Glass Family – House Of Glass
Bees – One Glass Of Water
Manfred Mann Chapter Three – One Way Glass
Zevious – Glass Tables
Country Teasers – Go Away From My Window
Forest Fire – I Make Windows

Fops – Glass Blower
Faint – Glass Danse [Out Hud Rmx]
PVT – Window
Cornelius – Opening From Glassworks
David Byrne – Glass, Concrete & Stone
Lambchop – A Day Without Glasses

11 thoughts on “Glassworks

  1. A selection for my taste buds: grooving psych recs to cut glass danse beats and on to quiet acoustic vocals. Totally get your PVT/Animal Collective reference. Really like that PVT.

    • Cheers for the save from the ignomy of a ‘Spill blanking.

      Good theme for discovering stuff: House of Glass (which Shiv got to while I was dicking around with i-tunes) & Manfred Mann, who knew?

  2. You familiar with John Roberts’ Glass Eights, not really one for the RR game so I didn’t mention it there (also best heard as an entire album rather than a single track). Might be your kind of thing, though.
    A very finely crafted piece of melancholy, ambient deep house.

    • I really like the minimalist Chicago house sound that kicks off the tune and remains in the background but it gets so much richer than that. Thanks for the introduction. If I was guruing, I would have probably listed it. Not too far from Jori Hulkkonen’s work as Third Culture. It also reminds me of Rinneradio, who you probably know.

  3. No, Rinneradio is new to me… what a beautiful sound. Definitely right up my alley. I’m more familiar with the Norwegians in this field than the Finns, looks like I have some discovering to do. Ever since I saw a nineties Courtney Pine concert where he played soprano sax over Roni Size style D&B I’ve loved that mix of electronics and jazz reeds.

  4. excellent stuff and a Manfred Mann A lister – steps back in amazement.

    did you have any Out Hud when they started doing vocals – I had ‘Street Dad’, was weirdly listening to it this week before you put up this list – always meant to look up some more but it was one of those names I forgot to continue with – did they become ‘!!!’ or have some musicians shared?

    anyway ace stuff.

    • Think there were a couple of Out Hud albums, but can’t recall if they did vocals. There was a split Out Hud/!!! Ep, but don’t think Out Hud survived long after that – you have to feel bad for the band members not invited to play with the new group.

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