New Allman Brown!

“Who?”, I hear you cry. Oh fair enough, confession time: He’s a mate of mine. But he’s super-talented and has a beautiful voice (as does his duetting partner, Liz Lawrence). And if you like post-Damien Rice, post-Aqualung, post-The Cinematic Orchestra* sorts of things, this might be up your street. And it’s available from all good iTunes stores now for the bargain price of 79p (or £1.79 if you want a couple of B-sides besides)!

*Well, it reminds me of “To Build A Home” – no idea what their other stuff sounds like!

6 thoughts on “New Allman Brown!

  1. Good song, beautifully sung (can certainly see the Damian Rice comparisons). I found the overall package maybe a little too polished and predictable (the slow build from the acoustic opening…), which is really just a to say I could see it being very popular (maybe on a film soundtrack…)

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