More Numbers: let’s be Social about this.

DsD Social

1: sunny afternoon (much to the relief of the host).
2: invitees who sent their apologies for absence.
3: barbeques lit at once to keep this lot fed.
4: RRers in attendance.
5: long-suffering spouses / other adults who put up with the motley crew you see here.
6: empty wine bottles in the recycle bin this morning (don’t even ask about beer bottles!).
7: vegetable kebabs left uneaten at the end of the day (everything else got wolfed).
8: kids running free round the DsD garden.
9: hours the event lasted before the last of us crashed out.

My thanks to saneshane, DaddyPig, gordonimmel and their families for the wonderful time I had – I dunno about anyone else …
Therefore, huge apologies if my vigilance to the cooking detail to mean I was a less-than-attentive host to our guests.
And my even huger apologies (as well as my undying love and admiration) to DsMam for the unflappable way in which she dealt with an invasion three times bigger than she was expecting – my fault entirely.

There was just one detail missing: we failed to exchange the contractual-obligation CD-Rs necessary for the event to be granted fully fledged RR Social status. *** That doesn’t mean there was no music: oh no no no. Here’s one from an album played on the day that Shane and I have discussed several times over the years. ***

But I digress – I humbly submit to the committee that there were sufficient alternative goods and chattels changing hands for official Social standing to be approved. Can we vote? Let me count the hands . . . . .

28 thoughts on “More Numbers: let’s be Social about this.

  1. Great picture and glad you all had a fun time. I’m still so sorry that Gordon’s ship passed mine in the night (ok, daytime). Still plugging for a social at Wahnee to descend on Shoey.

    But down to business – what is that awesome tune? Best thing i’ve heard all week.

    • Dirt, by Death In Vegas from their first album.

      This cut is from VOX magazine’s 1997 covermount CD called The Spring Collection, a disc that caused an almost seismic shift in the DsD musical taste because it introduced me to:
      Geneva, Gus Gus, Lamb, Cake, AC Acoustics, Sneaker Pimps, The Supernaturals, Silver Sun, Alabama 3, Death In Vegas and The Roots, all of which I subsequently bought at least one album of.

      One of my early RR “same-mental-wavelength” connections was with Shane when we discovered we both had the disc and were very familiar with it even ten years after it was issued – no mean feat for a freebie.

  2. Effing ace! (Did you all take turns with Shane’s hat?)

    Looking forward to being descended upon by Amy & any other ‘Spillers/RRers that want to R&R in the Southern bit of the former colonies.

    • trying to talk DsD and his Glimmer twin into it. Bet we could get Fintan and SHA too. Shane has no desire to visit our fine shores though. Or so he said at one point anyway.

      • I try not to fly any more – mostly for eco reasons .. if I ever did visit the U.S – Boston has always been the only place I thought about going, probably because of the Pixies link. But it’s the people I know through RR that would tempt me to visit.

    • I have a vast bucket hat collection – could have supplied one each – my littlest boy doesn’t leave home without one either, and entertainingly now does a perfect Bez dance lollop. We have to wear them because we burn (even under northern skies) within 5 minutes of being outside.

      • yep, he’s all charm in company.

        But for the last hour of driving home he roared like a lion NONSTOP at FULL volume – how his big brother didn’t throw him out the window is beyond me… I was trying to lean back and slide the seats as far from us up front as possible.

        he is lovely though (just like his big brother) and they have been brilliant meeting everyone on all the stops we’ve made during the trip.

    • @ Shoey re directions – no, yours (for once I got into town) were perfect. It was my attempts at avoiding the interstate tolls that got me into trouble (doubling what should have been a 26-mile journey). And I ended up passing through twice as many toll-points as I was trying to avoid! 😦

  3. There was a mini-Social in Brighton last week, and not only did we fail to exchange CDs, we even failed to take a photo…

    But sandy8491, SpottedRichard and I enjoyed Martha Wainwright no end. And we saw her knickers.

  4. aha….finally the Sane one revealed! How could he possibly look any different ! Just as I pictured him!

    Sounds like a good day/night was had by all.

    Donds for DIV and A/C Acoustics…….Geneva is slightly dodgy ground though….!

  5. cheers for everything DsD – we have, just this moment, returned home to the relative flat lands of Norfolk – those hills gave me the heebeegeebees – after our many travels around Britain.

    1 year out when guessing the year of the Vox cd.
    2 boys that were very very tired after all the fun of playing late with everyone else’s children.
    3 bottles of beer TOO many for me (at least).
    4 people wearing my t-shirts designs.
    5 star company and hospitality.
    6 goals that Norwich scored on the night (my phone had died in Scotland so DsD was keeping me up to date on results)
    7 a.m start from Arran – mid afternoon arrival at the DsD homestead – and sometime into the next day that we forced ourselves to cease the RR/spill/music/sport/football chat.
    8 Ru says the vegetable kebabs were gr8.
    9+ wonderful hours in brilliant company – thanks everyone…

  6. Thanks DsD for hosting, we had a lovely time. The journey from Leeds isn’t that far and took half the time getting home compared to outward bound. Good to see our children growing up with social skills, we got lucky there !

  7. The real pity is that Conchita and I came over a week too early. We would have been nearby and would have loved to be there. Looks like you all had a great time (as we did with tfd and webcore). Maybe next time…

  8. I’m sorry I couldn’t come, I would have loved to meet you all again (well,a first time for Shane). Young Munday’s back in hospital, so my social activities are somewhat curtailed I’m afraid and it doesn’t bode well for his birthday on Saturday. Glad you all had a great time.

    • Eesh. Sorry to hear it Ali. I can only offer the hope that there must be a huge slab of good times coming your way soon to karma-balance the last coupla years of drip-drip bad fortune. Hugs all round.

  9. That’s a pretty frightening image!

    Thanks for all the burnt meat, Darceysdad, it was well tasty. It was good to meet everybody.

    Glad to see all our kids got on so well together aswell.

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