It shall be auction time PART III

We continue to reach for the sky, but being practical people we will not compromise our processors.

This is for bids over 100.

How this all started (i.e. Part i):

@Fuel’s YouTube playlist:

138 thoughts on “It shall be auction time PART III

  1. Look out!! Dead ahead!!

    Trouble ahead, the lady in red
    Take my advice you’d be better off dead
    Switchman’s sleeping, train Hundred and Two
    Is on the wrong track and headed for you

    Casey Jones

  2. SORTED: If the RR/Spill community ever forms a band, it shall be called The Assemblage (even though it sounds a bit goth…*sighs* yes @bethnoir, you can dress up and sing).

  3. I think it probably gets harder to keep going with consecutive numbers after this. But I may yet be proved wrong, given the hive mind round here. But anyhow (breaking the rules again!), if there are no takers for 108 and 109 we’ve reached One hundred and ten in the shade, courtesy of John Fogerty. Apologies if I’ve leapfrogged some intermediate noms.

  4. I just know I’m missing a reference to 120 degree heat in one of my faves, but damned if I can find it. So the next number I’ve got is 143. Anybody got less than that?

  5. Last one from me tonight. The Haunted (sixties band, not the more recent Swedish bunch) with 125 Bit of a shoehorn though, as there seems to be no reference in the song to 125. He has a five dollar bill to pick up a sex worker…

  6. Oh shite, was on the other thread and missed what I wanted to grab – as 102 to 105 has been nabbed in a single song, can I please retrospectively plead for

    Haydn – Symphony 104 (London Symphony) his last, and possibly greatest symphony.

  7. Right, I’m off to bed. Out at a wedding all day tomorrow, so will find it difficult to contribute, but will check in by phone when I can.

    So far, I know I’ve got noms in three figures for
    So far, not got many in the low 1000s, but once we get to the point where C20th years get a mention, I’m back in business.

    May get onto PC tomorrow night, as we’re not staying over and I’m driving, so I’ll be caffeine overdosed and unable to sleep when we get home.

    See yuz.

    • Think I owe you an apology as I suspect that the 143 I’ve bid was the one you were thinking of. Sorry DsD.

      Safe trip back.

      • No apology necessary. My thought was Elbow, and I left the list because I reckon we’re now at the stage of having to help each other rather than compete, TOFF-style, for nominations.

        FWIW, of the above DsD nos, the only ones I’d like to get in first with are 300 (which will be a popular number, but I have a cracking rediscovery), 302 (not in the title so I should be OK), 436 (a real shoehorn, that one), and 700 (if TFD doesn’t show up to lay a matriarchal claim to the song I have in mind).

      • at the stage of having to help each other rather than compete

        From where I sit (on my ample, industrial-strength sofa) you peeps have pretty much been doing that from the start. Its been an impressive thing to watch. Normally I launch these things and ignore them, but this has grasped my attention. If I was a sociologist* I woud write a paper on it

        *not too damn lazy

  8. I see 108 is missing….and have googled accordingly

    108 – Sky Ferreira

    She has a secret lover who’s 108, which is an interesting thought

  9. Not nearly enough Mountain Goats yet. Luckily almost all the tunes on “The Life Of The World To Come” have handy bible chapter & verse numbering.

  10. It seems we are struggling. So, may i suggest some cheating.

    Go to a lyric site – I suggest – then type in the number e.g. 118 or 118th or write out one hundred eighteen / and eighteen. Er other good sites would seem to be and I don’t mind such cheating at all, as long as you love the song. For example, the first song that came into my head for 125 was dreadful but i couldn’t escape it. A quick check of and my head is filled with sweet sounds, though it hurts from when I slapped it!

    • ooh, but there’s something a bit more lively for the next one if anyone can remember/find it. Think of my usual avatar….

  11. Here’s the current playlist: 101 to 200. Apologies cos it really does sound very much like a Fuel playlist now. Tis your job to mix it up. Apologies, but I really can’t stand PT-109, so I deleted it and added Toro Y Moi’s 109 instead.

    Some songs were easy to add cos everyone knows Roadrunner is about riding on Route 128, that Steve Wynn hits 135, Lou scored at Lexington 125 and The Stooges sound smacked out in room 121.

    If you think of anything else from the missing numbers then please say. It’s very easy to insert tracks into a youtube playlist. Will list Elbow, etc much later on:

    • I’m pretty stoked to have a massively long list to work to over the next few days. I purposely didn’t put an artist down for Rte 66 because i didn’t have a particular fave. Depeche Mode is a nicely inspired choice (which i haven’t yet heard), looking forward to a listen.

      • Hi Amy, it’s not that good, but as I drove on Route 66 in 1988 I have happy memories of that version. When I get time, I might cheat, and put in the “Behind the Wheel/Route 66” megamix they did. Just checked and the 1 to 100 is 7 hours long.

      • see tfd, that’s just what i mean. Probably the first version i heard was the Stones, but there are tons of other versions out there. Dunno if the Stones would even be my fave.

      • Fuel – that’s ok, i have a ton of work to do. And unlike the Spillgame lists, or yours or Shanes or Shoeys, i don’t feel like i really have to pay attention either, i can just listen and work.

