Six Minutes A Month – August 1993

As we continue the tracking of the evolution of indie via the teenage lifeline of The Chart Show’s Indie Chart (on a 20 year delay system) we are now deep into 1993.

The six minutes a month refers to the amount of time alt/indie music had on terrestrial television at the time. Very few of us has MTV back then, we had four channels and the occasional hope that someone good would be on Top Of The Pops. So many folks I know of my generation discovered their favourite bands from catching a tiny snippet on The Chart Show on a Saturday morning. Our lives would have been different with Youtube & Spotify, I’m sure.

OK, the observations: 

1. There’s a pretty big alt. rock showing from the US. Yes, we called it alt. rock – not grunge. Overall this chart is pretty damn noisy. Suede, heading the Britpop vanguard, must not have had a single out this month. Make no mistake, this chart is pretty damn heavy.

2. “Kylie’s Got A Crush On Us” by the irrepressible BMX Bandits really should have been a world wide smash, it’s a mystery to me why it never was.

3. The Boo Radleys are still in their fuzzy spacey phase, having yet to write any really annoying Britpop anthems Like “Wake Up Boo”, though there always was a pop heart to their tunes.

4. The Voodoo Queens have abandoned their riot grrl leanings and now are singing a song about how to pronounce Keanu Reeves’ name. It’s not very good.

5. I own a fair bit of this chart, my enduring favourites being the 12″s from the Smashing Pumpkins (whose Cherub Rock was the start of their world domination) and of course The Breeders. Cannonball is a classic, as you know, and the video was directed by Kim Gordon of Sonic Youth & Spike Jonze. I still listen to these two bands a lot, their music had endured.

6. The Sugar song “Tilted” was from their six track “Beaster” EP, which was heavier and harsher material than their previous, breakthrough, Copper Blue album. “Beaster”, as I figured at the time, was a religious concept album about the life & death of Christ. Maybe.

What were you listening to at the end of the summer of ’93? 

42 thoughts on “Six Minutes A Month – August 1993

    • that is so brilliant – cheesy £12 S.A.W video to perfection – I wanna hear all the tracks skipped over more than the one they play (sorry Annie, lovely as you are) – just like the old days *sigh*.

      • The video is so spot on ( I hated the dance chart though, and cursed the weeks it was on because it WASN”T THE INDIE CHART), even down to the pointless factoids, at least now I can claim Annie AS SCOTTISH!

        Chewing Gum is still a classic, as you know.

        Thanks Bish!!

  1. “Kylie’s Got A Crush On Us” is perfect and so is Cannonball

    Where You Been by Dinosaur Jr. was played in our shared house – whispers quietly; “more than Nirvana who seamed like a pop take on the alt rock bands that we’d been listening too” heehee. In the same vein Porno for Pyros were also played following on from Jane’s Addiction.
    I had Eric’s Trip on tape (the SubPop band not the sonic youth album) backed with negativland.

    Credit to the nation and stoner rap from Cypress Hill had infiltrated the indie rock – and 80’s dance/alt crossovers were still to the for – Scotland’s Finitribe had Forevergreen EP out that year I think – got played out at indie night.

    Bjorks solo debut was perfect and rid of me PJ was too (my house mate was at school with Ms. Harvey so that was odd – and Alex James came to our indie night as he was friend of a friend too – I didn’t buy Modern Life is …. because Mr James owed me a beer – ya boo sucks mr multi millionaire cheese sniffer – bet you’re sorry now.

    Red house painters, mazzy star’s perfect album and sterolab created soundscapes for late night after hours chill out time (between America’s top ten at 2am and the new magic roundabouts with neil from the young ones voiceovers that came on at 6/7am).

    Breeders, Belly and Frank Black also continued my 4AD money pit.


      • yep – I bought the new Pixies EP yesterday too – not that I’m in the slightest bit enamoured with the tracks yet, unlike Bagboy, which totally hit the spot straight off.
        But the price of the EP (and T-shirt) seemed reasonable for the Vaughn Oliver artwork in itself – it’s a good graphic – it’s rude – the pixies logo is a good typographic fit and it has a vivid orange inner sleeve .. I’m been sucked into a pixies moment. I miss that in the whole music buying experience.

