Rockpool Hospital

So I was down the road in the East Neuk over the weekend, celebrating the non-demise of Fence Records, at an all-dayer in Crail. It was really nice to see some new local bands & performers under the Fence umbrella; the amazing Lidh being one of them. Anyway, she has handily just released a new EP and a video to go with the lead track “Rockpool Hospital”. It’s a bit of an earworm, very moreish, very pretty & happy and the video is tons of fun (show your small children!).  Hope you like it. Lidh’s website is here.

14 thoughts on “Rockpool Hospital

  1. I thought when Lost Map was started up Fence was over – but its being relaunched in January – is that right?
    Have Pictish and KC had a falling out or something?

    Love this – is it filmed in Norway or Scotland – the sea looks as bloody cold as when we went for a swim off Arran last week …. makes North Norfolk feel like the Med.

    • Hi Shane, basically what it has boiled down to is this: Johnny has started Lost Map from his caravan on Eigg, with some of the Fence roster, he proclaimed that Fence was dead. Kenny, who had had enough of the direction Fence had been going in over the last couple of years (his absence at Fence gigs got quite noticable), had been bubbling away with Alter Ego Trading Company. He dismissed the “Fence is dead” thing at the weekend as “what a load of shite that was”, so Fence is going back to its roots with small gigs, Fife talent, wee runs of records, and the like, and a re-launch next year.

      Norway, indeed! Well spotted! I have fond memories of a bike ride round Arran when I was wee.

      • Cheers for that – I shall keep an eye on both labels then, see what happens…

        The Ms. has been giving me/our sons ‘lectures’ on rock formations and why they appear in certain places – those in the video could be Iceland, Scotland or Norway easily, I imagine – brain hurts** (**goes back to thinking about the Scooby Doo/ Buffy the Vampire crossover (in my mind) from CBBC this afternoon)……..

      • I was trying to go to bed but this thread has made me listen to Eugenius and watch Eerie Indiana. Two things I liked very much in the early 90s.

        Next up: My So Called Life Story.

      • I had to go to bed otherwise I would have been linking to things all night.

        Eerie Indiana was so good – that tea time, then Northern Exposure at night – ahhh, My So Called Life …. wasn’t Angela the definitive indie chick *swoons at lost youth* – shouldn’t Pixies new single ‘Indie Cindy’ have an animated video with lead character having henna’d shoulder length bob (that kept falling over shoe gazing face, so it can be fiddled with – and swept back over ear – (only one one side tho’ the other side didn’t seam to matter) – strippy black and purple tights and a ace pair of boots (baggy cardigan/jumper over gingham dress also an option)… 😉

        artwork – I should be doing artwork.

  2. Lidh’s dad was in Eugenius/Captain America. Love them. Oomalamalama oomalamalama oomalama oomalama aww yeaah yeeaaahhh I’m back back again…

    They did a great version of Indian Summer too:

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