Earworms 19 August 2013

Earworms 17 August

Image courtesy of my dad (1968) – at least, the card is signed “the mysterios Mr Eggs”, so I hope it was from my dad. I digress; here are some POPular e-worms for you. Thanks to all contributors and keep’em coming to earworm@tincanland.com

Frente – Horrible – severin: I only knew of this Australian band because they recorded a version of “Let The Sun Shine In” for the “Saturday Morning” compilation CD of tunes from Kids’ cartoons. Bought the 1996 album “Shape”, played it once and forgot about it. Recently rediscovered and very lovely it is too. This track was released as a single. It did not chart in Oz  or anywhere else to my knowledge. It should have.

Oranger – Mike Love, Not War – Panthersan: Summer has arrived in Japan with a vengeance this week so I was scouring the shelf for something summery when I came across an album that I’d pretty much forgotten I even owned! This is the opening track and it’s not a typo, it’s a pun! (apologies for the skips).

The Pet Shop Boys and “Where The Streets Have No Name”: CaroleB: The PSBs are pop geniuses, I think and I defy anyone to remain unmoved by this U2 cover version. It destroys the original and takes the thing to a whole new place. Peerless.

Bronski Beat – Junk – DsD: To all those of you that I inflicted this on t’other week, all I can offer is my apologies . . . “with bits of egg!”

Dub Mafia – Under the Radar – Abahachi: It’s not exactly a tradition yet, but once again I’ve been to Glastonbury and encountered an artist I’d never heard of before – for me, that’s a major part of the fun. Bristol’s Dub Mafia were fabulous on the Sunday morning; on record there’s not as much bass as I’d like, and probably too much guitar, but this is still a great song in a genre I normally pass by. You’re all gonna hate it…

Disclosure – When A Fire Starts To Burn – tincanman: There’s been some troublemaking in the media about British brothers Guy and Howard Lawrence, possibly because it’s “only” Electronic Dance Music. Or maybe its jealousy because their creativity is kicking the poop out of more sophistcated genres. Get your groove on.

21 thoughts on “Earworms 19 August 2013

  1. I didn’t know Frente at all, but they sound fun and bouncy, my cousin was in Home and Away once, dressed as a rabbit, sadly not a recurring role. Oranger and indeed very summery and I really enjoyed the Pet Shop Boys cover, I do like a cover that challenges my view of a song, never noticed the lyrics before.

    I don’t hate Dub Mafia, but I can’t say I’ll be rushing out to buy their stuff, interesting mix this week 😉

  2. Oranger – I’d never heard of them. Got a bit late Beatles-y toward the end. Like something off the White Album. Yes, summery though and I did like the full vinyl experience.
    Always much preferred the Pet Shop boys version of WTSHNN to the U2 original especially when it floats off into an Andy Williams song. I did used to know a couple of serious U2 fans who regarded it as blasphemy which kind of added to the enjoyment.
    Love everything by Bonky Beat. This one is great. Must dig out the vinyl copy of the album.
    Dub Mafia – New to me. Liked it. Is this dubstep? I get confused about genres sometimes.
    Disclosure – not sure. Didn’t dislike it but I didn’t really get into it either. Preferred the music/beats to the vocal/sample. Maybe needs a couple more listens.
    Frente! – Wonderful. Couldn’t be improved upon.

    • I’ve pretty much given up on genres. When I’m trying to put Earworms together I just put things in lists in my head with a colour (‘green songs’, ‘red songs’ etc.) rather than trying to work out what they are. And ITunes doesn’t help, it often puts things in the strangest genres imaginable.

  3. Frente: Recognise the name; don’t recognise the song. I’m afraid it’s not doing much for me just yet. And it sort of ends before it gets started. Odd choice for a single, I would have said. But then, I haven’t heard the rest of the album!

    Oranger: What an odd record. I misread panth’s write-up and spent the whole intro marvelling at how un-Japanese the song sounded. (Der.) Fun. Not Japanese. I suspect.

    PSBs: Well, as I’ve said before, the PSBs are the best pop group of the last 30 years, IMHO. And this has always been a fun – and rather touching – subversion of pre-irony-era U2. Far from my favourite of theirs but still good to hear it again.

    Bronski Beat: New to me (weirdly, perhaps). I was just about to say that Jimmy Somerville didn’t sound very Jimmy Somerville. And then he started to. Nevertheless, not what I expect them to sound like. Like it. Oh now I’ve got to the bits of egg. How bizarre.

    Dub Mafia: Oh how modern. I think I like the vocal more than the backing, which I’d like to be a bit less slick perhaps, but this is rather an exciting listen.

    Disclosure: This might make more sense to me on the dancefloor. Although it’s a bit downtempo for dancing. I like the sound of it, but I couldn’t really imagine myself listening to a whole album of the stuff.

    Thanks all. An unusual set – and a fun one!

    • Well I wouldn’t worry about Oranger, at least you didn’t confuse a U2 cover with a 12″ single. I was looking at brain slices in the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry yesterday, and I haven’t been the same since.

  4. Agree with those who tapped Dub Mafia. I have no idea what genre it is either, but its more fun than stuff on the radio that sounds somewhat similar.

    I have no quarrel with what PSB did with the U2 song, and mixing in Can’t Take My Eyes Off You was quite clever. I found the vocal too weak for the musical treatment though; he sounds like the words in the Streets part are just sounds to him. Its disappointing because the idea had so much potential.

  5. BASTARD! Lost my long analysis to a “Sorry, this comment could not be posted” gremlin.

    Probably a web moderator saving me from being charged with threatening GBH against Neil Tennant.

    Short version:
    Frente – a spiky Sundays, good thing.
    Oranger – Silver Sun, anyone? Also a good thing.
    Dub Mafia – as is, too drum’n’bass for me. Slow it down, swap the irritating rhythm track for something organic, and gimme MORE guitar, and I’d probably love it.
    Can’t say I like my choice; it just truly was an earworm I could neither identify or get rid of the other week. Probably my least favourite song on The Age Of Consent, an album I’ve owned since release.

    • You need to type your comments into Word first – save, cut and paste. Then if you lose the comment you can just copy it again. Just saying. Grandmother, (bits of) eggs etc.

      • Or just copy it before hitting ‘Post Comment’. Then you can always go back a step and repaste. Oh we’re all so clever after the event…

      • Whenever I lose a comment, I remember to copy before I post for a while. But you know how it is: nothing goes wrong for a bit, you miss a few days, you end up trying to post in a hurry, and BOOM! Into the black hole a long comment goes.

  6. very enjoyable set there, knew a couple (PSB, Disclosure, mine!) and liked the rest too.

    I don’t know anything about Oranger either, except that they released an album in 1998 called Doorway to Norway that has a suitably psychedelic sleeve (probably the reason I bought it) and sits between Mercury Rev and the Webb Brothers on my shelf.

    Disclosure was probably my favourite with Dub Mafia a close second…cheers!

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