      • I think Andro Queen is a lovely song. I like the strangely poignant & moving parts more than the batshit crazy bits (which I do like, don’t get me wrong). I’m liking the “new” Pixies – I wish folks would stop comparing to the old stuff, this is new music and is better than a poke in the eye or another 9 years of silencio. I like having an EP where it’s not just one good song and a load of guff to fill it out. I also liked the whole package (I never went for the t-shirt – too rude!!) the artwork and that it was all ready to be posted when they announced its release. Steen said the sleeve looked a lot like a Shane number.

      • I think it all being ready to buy straight away really helped – it was just that immediate rush of joy.
        I’m liking the intro to ‘what goes boom’ – as if it’s going to be a metal track – and it is ‘funny’ how people compare to old stuff – come on pilgrim mini album is still my fav – because I heard it first (if I’d got into the band from any other album THAT would probably be my fav – but it makes no difference to how I listen to something new… there’s been hundreds of knee jerk attitude about it all and Kim Deal leaving, what was basically only live tribute act. New songs might fall after a few listen – but it’s just fun, perhaps if I was still a hot headed 19 year old it would matter.. but I’m not.

        That is a massive compliment from steen (where did she say that? I want to frame it) I did always image I would work for 4AD, the Photographers (Simon Larbalestier and Nigel Grierson) and V.Oliver were my inspiration.

  2. None of the above.
    But Pavement, Dino Jr, Peej and Mazzy Star all featured (and Belly? – probably a bit later, being notatall trendy). Relatively little Dead, I think, as the Vault had only been opened a couple of times by then.

    • I’m more of a Pavement fan now than I was then – a couple of weeks ago I bought their double vinyl greatest “hits” – and have been blasting Summer Babe a lot. Very loudly.

      I had a Dino 10″ I was very fond of, and I’m sure i got one of their albums out of the library and taped it .

      • I bought the first Dinosaur album in 1985 (before they added the Jr. for legal reasons) – the stark b/w cover sucked me in and I thought it was going to be a band that sounded like Mask era Bauhaus ….. they didn’t – but that was the beauty of buying records on album sleeve alone.

  3. What was I listening to at the end of summer ’93?

    An interesting question, because for a good couple of years around that time I was really disillusioned with most of what was coming out under the heavy rock banner (Gun & Thunder were keeping me alive – just). I was right off out’n’out metal; much of the grunge had left me cold (never a big Nirvana fan; Vs. and Superunknown were still months away and Ten and Badmotorfinger were two years old by then), and so I was bumbling along with stuff from the likes of Living Colour and Bon Jovi‘s Keep The Faith.

    I’d gone all soft on girly vocals – Sinead, Cowboy Junkies; absolutely obsessed with Sarah McLachlan and Sophie B. Hawkins – but it wasn’t enough. Talk Talk & Was (Not Was) had broken up, so nothing there …

    So I’d have to say the two albums I probably battered to death in mid-late ’93 were Grant Lee Buffalo’s Fuzzy and Terence Trent D’Arby’s Symphony Or Damn.

  4. Summer 93 I’d not long started buying records again after a gap – mainly old stuff though, nothing new was grabbing me. The main thing I remember having at the time was a UK Subs live tape, which I bought mistakenly thinking it was a greatest hits after hearing Warhead on the Annie Nightingale Request Show. I didn’t rate the live album, but it was a pointer to my future listening.
    The reason I really remember it was it was sitting in my flatmates fiancee’s stereo when he dumped her. She’d come over to collect her things so I made a dash to get the tape. Unfortunately this sight caused a mate who was dossing on the sofa to crease up in hysterics. Not really his fault, he was one of those people who just had a habit of laughing at the wrong thing – the more he tried not to, the more he’d laugh. You should never laugh inappropriately in the presence of a newly dumped fiancee I can tell you.
    So 1993 is indelibly linked to a rather average UK Subs live album for me.

  5. I wonder if I watched this particular Chart Show (probably). I don’t remember half the band/songs though. Mint 400? I have to say I prefer the Copper Blue stuff to Beaster. But you can’t beat a bit of Cannonball.

    I was in my last year at uni in 1993-94. I seem to remember listening to James’s “Laid” album, having various bits of Lemonheads, Nirvana and the Manics inflicted on me by flatmates, and ironically (ahem) enjoying Take That’s “Everything Changes” album.

