little-sixteen-1.mp3

Now to another Sweet (The) Six-Teens  https://readersrecommend.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/19-the-six-teens.mp3

Another seventies offering from T-Rex and Teenage Dream https://readersrecommend.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/teenage-dream.mp3

Another year older and I’m 7teen now! (The Regentshttps://readersrecommend.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/7teen.mp3

No one really wants to grow old but Bryan Adams wants to be 18 till he dies https://readersrecommend.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/18-til-i-die.mp3

Almost at the end of our teens so let’s fade out with Buddy Guy and She’s Nineteen Years Old.https://readersrecommend.files.wordpress.com/2013/07/shes-nineteen-years-old.mp3

That was a jaunt through our teenage years; trust it brought back some good memories so for extra Spill points share with us the song that depicts your teens.

49 thoughts on “Unlucky Thirteen!

  1. I can’t get any of these to play 😦

    However, I have heard quite a few of them and like most you’ve selected, Bryan Adams can go for me, my favourites that I know already would be T Rex, Velvet Revolver and Placebo.

    • Hi bethnoir; not sure what’s going on as they are playing for me!! I couldn’t work out how to do a playlist like some posters but will try and post a Youtube play list link.

      Thanks for popping by and shovingout the ‘groover from vancouver’.

      • Need to remember that Dead song for RRSA Harmonica! Great tunes; thanks and sorry that you too have had difficulty accessing the songs.

  2. Played fine for me and, again, I know a few of these already ………………..

    Love – The Regents, Wheatus, Chuck Berry, Sweet

    Like very much – Get Cape Wear Cape Fly, Johnny Cash, Fall Out Boy

    Quite like – Velvet Revolver, T-Rex, Buddy Guy

    Don’t like at all – Gaslight Anthem, Placebo, Bryan Adams

    nb Love T-Rex in general but he’d gone slightly mad at this point and not really in a good way. I’ve never been so disappointed by an album as I was by Zinc Alloy when I was 15.

    I may be judging Bryan A extra harshly because I hated that interminable song that was number one in the charts for several years but I think that’s the one I would let go.

    For my own teenage years I suspect a double A-Side of The Sweet’s Teenage Rampage and Janis Ian’s At Seventeen would probably cover all bases.

    • Looks like BA is the ‘spotty yoof’ in the early stages.

      The Sweet’s Teenage Rampage was an obvious contender for inclusion but love The Six-Teens so much I didn’t really want two from the same band.

      Thanks for playing.

  3. OK. I got to hear the tunes via the YouTube playlist.

    So, I kind of knew already that The Sweet would get ditched before I heard the song, because I have always hated them and nothing on Earth will persuade me that they aren’t total rubbish. This alone kept Bryan Adams from getting kicked out. I don’t like him either.

    I also knew that Buddy Guy would be my favourite, along with Johnny Cash and Chuck Berry.

    I rather liked Velvet Goldmine but after that there wasn’t much to grab my attention. Wheatus was OK, as was The Regents, but the rest wasn’t my sort of thing at all.

    • Cheers for that Carole; glad I put up the Youtube playlist as I see you had trouble accessing the tunes in the post!

      Not a Sweet fan then nor BA; seems the Canadian is pretty unpopular, probably not the time to admit to seeing him half a dozen times in the nineties and early 2000’s then!!! 🙂

      • “Not a Sweet fan then”

        Oh, no, definitely not. Glam came along when I was in my teens, i.e. the right demographic for that scene, but I was into all the post-Flower Power underground (as it was called then) stuff by that point.

        I think that I’ve written about it before, but my best friend at school when I was 14 had an older brother who was a huge underground rock fan. I got a lot of my musical education from him and his mates. I already knew stuff like The Who, Stones, Beatles etc, but he introduced me to Zeppelin, Zappa, Floyd, the Grateful Dead and loads more.

        Once I started buying Melody Maker and the NME, there was no holding me back.

  4. Beth – not on a Mac, on a standard desktop PC running Kubuntu Linux with Firefox.

    Weirdly, I tried all the individual song links and I found that the Johnny Cash one actually worked.

  5. I couldn’t get the links to play either – maybe it’s Firefox as I just have an old desktop, nothing fancy – anyway, thanks for the Youtube list.