  12. Tired of waiting so

    It’s got cattle bars
    And it’s as fast as shootin’ stars

    Yes, he’s talkin’ ’bout his

    F-150 by the In and Outlaws

  13. I see my hint has been ignored/overlooked so far……..
    145 – The Cat Empire

    Refers to a sequence of chords with a feelgood factor –

    oh doctor I am desperate
    for some good soul healing

    The doctor turned and gave a grin
    and reached into his bag
    but instead of an injection
    got a record with a tag
    that said listen to this daily
    with hip shaking and such things
    then he puts the record in
    grabs a mic and starts to sing
    you need some

    One four five
    to make you high to make you high

  14. I think we’re playing two different games now!
    The original outbidding each other by raising the number idea. In which spirit:

    REM – Oddfellows Local 151

    Plus a tidying up operation to see if we can get every numeral in there somewhere – which is also fun.

    Course if we are determined to fill in all the gaps there are a lot of psalms and sonnets set to music out there – but perhaps that would be cheating……..

    • Good point. What’s actually required is an actioneer to say:

      Do we have any bids on 152?
      For the third time, 152?
      Going, going, gone!
      Let’s move onto our next item.

      In real life:
      ‘Aveanybidso152? 152? F’thirdtime,152?

      And so it would go on until 156 hen

      … 156?
      We have a bid on 156.

      Yes, you sir. What do you bid?

      Mew – 156 (A catchy but disturbing outing from Danish alt rockers that wanders all over the place)


    • We’re playing two different games now! The original outbidding each other …Plus a tidying up operation

      You cats have done way more with this game than I envisioned. Virtual pats on the head to you all.

  15. Unless i get a flash of inspiration, i got nothing till the 200s. I dont really like the idea of googling much now that we’re in the upper numbers and there are big gaps, seems like it would just bring up a bunch of crap.

    • True! This is where things get interesting for me, though. But I can’t think of anything until we start doing songs about a 180.

  16. Cast me net and this came up. Off to SF for baseball soon. Keep ’em coming.

    Nelson’s Farewell – The Dubliners

    For a hundred and fifty seven years it stood up there in state,
    To mark ould Nelson’s victory o’er the French and Spanish fleet,

    But one-thirty in the morning, without a bit of warning,
    Poor Nelson took a powder and he blew.

  17. CLSM’s ‘John Peel is not Enough’ contains the lyrics:
    “Fergie won’t even venture past one hundred and forty-five bpm” and
    “. . . the most adventurous is drive time Dave Pearce
    Playing oldskool and hard trance on a sunday night
    And beyond adventurous is John Peel
    The only hope of a kick drum lead track above one hundred and fifty bpm.”

    Cracking track it is, too:

  18. I’ve just added tracks to the 101 to 200 list to take us up to 180. I’m sure Front 442, James Yorkston and Barry Andrew will have the approval of Shoey, Shane and Shiv, respectively. If it’s one of my picks then it’s open to being taken down for something else.

    I couldn’t find tfd’s 150 or Severin’s 122. Please say if I’ve missed something.

    I’ll be back tomorrow.

  19. Currently waiting for speeches to start at wedding, so thought I’d chuck in

    Richmond Fontaine – Exit 194B

    as I nip out of room for a “comfort break”. Not impressed so far: not the happy couple’s fault, but this hotel makes Fawlty Towers look like Sandy Lane!


    Have Liverpool scored yet?

    • Yes.

      I’ve got nothing till 200 and expect that you’ve got the same one planned DsD.

      Enjoy the rest of the wedding.

  20. Filling in a blank:

    Kaizers Orchestra – 170

    which is a great tune and which only lives in my collection due to the kindness of an RR-boxer…

  21. Flagrantly googling now to get things moving, not my usual sort of thing, but what’s wrong with a bit of Macedonian Pop every now and again?

    Elena Risteska – 192

    (192 is the number of the police in Macedonia….)

    Watch for the spice girls “ziga zigaa rip off bit…

    Have got a good 200 if anyone can oblige….

  22. Came across one from an Aussie band whose name kind of charmed me, and so did a lot of their song titles which were in the same vein. Some of the songs aren’t half bad either. This title is pretty tame, unfortunately i can’t find a ghost of a link online anywhere.

    Machine Gun Fellatio – 204 Bell Street

  23. Can shoehorn in 198. πŸ˜‰

    Johnny Cash – Cocaine Blues

    Ninety nine years in the Folsom pen
    Ninety nine years underneath that ground

    • Well then, maybe i can get this in again!

      Ann Peebles or Humble Pie or Black Crowes – 99 lbs

      Ninety-nine pounds of natural born goodness
      Ninety-nine pounds of soul

  24. Don’t really think I’ve got anything now till 300 so at this rate I’ll be back on Monday at the earliest.

  25. I don’t even have anything for 300s. Have two in the 400s, 1 in the 500s, a few in the 900s. Thousands are good though. And it looks like Shiv pipped me to Zager and Evans (honestly, probably pipped all of us).

  26. …and, if we were desperate, we could maybe make a case for:

    The Pirates: “1.30 2.30 3.35” – starting times for the nags.

    (Let’s face it, we’re desperate) [You may be… – Ed.]

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