It shall be auction time PART IV

At the ‘Spill, we are concerned  about global warming. So to do our bit we would like you to post your bids from 250 to infinity here to keep processors cool.

“Somehow we found ourselves on the Sunset Strip playing songs for the highest bidder”

“My first job is to follow the musical course. Relationships, projects…there’s going to be a lot of collateral damage.”

133 thoughts on “It shall be auction time PART IV

  1. Rats! Just signed in to enable follow-ups and had a warning I’m hitting my data limit for the month.

    The 300s will have to wait til tomorrow.

    Now, can I find my way back to the motorway without the phone’s satnav?


  2. Take care with whoever nominates 304 as I’ve just found to my surprise it’s slang for a “hoe” – *shocked face*. What a sheltered life I lead.

  3. Well so much for enabling follow-up comments: none gave come through, which means I missed bidding both some –

    300 Pound Shoes
    (Please find the studio version of David Gogo’s blues stunner, nothing I found on YouTube does it justice)

    and a [Ford] Mustang, a 302 Mach One in green
    on the back seat of which is Jason Isbell’s dad says Jason was conceived in
    DBT’s Outfit

  4. Because infinity is quite a long way off, I have a suggestionette. Why don’t we cap this game at 999. That way we can save all the numbers that are dates for another game, another time. Whaddayareckon? (ghe)

    • I’m certain you are not referring to the refurbishment of a steam locomotive in San Fran (Project 1352) or the House Bill amending Titles 24 (Education) and 51 (Military Affairs) of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes so I give up.

  5. As this is Readers RECOMMEND, I am sparing you Evol’s ‘Three Hundred Grams of Latex and Steel in One Day’!!

  6. Happy to exclude dates as not being in the spirit of numbers.

    I’ve got some songs at various points between now and 999 plus a couple in the thousands that are “true” numbers, not dates plus at least two ‘biggies’ that I’ve mentioned in passing during the weekend.

    If as Tinny original suggested the auction closes at noon tomorrow we’d better get our figurative skates on.

  7. On with the game: the 3:10 I was referring to this morning was the Train to Yuma (recorded by various artists).

  8. totally missed the party here, i was still hanging around wiht the crickets on the last one. But i still have nada for the 300s, so i’ll jump in at the 400s.

  9. nobody able to identify the song in which the number 1352 appears in the lyrics? Getting ahead of myself, anyway.

    We’re very much in the world of music here.

    • Badly phrased there.

      ‘In the lyrics of which song does the number 1352 appear?’

      We’re very much in the world of music here.

      If no-one has the answer by 10 p,m, tonight I shall be forced to give you another clue, but the value of your virtual prize is bound to be reduced, sorry. 🙂

  10. On the contrary, this is quite a classic song and certainly nothing that I would be ashamed to nominate for an over 1000 non-date list! It’s just a small diversion, that’s all. 🙂

  11. Listening to the first playlist now – lovely tunes so far. Elbow, and the Bunnymen of course. but seeing the winner for 12, i’m so sorry i didn’t get 12XU in 🙂

  12. ok, probably time for another clue – try saying the number to yourself, maybe more than one way. if it still doesn’t ring any bells, I’ll be back later to give you a couple more

      • That will still be my nom when we get to the 1000s! Sadly can’t think of anything in the 100s that hasn’t already been mentioned – I was going to go for the Proclaimers too but thought we were still in the lower 100s. when somebody nommed it!

        Thirteen hundred and fifty two guitar pickers in Nashville – classic song.

        Well done, leaveitallbehind, especially if you remembered without Googling….!

      • Sorry amylee but I’ve never been a Stones fun. Sacriligious I know but just one of those bands I’ve never got in to. Am I banned from RR and The Spill?

      • It must have slipped your mind, Amy. Fabulous album (I still have the original first release, but they crammed so much on the grooves are shallow and close together, and it skips easily). But you must know Lady Jane, Under my thumb, Out of time, Mothers little helper, etc – there’s so many. Stand out for me is Going home. Brill album. I’m talking about the UK version – the US one had different tracks. But both had Flight 505.

      • That’s exactly why i never had that album – or many other old Stones albums – they all had the same songs on them! First Stones albums i had were Hot Rocks and More Hot Rocks, which had a few of those. All of those songs that you mentioned i knew from the radio. I’m pretty sure i had Flowers, i know i had Through the Past Darkly. Not entirely what else, if anything, i had before Satanic Majesties.

      • Well, you’re forgiven. I’m sure you weren’t even born when I bought my copy! And it’s only in the US that they messed about with tracks – the original Stones albums never had duplicates this side of the pond, till the compilations started. In the mid sixties, even singles weren’t on albums, like strawberry fields with the fabs, and paint it black with the stones.

      • I was born in 1960, but i was still a young kid when those albums came out, although i knew the hit tunes from the radio. After the Hot Rocks 1 and 2, i bought Exile, which was basically current in real time.

    • My next one is in the 900’s too. I think Dsd might have a few in the 600s. Then Shoey with the biblical chapters might have a run of it until then.

  13. Just listening to Beautiful South (36B) – and I notice it also checks 365, as in “You’re just another 365 night stand”

  14. Going out for the day now, but The O’Jays are booked all day to stand in the wings and only emerge if the bidding goes past 991.

    (How many disputes could that cause…?)

    • Sorry, Shiv, but I’ve already gone for 999 by Kent. I was going to nom a Finnish one but I couldn’t imagine you all pronouncing yhdeksänsataayhdeksänkymmentäy­hdeksän (999).

