No RR topic to bid on, so it shall be auction time. Take this nickel, make a dime….

We do not want songs about auctions or auctioneers. It’s an actual auction. i.e. first bid could be One Tin Soldier, second Two Hearts, etc. Get the idea? The # doesn’t have to be at the start of, or even in, the title – but the number should be central to the song and something you could actually bid. Think of it like 12 Days of Christmas run amuck.

Advance the bidding as slowly as you can. We have a week to kill; no point jumping right to Billion Dollar Babies and skipping Ten Million Slaves. Please allow three others to bid before you bid again. We’ll have no overnight bidduggery.

[Rules can be changed by consensus. The referee is our friend Good Will.]

Go ahead and use comments to post what you’d ‘ave bid guv’nor if that damn %$%^& hadn’t got there first or a song that would have fit between two bids, but let’s not swamp the thing with a hundred Two videos. (No, DsD, that would not count as a bid of 200.)

Bidding closes Monday at noon. Whatever the highest bid is, the charity of your choice will earn an equivalent number of ‘Spill points. (I’ll do you up something on official ‘Spill letterhed you can present to them. With luck, you might even get your picture in the local newspaper.)


154 thoughts on “No RR topic to bid on, so it shall be auction time. Take this nickel, make a dime….

  1. Blimey, you’re proper good at coming up with games, tinny. I don’t have the imagination…

    Are we supposed to wait till 10pm to start? Oh sod it, here goes:

    Elbow: One Day Like This

    I know DsD will approve…

  2. Since I have no idea which currency I’m supposed to use, I’ll open the bidding with a simple:

    One – U2

    One what? Who knows? I get the feeling I’ll be outbid pretty soon!

  3. Pavement want Two States which, with the current condition of several places in the world (and the reference to spies) seems about as relevant as a Malkmus song can be. Please ignore the reference to 40 million.

  4. Why won’t this damned thing let me post? Is it because I’ve been away for a while and you’ll all decided to kick me out? I’ve missed my chance for Two Become One now…

    • I got that (& J.Cash’s version of U2’s One) zedded in Dorian’s RR Songs Numbered One To Ten week. That may be worth investigating, if you’re quick!

  5. IMPORTANT: Just so those without big processors can still look at this thread beyond the number 10, please put your YT links under your words, i.e.

    1. Open a Guardian comment box
    2. Write your comment there.
    3. Use the ‘link’ box to insert a link to your song behind the text.
    4. Copy the entire comment text back (including the html gubbins)
    5. Paste it all here.

  6. number nine, number nine, number nine…

    Think i’ll do like GHE and think of a number i really want. They are going to get more difficult methinks.

  7. ….12 Days of Christmas run amuck?

    Eight-sided whispering hallelujah hatrack
    Seven-faced marble eye transitory dream doll
    Six proud walkers on jingle-bell rainbow
    Five men writing in fingers of gold
    Four men tracking the great white sperm whale
    Three girls wait in a foreign dominion

    That would be The Eleven.

  8. Is that officially 12?

    I’ll leave off with this one –

    Rolling Stones – Stray Cat Blues

    for 13 years old, and leave the rest of the teen perv tunes to y’all.

  9. I will rush in with my favourite number and two of my favourite guitarists, Bert Jansch and John Renbourn here with Lucky Thirteen

    An intricate duet of acoustic guitars, a little bit competitive perhaps, but all the better for it. I’m not sure if this will work, but this is how I put videos in link form, just replace the example bits as necessary

    This is a link to an example website

      • Not sure it really merits the extra five reasons, but it’s a fun record. It was the B-side of “Sparkle”, I seem to recall, which was the only other single of theirs (as well as 12 Reasons…) that I bought. Years later, a friend of mine married one of the band’s brass players. Trumpet maybe. Keep meaning to attend one of their annual Xmas reunion shows.

      • yes, Sparkle! That sounded so familiar, but I just couldn’t remember it, so I Youtubed it and realised that I definitely had the single too… does sound a bit naff listening now….I suppose it fitted in with the whole Divine Comedy vibe at the time…

  10. So just to clarify: are we definitely not getting a topic over on the Graun tonight? How come? And does this mean we’re not getting Pairubu’s results page today either?

    I have no idea why I think any of you should have the answer(s) to this any more than I do.

    • Hi Bish, definitely no topic for a week. Adam’s on holiday. No idea about the results, but I suppose it would make sense for the paper to hold Ubu’s article until next week.

    • This is what Adam said in the Caribbean results thread:

      There’ll be a topic up next Thursday, the 15th, at the usual time.
      The usual deadline will apply for suggesting songs for that topic – however, the results (and the next topic after that) won’t appear until September 5.

      So, no RR at all for another 2 weeks….

    • Mind you, that’s an ordinal number rather than a cardinal one. Or something. That said, I’m not sure you can bid at auction with an ‘age’ either. Because this game is REAL of course…

  11. This felt pretty exciting when it came out and still sounds good. I love the concept of giving each person 21 seconds to say their piece :

    So Solid Crew21 Seconds

  12. I have to wait 3 numbers before ‘bidding’ right?

    I’ve got a great one for 22……oh, well…..i’ll add it in later…

    • Although if no-one else has a 22, it would be a shame to miss a number – though I’m sure we’ll have to soon enough. (Probably 23!)

    • Advance the bidding as slowly as you can. We have a week to kill; no point jumping right to Billion Dollar Babies and skipping Ten Million Slaves 🙂

  13. Well if DsD is bagging a 25, I’ll pitch in with:

    Carlos Puebla – Siempre es 26

    Nice bit of left wing Cuban folk.

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