199 thoughts on “It shall be auction time PART II

  1. BTW last week’s RR thread is still open for comments if it makes sense to continue over on The Mothership to prevent overloading The Spill.

  2. Just to move it along Bruce Springsteen and American Skin (41 Shots).

    This is a song written by Bruce Springsteen, inspired by the police shooting death of Amadou Diallo. A huge amount of controversy surrounded the aftermath of this event, as you would imagine.

  3. Dang, that means I’m disqualified from bidding a cracker for 49 from Howlin’ Wolf, by the ‘wait three goes’ rule! I’ll add it later….

  4. One in the morning here, but just been woken up by my phone dinging with a message from Stateside.
    Just clicking on follow-up enabling, then if Amy doesn’t reply quick it’s back to sleep.
    Deffo still in this game though, when I get back to my desk in the morning.

  5. Was going to pounce on Joel’s 52nd Street but sleep got in the way – still, moving one street over:

    The Ramones – 53rd & 3rd

    • I see someone’s already got your number. I was just about to invite you to step out on the floor at 54. Chic: “Le Freak”. Maybe next time.

  6. Oh sorry Fuel – – didn’t read your post.

    Anyway am now disqualified from 57 which I’m sure somebody will think of, and 58 which I can’t think of, and 59 which again I think someone is sure to think of.
    I do have a 60 in mind…..

  7. There’s a tap-in for the next bid… AIP, tinny or DsD should push it into the net (I’m not so fond of the song myself)

    • Well I’ve got a fave about Robert Johnson meeting the devil at 61/49 Clarksdale, but as I sneaked in an obscure one for 55 (and 10) I’ll let that nom slip away..

  8. No one seems to want to pop this in so I am going to crash the rules to get us moving

    Bob Dylan – Highway 61 Revisited

    • was going to throw in a shoehorn for 70 .after the goldrush
      Look at Mother Nature on the run
      In the nineteen seventies.

  9. Oh, it wasn’t, actually. But donded, so it’s all good, hadn’t thought of that…

    It was DBT’s 72 (This Highway’s Mean).

    Off to think about 73., then!

    • Nice one Lambre. I’ve been out in the garden all morning attacking my wall with a lump hammer & chisel, so have missed all the fun so far today.

  10. or there’s Maladie D’Amour – Michel Sardou

    The love disease – it affects everyone from 7 to 77 –

    Elle court elle court La maladie d’amour Dans le
    coeur des enfants De sept à soixante
    dix-sept ans

      • Are we starting a new thread or do we need an 83? I have a weak offering for it if we do it’s a Guy Clark number if we can club together A Nickel for the Fiddler I know one from Kentucky who’s 83.

  11. I’ve got some Broken Social Scene, but I’m disallowed by tinnies rules (or as calls them – ‘rules, schmules’)

    • I’m donding the Cult even if they were late to the party. By the way is anyone going to see them in Cardiff or Exeter?

    • Cheers, Liab9.

      That means I can now tell you that if I hadn’t been allowed to wave at the auctioneer on 86, I’d have been bidding –

      $87 And A Guilty Conscience That Gets Worse The Further I Go


  12. Great to see you joining in Shoey. That “does not play well with others” line on your report card? Strike that.

  13. The playlist looks like this:

    Where there is uncertainty, queue-jumping, song title but no artist expect a Fuel insert or possible remix. Sometimes I’ve rearranged things to get a nom in (see the numbers around 83). Sometimes I let a second suggestion sit in next to a first suggestion. BTW. You can do your own list. You can complain all you want I don’t care. There are some songs on the list I will never listen to a snippet of again if possible. I’m sure you’ll feel like that with some of my selections. The skip button is your friend.

    • Oh! I also ignored people shouting out songs with numbers and not coming back. I appreciate that it’s a time thing, but I’ve also got cricket to watch you know and I’ve missed making lots of suggestions too.

    • I’m slightly (showing Finnsh restraint) overwhelmed by your effort here Mr Fuel. Above and beyond is the first thing that comes to mind. An excuse for day drinking is the second 🙂

      • Day drinking is a good thing.

        Unrelated story revealing something of the Finnish character.

        Teemu Selanne (ace ice hockey player) and friends were drinking at a golf club nearby and had run up a huge bar bill. My friends wandered in and ordered two beers. The barman asked if he should put it on the tab. My friends looked at the tab and said “No, we’re not with them.” and paid their way. The tab was well over €4,000 and I’m sure he wouldn’t have minded. Probably the price of two beers is a minute on the ice for Selanne, but they just wouldn’t want to take advantage of a stranger.


      • Hi RTJ, I actually feel a little bit bad about ignoring something as good as Public Enemy. But – as the absolute dictator – I’m twisting the rules to suit myself. (Notice how I managed to get in a song with a cricket reference for 32.)

      • Cheers leaveitallbehind. I think I’ve ignored a couple of your suggestions when you’ve had consecutive shouts. For example, I ignored your Springsteen nom for a personal fave, Wire, for number 41. Sorry about that. Bruce’s song, the story is referenced by a line in Keren Ann’s “101”. I was very surprised that no one mentioned that.

  14. sorry if I jumped the gun with my Siouxsie and the Banshees song, or shouted and went away, thanks for doing the playlist, Fuel.

    • You’re lucky that I love Siouxsie and the Banshees. 😉 (I’m not applying even my own rules consistently.) I just had a quick look at the new thread and I think the rules will have to be bent even more. Er… I think I’ll have to encourage cheating.

  15. Beats your Red Balloons

    Perhaps not. Nina is German, which has that metric system. 99 balloons is 138.6 imperial balloons, which doesn’t scan at all.

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