The Sublime and the Ridiculous

As one of several BrBa addicts waiting anxiously for our Ne(x)tf(l)ix, I’ll share this sweet taste of appropriately sardonic wit with you. Fear not: there are no spoilers.

17 thoughts on “The Sublime and the Ridiculous

      • Glad technology has removed the timelag. Not sure why we can’t get the good British stuff here in exchange (there still is some, right?). Seriously considering moving back (if something could be done about the climate).

      • Technology? The profit motive, more like. After 4.5 seasons, selling a Netflix subscription on the back of BB is easy-peasy (although I can see little reason to stay more than 2 months).
        I get the impression that US TV prefers to remake rather than import UK shows. But I believe you’re getting Broadchurch soon: that was great. And if they ever show Southcliffe (about a chap going shootabout in his village), watch it: proper chilling.
        Oddly, the weather’s quite pleasant here at the moment.

      • Saw the 1st part of Broadchurch – shall stick with it. Perhaps Mr Tennant will have a shave at some point – his goatee is very distracting.

        Enjoyed Netflix’ Orange Is The New Black. Haven’t watched their new Arrested Development yet.

    • If they’re all from Jesse’s house I might struggle, but there’s been some fantastic other music. I’ll give it an ear or two. Ta.

      • Yes you will hate it then. It wouldn’t seem right not to include some of those noises coming out of that mega massive sound system!

      • Ace stuff! OK, there were a few ugly, tuneless thumping things but many more sweet ones. And the memories! Poor Gale, yet his naive admiration for Walt (helped by Walt’s hubris) ultimately let the cat out of the bag….

      • The start of what could have been a beautiful, extremely profitable and relatively safe partnership. Walt should have just killed Jesse at that point…. 😉

      • or as a cleverer person than me on YT commented – ‘Breaking Grounds’. But then with my one, you could use the Periodic Table element symbol for Be (beryllium) which would look better as a company logo, and now I’ll shut the fuck up with my nonsense..

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