    Gaslight Anthem – I like this, reminds me of early U2 (in a good way).
    Placebo – More energetic, no less angst-ridden. Keep.
    Wheatus – I have this. Much cleverer than it first appears.
    Get Cape, etc. – Catchy and strangely summery.
    Johnny Cash – Ditto.
    Fall Out Boy – Suitably raucous, as admired by young Munday (10 going on 16).
    Velvet Revolver – OK, dancing round the front room.
    Chuck Berry – Still dancing.
    Sweet – Scarily, I remember this. It’s still bloody awful.
    T-Rex – Ditto.
    The Regents – Had forgotten this. Keep.
    Bryan Adams – OK, a bit boring – I don’t have a problem with Mr Adams.
    Buddy Guy – Absolute class.

    The Sweet have to go, closely followed by T-Rex. They were my era but not my thing at all. To sum up my teenage years, I immediately thought of The Pink Fairies – not “Teenage Rebellion” or “I Saw Her Standing There”, not even “Walk Don’t Run”, but “The Snake” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2WOeJqbPXOg . All that angst, sweat and hair, down the Granary on rock nights and getting it out of one’s system. I’d like to say I remember it well but it’s all a bit fuzzy now. Could be the head-banging!

    • Great response; pleased you liked Get Cape and totally agree about Buddy Guy. Taken a listen to your Pink fairies nom and that’s new to me and quite good.

      Nice to hear ‘young Munday’ enjoys FOB.

      Really don’t know what’s happened to the links perhaps it is some incompatibility issue with Firefox; I’m using Chrome and they play fine! 😦

      • Yes, Chrome works, yet the .jpg address still displays if you hover over the play button. (As Carole notes, the Cash song plays OK – and the .jpg address doesn’t show.) Odd.
        Maybe the bit of your picture insert has ended up near the end of the post and that’s confusing some browsers?

  6. Gaslight Anthem: fine. If heard in a reflective mood, probably quite affecting.
    Placebo: also fine. The right length.
    Wheatus: I like the subtle verses but not the crass chorus. I concede that may be deliberate on their part: if so, hats off to ‘em.
    Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly: love the music, a less generic vocal would have made it outstanding.
    Johnny Cash: and here is a classic, non-generic voice. But the song is a bit twee, particularly that unnecessary warble in the background. People died (metaphorically) in the Sixties so songs wouldn’t get neutered like this.
    Fall Out Boy: not for me. Generic rock, generic sexy vampires. Isn’t violence cool? (No.)
    Velvet Revolver: a notch above FOB (no tarting-up attempt and some rhythmic variety) but still not my thing.
    Chuck Berry: yeah, a real cool professional perv! A true original.
    Sweet: not their worst (the middle break displays some invention!), yet still dreadful. Sixties nostalgia in 1974??!
    T-Rex: never a fan of his mannered, posturing androgyny. Or mannered, posturing songs like this.
    The Regents: refreshingly direct and straight-forward.
    Bryan Adams: he lost me with the peace-sign to camera after 15 seconds. Were this a piss-take of teenage sincerity and other tropes, I’d afford it some kudos. But it’s not, so it can’t have any.
    Buddy Guy: talent can stay (although I often find his playing rather OTT).

    My fave was GCWCF. Please put Sweet back in the time capsule to be opened several centuries in the future. Cheers, liab9.

  7. Gaslight Anthem: Nice clean understated production. Lovely voice. Beautifully tender song. I’ll have to listen again, paying attention to the lyrics next time. The GA are one of those bands like The National that I feel I always hear tell of but don’t actually know much by (beyond the odd song posted on the Mothership by the likes of DsD). Anyway, I like this very much. Keep.

    Placebo: Not my favourite of theirs (that would be “Nancy Boy”, or “Pure Morning”, or “Slave to the Wage”, or…) – doesn’t quite kick off as I feel it would benefit from doing. Bit subdued. But still a great song. Keep.

    Wheatus: Always hated this song. Sorry. And hated them for having had such a big hit with a substandard version of Erasure’s “A Little Respect”. Call me paranoid but there was something a little suss about how it suddenly became ‘cool for the kids’ when Wheatus had “de-gayed” it. First candidate for the dumper – especially for the silly voices.

    Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly: Yeah, this was nice. Passed me by a bit but I enjoyed it – and would probably do so more on a second (more focused) listen. Keep.

    Johnny Cash: I’m a bit over the Man in Black – is that sacrilegious? And this sounds a bit lightweight a lyric for that lugubrious voice. It’s alright but he’s got almost too distinctive a voice for me to enjoy it.

    More anon.

    • Fall Out Boy: I just find all the songs of theirs I’ve heard a bit samey – I suspect that makes me old. it’s alright but really nothing special, IMHO. Standard tempo, standard voice, meh production… (but still preferable to Wheatus).