      Just nom songs that you really like and someday soon I’ll assemble them into an RR playlist from 101 to 999.


      • No I was just jumping gun. I could list loads of songs (including more Kent – my band of the day), but looking back I think we should have just left it alone for a classic one to 101 list. It’s just confusing when we’re making these rules up on the fly because there aren’t great songs for certain numbers and because people are joining in at different times. Still anything that gets me listening to Kent again has to worthwhile. BTW. Keith’s 999 is pretty good.

  15. OK, if we’re going all out, then ‘666, the Number of the Beast’ by Iron Maiden is an offer, and I’ll up the ante by biddng ‘Land of a Thousand Dances’ by Wilson Pickett, even though the table is capped at 999.

  16. I see we’re way past the three hundreds now, but this just popped up in my iPod. It’s of no consequence, since I don’t think this is anywhere in the internet, anyway, but needs to be mentioned, all the same

    Redemption Thong – Thinking about “God” on Room 335 while the guys next door are “getting” blowjobs.

    So there.

  17. I have two 600 songs, and I’ll post them now before the whole system collapses in a mountain of unruly digits.
    As amy knew, Dire Wolfsix hundred pounds of sin – was my immediate thought.
    But then my memory glimpsed something from even further back: Manfred Mann’s 5-4-3-2-1: Onwards, onwards rode the six hundred. The weekend used to start here…..

  18. ok i’ll do a frigging list dump now.

    $1000 – Fintan
    Millenium – Killing Joke (shoehorn) – yeah, i know it’s supposed to be Y2K. But a millenium is 100 years, innit.

    1234 – Cretin Hop (Ramones)
    12:51 – try for the Strokes again
    18:05 – watches are synchronized in Wire’s Pink Flag in 1955
    1970’s – Alfie’s Neil Young After the Gold Rush
    1979 – Smashing Pumpkins
    1984 – Bowie
    1989 – Another try for Fight the Power

    2000 – Miles, Pretenders
    2000 – Light Years From Home (Stones)
    2000 – Man (Stones)

    2120 – reserved for Fintan (or Suzi, tfd)
    2140 – Jim Morrison’s address in Mayall’s Laurel Canyon Home

    12345 – Senses Working Overtime (XTC)
    20000 – grandmas waving hankies in Jigsaw Puzzle
    32000 – pounds in 16 Tons
    40000 – Headmen (Traffic)
    40000 – years, funk of, in Thriller (MJ)

    36-24-36 – another try for Brickhouse (Commodores)
    500,000 – kw of P-Funk power
    8675309 – Jenny
    Billion – Dollar Babies (Alice Cooper)

  19. For some reason my list of post 999 songs didn’t get past the moderator and has been removed. WTF!

    Any way it comprised:

    Savage Garden – Thousand Words
    Creed – Thousand Faces
    Big Pink – 1313
    Prentenders – 2000 miles
    Doris Day – 10,432 Sheep
    Razzy Bailey – 9,999,999 Tears

  20. ok we’re into the thousands now?

    Restating Nashville Cats – the Lovin’ Spoonful (1352 guitar pickers in Nashville)
    My Love is Like a Red Red Rose – Eddi Reader ‘though I go ten thousand mile…’

    if dates are allowed…??

    1643 – Seth Lakeman
    The World Turned Upside Down – Billy Bragg – ‘In 1649’ (or Oysterband)
    The Battle of New Orleans – the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – ‘In 1814 we took a little trip…’

  21. A quick note to say thank you for taking the time to look at the Fuel-skewed playlists. I was going to update them today, but a combination of work and feverish child (he’ll be fine with a little rest) means I won’t get that chance for a while.

    Keep up the good work.

    I suggest we recommend this topic to Adam Boult: RR Songs from Zero to Eleven or, if you prefer, One to Twelve.

    It would be a fun mega-topic, though I wouldn’t want to be guru.


  22. Hi all. Sorry I’m VERY late back into this.

    Had a bit of a numpty moment with my list; I wrote it into Word with all the song links copied over from The Graun, but after I’d printed a copy (that I took with me to the wedding on Sat) I apparently closed the document without saving it, and now I’ve lost my bit of paper.

    The 300-999 ones I can remember were:

    360º – Timex Social Club
    400 Boys – Hoggboy
    441 – Miwa, which I assume I have Sakurachan to thank for.
    464 – Microdisney
    600 – Thin Lizzy Massacre about the charge of the Light Brigade
    666 – The Number Of The Beast – Iron Maiden, which I think I saw nominated anyway.
    But there’s also the excellent 666 Conducer by BRMC.
    678 – King Creosote, although as that’s a reference to being either 6, 7 or 8 feet tall, I’m not sure there’s a tangible ‘thing’ to bid.
    Did TFD not get in with 700 – In & Outlaws?
    And if we don’t have an 800, we can always slot in Kyuss 90sec mini song.

    Gotta go now: got the gordonimmel, saneshane and DaddyPig families coming round later, and a shedload of prep to do first.

  23. This still going?

    Ok then:

    Johnny Cash – The Man Comes Around

    featuring 100 million angels singing.

    Which is a lot of angels however you badge it.

  24. Here be numbers transcendental,
    on an imaginary axis spun,
    decimal places without limit
    and zero and one.

    Mathematics, simply pure beyond belief.

    e to the power of i times pi plus 1 is 0.
    e to the power of i times pi is -1.

    A single function, exponential,
    just one addition must be done…
    multiplication in completion
    of zero, of one.

    Mathematics, just so “wow” it brooks belief.

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