  6. I don’t remember this particular week. I think I may have been on holiday in France.

    Not the greatest, though “Cannonball” is a classic of course. From that list, I would have been listening to The Boo Radleys (1993 album of the year in Select magazine, y’know) and Smashing Pumpkins (though I always tried to like them more than I really did), and I knew “Kylie’s Got a Crush on Us” from a Teenage Fanclub live version (from a free tape, also with Select). I think my brother had that Sugar record, but I didn’t like it as much as the poppier stuff on Copper Blue. I remember the Voodoo Twins and Credit to the Nation quite fondly, but Mint 400 rings no bells.

    Otherwise, several mentioned already – Tindersticks, Belly, James, Lemonheads, Grant Lee Buffalo, Red House Painters. But also the first stirrings of Britpop – Suede, The Auteurs, Blur.

    Having done posts on 1991 and 1992, I think one on 1993 is overdue…

  7. Beaster was a knarly & angry piece of work after Copper Blue, but still holds up.

    Nice to see Blimpy posts back (on the delay system)

  8. Late summer 1993. What am I listening to? I’m in Turku, divorced and broke. I listen to The Breeders, Belly, Grant Lee Buffalo, Pulp and Slowdive.The house has cable and it shows Pulp’s “Babies” and Stakka Bo’s “Here We Go” a lot alongside Eurotrash-music and Madonna (I like Madonna). Suede and Teenage Fanclub are on my stereo too. And my friend K1 plays Swervedriver.

    My new woman’s father works down the 40 minutes down the motorway in Salo for Nokia and people are connecting. Everyone was still moving to Connected by Stereo MCs. I also remember US3 being utterly hip and and jazzy hip hop like Digable Planets and ATCQ, I think DLS’s “Buhloone Mindstate” was next year.

    But most of all I remember wierdness as people I knew locally stopped trying to ape the rest of the world and went minimal. So, that’s Sähkö Recordings and the people now better known as Pan Sonic.

    BTW Love that Annie video. Utrecht Amiga Squad “Punishment Dance”. Genius! That’d’ve been me and K2 on the dancefloor before wandering off to find a ‘jatko’ party or going back to his place to play Ministry or Tool.

    • Hmmm! That should be: The new woman in my life back then had a father who worked 40 minutes down the motorway in Salo for Nokia. A technonological revolution in life and music actually seemed to be happening. People wanted the next big thing. But we were still listening to “Connected” by Stereo MCs.

      • Gabber! Do you know that there’s a full-length version on youtube that some people are putting on repeat.

        Most of the day I’m attached to a laptop, so I don’t need a smart phone. This means I have a basic Nokia from six years ago. Loooooooong-lasting battery, clear call quality, easy texting and zero hassle. Ms Fuel has a trendy Lumia and it’s rather good. However, when she wanted to upload some photos to the laptop, new software was required and her phone fucking Zuned my laptop.

        Nokia! I won’t go into the Microsoft purchase, but suffice to say everyone I know* thinks Elop fucked the company for Microsoft while getting paid by Nokia.

        *This might not be very many people.

        Gabba! Going on repeat!

    • Unrest re-released the 7″ box set (that was distributed by 4AD during 93′) last year – but I couldn’t afford it – boo hiss – brilliantly they also sell Perfect teeth toothpaste and toothbrush set on teenbeat – that just makes me smile.

      • I could never quite get into The Auteurs of that period; I don’t think old grumpy chops Haines had found a suitable musical style for his feelings at that point.

      • I saw them supporting Pavement at the Marquee in 93 and they were odd to say the least, kind of like an updated talking heads on acid !!

  9. same as most people above – Nirvana ( A LOT or Nirvana – I was kind of obsessed around this time), Lemonheads, Sugar etc. along with those other staples of suburban English white boys Cypress Hill (Black Sunday album) and Snoop Doggy Dogg (Doggystyle)…oh and Rage Against the Machine too. Guns’n’Roses released The Spaghetti Incident that year as well, which got a lot of play on the old tape deck….. but, I think my favourite band for the whole of 1993 was probably Faith No More – still listen to them a lot!

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