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So, we await the return of RR with bated breath. In the meantime you’ve probably all been wondering what has been happening out East ( I mean Japan and Korea, not Norwich !). Fear not, I have had a busy summer avoiding Ubuette and catching up on the latest sounds from around the Orient. Here are some of my current “worms” for your enjoyment.
I’ll risk being a tad controversial here but I think that at the moment Korea has the edge over Japan when it comes to “indie” sounds. It’s almost like a Manchester/London thing. The Korean bands seem more inclined to get in a groove ( in a good way) sometimes. That’s just my opinion. See what you think…..

First up- Love X Stereo ( Korean) with Soul ( Seoul) City ( see what they did there !). Slightly “Baggy” in feel, I think, very pleasant, they have some great tunes which can be tracked down cheaply on i-Tunes and Bandcamp.

Next – Moe and Ghosts- Ginga. Japanese rap ! Very odd sounding ( in a good way), no idea what they are on about, of course but then who can understand Little Richard or Elvis at times ?

The Milky Tangerine are typical of Japanese bands at the moment. There are an awful lot of 3 guy 1 girl indie bands around, they can be really good but there’s a tendency to be a bit formula heavy at times. This is Space, which is nice , though.

More J-indie from Taffy with Sweet Violet. This one I really like. J-indie at it’s best.

Her Ghost Friend are a real favorite at the moment, a combination of electronics and female vocals/raps that is really easy on the ( my) ear. Here is their fabulously titled “Luminous moss“.

Han Heejung is, simply, so great that I had to order the album from Korea ( thanks for the Birthday money, Mum). This is “Another Day” , breathy “ha ha’s” and a relaxed feel. There’s something here that tickles my fancy very much. ( Great cover to the CD too !)

More relaxed Korean and , again, an album that cost me ! The Mohho Project‘s “Letting you go” is mellow and attractively snoozy. Taken from the superbly titled “My eyebrows don’t want to be warm” album ! ( she added a handwritten note to the album I ordered, that’s what I call “fan friendly” service.

To finish we are back in Japan with Bis-kaidan which combines “cutie” rock band Bis with arch noise guys Kaidan to form a “supergroup” of kinds. Here is their cover of Jun Togawa‘s “Suki Suki Dai Suki” ( turn it up !), one of the great J-rock songs of all time. I’ve added the original to the end so you can compare notes. Dig that “80s” sound !

I hope you enjoy something here.

4 thoughts on “What’s new ?

  1. Hi MrP ! ! !

    Thanks for a great post ! ! ! I think my favourite is Moe and Ghosts. I think it has an almost Indian sound at times and they are really creative and great group ! ! !

    Taffy remind me a lot of Going Underground but with a girl singer and I really like them and this is a really great track

    Her Ghost Friend – Luminous moss is a lovely track and I love the relaxed rap thing they have going ! ! !

    From the Korean bands I think Han Heejung is my favourite. I did not know them before actually and I will definately chack out some more from them ! ! !

    The Mohho Project was lovely and I loved her voice and the acoustic guitar part.

    Thank you Mr P ! ! ! It is a lovely selection!!!

  2. Taffy, Han Heejung, Jun Togawa were my top listens – been meaning to pick up (yeah, it’s that easy) the Seoul Seoul Seoul indie compilation that was released last year – I’ve listened to a few tracks on K-indie blogs, but wanted to hear more before importing it.

  3. I was trying to think of what Her Ghost Friend’s “Luminous Moss”. reminded me of and it’s Yona’s “Elämän Luonne”. it’s the space in the rap, the clear pronunciation, phrasing and singing as well as the organic sounds. I think their other stuff sounds more like the Tiiu Helinä song you listed. (Thanks.)

    Moe and Ghosts obviously have something of a shared sensibility, too. Those two and the amazing Bis-kaidan are my favourites.

    Luminous moss: Heavy rain, black clouds and bright sunshine picking out the green. It’s one of those times when I can clearly tell the differences in the shades of green in the forest.

    Love this video:

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