      Velvet Revolver: Chugga-chugga… Yeah, it’s alright. Doesn’t move me but doesn’t repulse me either. In fact, it’s reminding me of something but can’t think what.

      Chuck Berry: Oh dear, I wanted to like it but it sounds a bit tame. I know that’s cos I’m listening to it out of context but still. Like a sparser Surfin’ USA (which I hate). Not for me – sorry.

      Sweet: I really like them. I mean, I know they sound(ed) faintly preposterous but ridicule really is nothing to be scared of. I think I’d have preferred to hear Teenage Rampage in this list (choon!), but this is quite joyous. Like a less shuddersome Queen.

      T-Rex: Oh this is a bit gloopy. And the vocal is a bit too affected for me (on this track). The song sounds like it should be Drive-In Saturday but really, really isn’t.

      Back in a bit…

      • Right, last three…

        The Regents: Oh this is good. I like it a lot. Saucy. Keep.

        Bryan Adams: He has released so many records that I absolutely abhor (Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman?, When You’re Gone with Mel “the other foghorn” C, that horrible Robin Hood thing that wouldn’t leave us)… This is better but still not really my thing. Soz.

        Buddy Guy: Oh dear, it’s blues, isn’t it? As I’ve mentioned before, I can’t really be doing with the blues. Great voice an’ everything but when he does that trilly guitar thing, my fast-forward finger itches uncontrollably…

        I think my favourite was the Gaslight Anthem. And Wheatus have to go. My teenage years were essentially this:

        But I have a sneaking love of this:

  8. Hi Chris really pleased that you enjoyed Get Cape – there’s a Part 2 If the link works!

    As much as I love that Sweet track understand why you want it binned.

    • Yes, that was good, too. Ta. They have a very appealing light touch and the drumming gets my rarely-awarded Seal Of Approval.

  9. Thanks for doing this Leavey, glad someone got a list up this week. I’m having the same problem as the others, have to use the youtube. I just upgraded FF a few days ago so that may have something to do with it.

    1) Gaslight Anthem – This is just lovely. I think from the little bit i’ve heard by them, i can separate them out into 2 strands – the emo stuff (which i can do with out) and the more acouticky Springsteenish and U2ish (good call Ali, dunno if i would have gotten there on my own) which i love.

    2) Placebo – Liking this one too! Mild knockoff California stoner surf accent not a problem here either.

    3) Wheatus – I fucking love this song. That is all. (Obviously i already knew this one.)

    4) Get Cape – This is just fine, if slightly meh. Kind of lovely musically, atually. Never heard of them before.

    5) Johnny Cash – He’s one of those artists that i (hugely) respect as opposed to love. This is quite decent though.

    6) Fall Out Boy – (furtively looks around for Punky) Actually not as bad as i expected. MOR emo snotcore, and that’s not so bad. In fact, it isn’t bad at all.

    7) Velvet Revolver – Now we’re talking. Slash rules.

    8) Chuck Berry – Not going anywhere.

    9) The Sweet – Not as bad as i expected, considering all i know i Barroom Blitz which i loathe.

    10) T Rex – Not going anywhere. I love glam.

    11) The Regents – Whoa, this is awesome. New to me.

    12) Bryan Adams – Hmm, this isn’t really all that bad. Was expecting to loathe it like i do most of the other stuff of his i’ve heard. Probably bailed out by the kind of lovely guitar. I actually kind of like it.

    13) Buddy Guy – yeah baby.

    Ok, so i’m tossing The Sweet.

    For my own teen tunes – what else could the front runner be. Look away PC brigade – Rolling Stones – Stray Cat Blues.

    Also – The Who – Baba O’Riley and
    Beach Boys – In My Room

    Thanks Leavey! Your kids aren’t teenagers yet are they? You’re kind of young aren’t you? I don’t even know if you’re a guy or a girl.

    • My pleasure amylee but sorry about the technical difficulties in accessing the songs. Either I’m “unlucky” or just a complete dunce when it comes to IT!

      You’re right my kids aren’t teenagers (not anymore) they are in there early and mid twenties but I’m still pretty young even tho’ sometimes it doesn’t feel like that; few years till I’m 50 and of the male variety 🙂

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  11. Has anyone bagged next week yet? If no one claims (or has claimed) it yet, i’m going to message Mnemonic, who said she woule be interested in doing a list at some point…

  12. very enjoyable set there, liked all the indie (especially GCWCF) and the glam, not so keen on the pop or the blues.

    Keep GCWCF and lose Wheatus.


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