So, it is a case of Farewell, Voyager

It was reported this week that NASA’s venerable Voyager I probe has finally left the Solar System and is heading off out into the cold lonely reaches of interstellar space.

Launched in 1977, Voyager has gone further and faster than any other man-made object and will continue to send data back to Earth until its plutonium energy supply runs out in a few decades time.

So, I decided to put together a playlist that is in the spirit of space, the vast unknown, although not all the tracks are actually directly about space travel.

To keep it fun, the playlist is anonymous and therefore, ‘Spill points are available for those of you who can identify what is what.

23 thoughts on “So, it is a case of Farewell, Voyager

  1. Perhaps all commenters should log out and post guesses/answers anonymously and then we can guess who guessed correctly. Or something.

  2. Some of those sounded vaguely familiar but no names came to mind but there is one more, possibly the first, it’s Telstar by the Tornadoes, a huge international hit in 1962. That year my wife and I had been motoring around southern Europe and when we decided to return to England we discovered that there was a ferry strike, traffic backed up for miles at Calais. Someone suggested that we might be able to book a ride on a freighter from Dieppe and so we zipped over there and were in luck, one shortly leaving for Newhaven; they hoisted the car aboard and we were off. The roughest crossing ever, I spent the night throwing up over the side. As a beautiful sunny dawn broke we were slowly entering Newhaven harbor, there was a bloke standing on the dock with a coiled rope in his hand waiting for us, he was whistling Telstar. That image and that tune have stuck in my mind for fifty odd years, as clear as the day it happened.
    Here’s Telstar by the Tornadoes.

  3. all I got was:

    Hawkwind – space is deep
    Spiritualized – Ladies And Gentlemen We Are Floating In Space

    I’ve been looking at lots of nerdy space artwork (Syd Mead stuff) while listening to Ballboy’s Essential Wear For Future Trips To Space and A Day In Space…. because they should fit in with the geek theme.

    soundtrack here was fun.

  4. Was surprised at how much i liked the Hawkwind. I don’t think they ever really made it over here, and i haven’t really been grabbed much by what i’d heard from them so far. Wasn’t Lemmy with them at one point?

    Is #6 the Crim? #7 sounds like Jimi maybe?

    • no clue about #8, and in fact that was the one i couldn’t listen to all the way through. Probably because i’m trying to code at the same time.

      #9 no clue who it is. Sounds kind of familiar though.

      oh, #10 is gorgeous, favorite of the batch. it’s not Brian Eno is it?

      Thanks Carole!

      • OK, 8 is Fuck Buttons and Space Mountain, 9 is GSY!BE and Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls and 10 isn’t Eno, it is David Sylvian aand Rovert Fripp with Silver Moon Over Sleeping Steeples.

    • 6 is indeed the Crim, it is Heaven and Earth from the “ConstruKction of Light album (although credited to ProkeKct X on the album) and 7 is Hendrix with Third Stone from the Sun

  5. It sounds like I should like some of these, so I’m quite excited to have time to listen, at last. One is very spacy, it puts me in mind of a film as I expect several of these will. Two reminds me of Ozric Tentacles, but is probably older, I quite like it anyway, but not as much as 3, which I believe to be Hawkwind Space is Deep, best played very loud.

  6. In familiar territory now, with the fabulous Floyd, Interstellar Overdrive, listened to many times over years untold, Spiritualized I know but have never really loved, must listen to more.
    I’ve never heard of 6, but it reminds me of things I like, such a delight to suddenly hear Hendrix, like an old friend, Third Stone From the Sun…

  7. I have no idea who 8 or 9 are, but I was listening to Jean the Birdman by Sylvian and Fripp earlier on today, so that song is familar to me, no playlist from you would be complete with Mr Fripp!

    I’m reading a very bizarre novel called A Voyage to Arcturus at the moment which imagines a bizarre and incredibly alien world, make me wonder what Voyager will find, androgynous aliens with tentacles maybe? Thanks for the playlist, I enjoyed it.

  8. Played this inbetween listening to nerdish thrash. Very good contrast. I especially liked the King Crimson track and Fuck Buttons. I would’ve been lost on all but 2 of the songs.

  9. wild guesses before i read wot others say
    1 could be the tangs atem .. But has perhaps too many notes
    2 very tangs .. Off phaedra
    3 space is dark the hawkwind
    4 floyd astromine domini ?
    5 floating in space .. Sounds like mr alburn and his gorillaz
    6 no idea .. quite modern ..
    7 jimi off axis
    8 orb ?
    9 muse ?
    10 vinni reilly?

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