Forgotten 90s – #1 Tiger


I was listening to Tiger’s excellent debut LP from 1996 “We are Puppets” yesterday and thinking what a shame it was that they have pretty much been completely forgotten. So, I came up with an idea for a mini-series of posts on forgotten 90s bands, starting with Tiger of course!

For the uninitiated, as the videos show, Tiger were a truly eccentric mid-90s indie band that went against the zeitgeist by using Moogs and synthesizers and having weird lyrics and home made videos at a time when the worst elements of meat’n’potatoes boring guitar lad-rock was reaching its zenith.

Their unironic mullets and cheap market t-shirts with airbrushed pictures of snow leopards on them (this was many years before twats in Shoreditch did it ironically) just added to the allure and they were championed (erm…by me and Satankidneypie, at least!) as the antidote to the the retro guitar stylings of Britpop at that time.

They hardly sold any records at the time and seem to have been largely forgotten now, but maybe that’s just the fate of those who go against the grain.

6 thoughts on “Forgotten 90s – #1 Tiger

  1. Firstly, I think this is a great idea for a series – I for one am a captive audience.

    I remember Tiger (though hadn’t thought about them for years), but don’t seem to remember any of these songs – is there a single you haven’t posted, that would have got played a lot on the Radio 1 Evening Session for a few weeks? I just went to look for the album on Spotify, but it doesn’t appear to be there.

    Anyway, they have a fun sound that has aged well, probably as a result of not being fashionable at the time.

  2. cheers for popping in Barbryn – as far as I know, there three were the only ‘hits’ – but there may be one that I am missing.

    I’ve got a list of other bands, but feel free to post your own too!

    Oxfam may be a better bet than Spotify for the album…..unfortunately!

  3. Tiger were awesome. I caught them play live at the Hastings Crypt around 1998 i believe – still one of the best gigs i’ve been to. Their album was called ‘We are Puppets’ and is usually available on amazon / ebay.

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