in case of emergency – break dance


music after the jump – it’s a smashing playlist.

1 Ha Ha Emiliana Torrini
2 Glasshouse Decoration
3 Glass Jar Gang Gang Dance
4 Glass House Riot Sunday Driver
5 Glass Onion Big Linda
6 Half Full Glass of Wine (Canyons Drunken Rage Mix) Tame Impala
7 Koupes – I’ll smash glasses Shantel

1 Coming Down Glass Laika
2 Objective Lens Corridor
3 Sunglasses Saturday Looks Good To Me
4 Blue Headlights Shout Out Louds
5 Vaseline On The Lens Decoration
6 If I Had Glass Hands And Glass Feet School Of Seven Bells

here’s an extra windows playlist

17 thoughts on “in case of emergency – break dance

  1. Will check out your smashing playlist(s) later but just posting this here, coz it’s got no chance on the main line and I know you’ll appreciated the lines I can smell your funk through the window (Jesus!)

    Maybe it’d be better for songs about cheating smelly snake-eyed playground fuckers who won’t hand over their American dobber when you hit it cleanly with your glass alley – AND you’d agreed at the start you were playing for keeps! 🙂

    • Just got chance to listen to your YT Windows playlist. Love that Fools Gold one – they look a fun band and love the African feel to the tune, so will be checking them out more. Neils Children sounded great live (not keen on the other live one Wildbirds & Peacedrums – her voice a bit too much for my ears sorry). That cLOUDDEAD tune is off it’s head innit, but I like it!

      Love the Windowlicker edit and so glad you didn’t put the vid to the original up. I don’t think I could watch that now without wondering if you’d look better with a blonde or a black afro wig ha ha!

      Cheers Shane, It’ll probably be tomorrow now when get chance for the other list x

      • Wildbirds & Peacedrums have only really worked for me once and that was live in a forest – I keep wanting them to work out their sound to be still experimental but accessible too – it’s still not there, but I keep an ear out for them.

        cLOUDDEAD are bat shit crazy – and all the more enjoyable for that.

        Fools Gold are really good, yep – totally influenced by African rhythms – and enjoying themselves doing that – much fun.
        I shall now go see what wig suits best – heehee – cheers for the listens.

      • Yeah, give the girl a forest dammit! That would suit her primal haunting sound better I bet.

        Oh and forgot to mention the tranquil Tuung tune. Listening again to it now – a sweet little electro-popsicle that. Lovely!

      • do you know Cheek Mountain Thief? – a project from Tunng mainman Mike Lindsay.

        and I need to get to bed or else the oldest wont get to school in the morning – better remember the alarm:

      • Cracking playlist, saneshane!

        @ wilemena cLOUDDEAD! Now I know what to send instead of that Temptations CD. I have an Anticon Sampler 1999 – 2004 featuring Why?, Themselves, Sage Francis, etc. It’s a bat-shit-crazy label. Members of Why? and Themselves are cLOUDDEAD. in fact. it’s Yoni who sings on Good Friday, which is the song after Dirty Glass on the the live version in my Lasi playlist. Good Friday is one of favourite confessional rap songs, if not my favourite.

  2. That Sunday Driver tune is fab! It has an Indian-like sound doesn’t it? Reminds me a bit of The Bombay Royale – The Perfect Plan that I had in my Aussie YT playlist, but not as obviously Bollywood-meets-Shaft meets-Vampyros Lesbos funky psychedelia like! (Actually, it’s probably not the same as it at all now I’ve put it like that!)

    Ace playlist all round. Cheers Shane.

    Oh and I want to go and live on top of a Cheek Mountain now!

      • Ha! I have 2 brass-necks – 10 and 11, and a 2 year old Jack Russell with more cheek than both of em! The plan would be to leave them all half way up the mountain with the goat-herd and his wife. Then I could listen to cLOUDDEAD all day, and Tunng all night. Or vice-versa 🙂

  3. Double decoration, Laika, Emiliana, what not to like? Especially good to see Shantel return. Think Tame Impala are a bit overrated, but this was a good remix.

    Failed to find the Tuung, but do have the new one on the listening pile, somewhere.

    Was amazed that Why? live use “real” instruments & not electronics.

    • there’s a extra ‘windows’ instead of ‘Glass’ playlist on youtube linked under the track listing – that has tunng on it – wilemena listened to that first, ‘I Make Windows’ starts it off, bet someone with exquisite taste will have mentioned it somewhere.

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