Earworms 9 September 2013

I was looking for a picture for this week’s tunes, so I searched on ‘senior rocker’, and the woman with the (rock’n’?) rolls appeared. The image was so “not what I wanted” that I felt obliged to choose it. Enjoy, and please send more croissants to earworm@tincanland.com (or pancakes for DsD).

John Mellancamp – Truth – goneforeign: From ‘Ghost Brothers of Darkland County’, a Southern Gothic musical co-written by Stephen King, T Bone Burnett and John Mellancamp.

John Fogerty with My Morning Jacket – Long As I Can See the Light – tincanman: wtf is with My Morning Jacket being one of the biggest bands in the world, lots of people ask – especially in Britain, with its aversion to jam bands. No one plays by feel quite like Jim James and Bo Koster – or knows exactly how far you can drive a song before it becomes stoner music.

Cornershop – Judy Sucks A Lemon For Breakfast – DsD: We were eating pancakes one day, and before I could help myself I was singing this at the table, and getting that ’embarrassing Dad’ cocked-head look from both my daughters.

The Vaynes – Mr Fixit – bethnoir: Stevie Vayne’s band from Leeds, this 12″ was produced by a member of a goth band and he later played with Johnny Thunders, of it’s time, but energetic and catchy to my ears.

Patti Smith Group – Because the Night – Abahachi: – Listening to German radio is a bit like stepping into a time machine, with a remarkably high quotient of 70s and 80s classics and obscurities. This is Mrs Abahachi’s choice – one of the relatively rare occasions on which our musical tastes are in perfect sync.

Ahmad Jamal – M.A.S.H. Theme – Beltway: A jazz version of a TV theme should normally be enough to make anyone sensible run for the hills, but not when it is played by the peerless Ahmad Jamal, one of the great under-appreciated jazz keyboardists – he takes the well known Theme from MASH (Suicide is Painless) and gives it space to breath and expand so it’s harmonic beauty shimmers through. Great tune.

15 thoughts on “Earworms 9 September 2013

  1. Yet another enjoyable set, nicely sequenced. No duds, but The Vaynes edged it for me this week – really got my blood pumping. Enjoyed being reminded of Patti’s anthem to after dark romance too.

  2. OOh, I’ve heard of everyone this week, that’s cheering. I didn’t know John Mellencamp was so grizzled. I haven’t heard the original of the My Morning Jacket song, so I can’t compare, it was nice without grabbing me much I’m afraid.
    I like the Cornershop song, catchy.
    Glad you liked the Vaynes, glassarfempty, I am on a mission to find more by them in a format I can listen to without bankrupting myself, it keeps me out of trouble.
    Love the Patti Smith, did I tell you about the time I was walking past a bakery, early in the morning, when a girl sang this as she put the bread in the oven? It was quite lovely (the unexpected singing, didn’t try the bread).

    Mmm, the description didn’t excite me, bit music for elevators to me, sorry. Favourite (apart from my own) would be Patti Smith. Thanks for compiling them so well, Ali.

  3. A jazz version of a TV theme should normally be enough to make anyone sensible run for the hills…
    Well, I don’t want to be getting into contentious discussions every week on Earworms, but you people are sorely trying my patience with remarks like this one… 😉

    Mandel’s M*A*S*H theme was actually composed for the film, by the way; the TV series used an instrumental version. Jamal is a fine player but his version here is way too jazz lite for my tastes. The poor strings arrangement doesn’t help.
    I prefer Bill Evans’ storming versions.

  4. Wanted to say I liked them all, but I’m afraid the last one let the side down. Probably not a criticism of Ahmad Jamal; I just can’t stand that bloody song, never could. Sorry BB.

    Who’s the female singer on the Mellencamp, GF?

    MMJ & JF my winner this week, and surprised myself by how fondly I remembered Because The Night.

  5. Loved Because The Night – always have but it’s nice to hear it in a different context and this was the only track here I knew.
    Could take or leave the MASH theme in any format. I think it’s better without the daft words though and this arrangement seemed – ok. Maybe another listen will reveal more to it.
    I have never heard of The Vaynes but yes would now like to hear more. This was easily my favourite of the new (to me) songs.
    I only know Brim Full of Asha by Cornershop. At least I think so. This did ring the faintest of bells. I liked it enough to wonder why I’ve never really investigated their stuff.
    The other two didn’t really do anything much for me I’m afraid. Reading back this sounds quite negative. Once again I actually enjoyed the whole more than the parts.

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