geek a mouse


1 Geek Bettie Serveert
2 Just a nerd Shaka Ponk
3 Anorak Girls Anorak Girl
4 Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks The National
5 Toby take a bow Casiotone For The Painfully Alone
6 Fitting In With The Misfits E!E
7 Love in the time of Ecstacy Withered Hand

1 Billie’s Joined the Fanclub Anorak Girl
2 And I Was A Boy From School Hot Chip
3 Pubes The Indelicates
4 Not as Goth as They Say We Are Say Hi
5 Mis-Shapes Pulp
6 Godzilla Vs The Island Of Manhattan (With You And I Somewhere In-Between) Ballboy

17 thoughts on “geek a mouse

  1. I made a playlist on Saturday morning that was one-sixth saneshane. I then cut it down from 34 songs to 18 mostly short and gawky-sounding songs. It is now over twenty-five percent saneshane. I really home Anorak Girls is A-listed because band name, song title and sound are perfect, even though my favourite find from the weekend was Number Girl. I’m sure I’ve heard them before but I really went for their sound this week. Pixiesque in places.

    • loving the playlist so far – got to Seremonia: Uhrijuhla – and with that sort of imagery I’d better go to bed and have 70’s hammer horror dreams ….

      I had Anorak Girls in the magazine/newspaper RR spill playlist, because of the fanzine connection – glad you are enjoying them – I love them in a truly geeky obsessional way.

      • I remember Anorak Girls from the magazine theme. Self-referential, scene-obssessed and very funny as was Jeffrey Lewis’s “Cult Boyfriend” – also a contender for magazines, too. Genius. Should’ve put up some Keneckie for Abahachi but I I really didn’t want to get too involved this week as it might have been overwhelming. I really enjoyed this week’s tunes. A couple of geeky Aussie tunes “Black Bug” and “Computer Games” also got lodged in my head.

        The playlist gets very punky after Seremonia until Suvi Koivu. I went for the outsider angle on the Finnish stuff but I could’ve done a lot better at getting the songs on topic. Uhrijuhla means sacrificial feast. Behind the stoner Sabbath with female vocals sound, Seremonia’s songs have good lyrical content. Damn I forgot to put Iida Umpikuja’s “Luke” on the list. It’s about Luke Skywalker. And that makes me think…

        Is your eldest into Star Wars yet? My eldest is and has dragged his brother into the universe. They’ve not seen the films but they seem to know everything from their friends. Maybe it’s a Finnish thing. Also, the eldest has just read The Hobbit (in Finnish). We read a graphic novel version of it last year and that’s another money pit being established.

      • oh shit – the pharcyde has:

        Luke Skywalker ain’t a sweet talker so I got ill
        With my light saber that came in one fancy flavor
        My strange behavior led to an outburst
        The night felt good but the day got worse

        No Star Wars yet – his friend Sophie has been indoctrinated by her dad (who managed to slip ‘Sky’ in as a middle name for her little sister born this summer) I have to design him tee-shirts with obscure(ish) lines (to me) on them like, “Laugh it up fuzzball” .. obviously things like Star Wars are far too mainstream for me.
        All the children in his class know everything about them – but most haven’t managed to sit through them yet.
        Can’t wait for graphic novel stages – Asterix and Tintin are still re-read constantly. I’m so critical that even picture books (for 2 y/o) get refused to be read if the artwork is pants… it makes my blood boil when these things are knocked off with awful images. hehee.
        As for money pits – really creative use of second hand stores and ebay gets us through, just – we spend all year collecting for b’days and xmas.

      • “I’m so critical that even picture books (for 2 y/o) get refused to be read if the artwork is pants… it makes my blood boil when these things are knocked off with awful images.”

        sorry but that cracked me up.

      • I hope Sophie’s surname isn’t Walker.

        Well done on keeping Star Wars out of the way. I’ve got good at denying them ‘product’ on the basis that what’s advertised and pushed on them is not the best for them but the best for some group of shareholders and marketers.

        I often get really annoyed at the way some things are almost impossible to avoid, be it Angry Birds or Disney products. For instance, there’s a certain type of Finnish rap that’s aimed at young lads (the Finnish Minister of Culture has called it “terrible bullshit”) and I annoy the hell out of my eldest when I say he can’t listen to it on youtube. I take the time to explain why it’s terrible bullshit because I know that when he visits his friends he’ll watch it there. What’s the latest thing? Oh maybe it’s not as bad but it’s Ylvis’s “The Fox”. He’s picked up on the pronunciation of ‘fox’ though, so when I sing it to my youngest I make sure I sing “What does the fox say” and pronounce it correctly and include the auxiliary.

        Books are expensive over here but we have good libraries and I take them there and let them explore so that they find their own stuff that matches their tastes. Also, I’ll trawl the second-hand stores and flea markets and we have a good collection now. A whole haul of Roald Dahl for next to nothing was a perfect find. Tove Jansson was the illustrator for the version of The Hobbit the eldest – very Moominish!

        “We spend all year collecting for b’days and xmas.” Ha! I never thought I would do that but I do now.

        Ranty thing over.

        Relatives and guests coming to stay for a week, so other than a nom-and-run I won’t be around.


      • It’s really hard to express correctly ‘why’ terrible bullshit music IS actually bad… my eldest is 8 but we don’t listen to the radio or watch much TV, the laptop has his things to watch, but only in the room when I’m working, he choses the maths games on sumdog – we haven’t made this choice for him – he wants to do that. The little one watches youtubes while I’m working on this screen – so the joys of bob the builder and Thomas the tank engine songs gets stuck in my mind. I still make them personal mix CD’s with things that they hear in the house and like. So it’s controlled, like the music in my parents house was their taste, with only TOTPs on a Thursday that wasn’t a parental personal choice… luckily they had a great music collection and I had my own money from the age of 7… so by my teenage years a lot of synth music that my dad hated got purchased – I expect our children will go through phases of terrible music taste – but only for a short period.

        The Ms. had no TV as a child and my folks only let us watch BBC when little (thankfully they worked a lot and we were left home alone on Saturdays otherwise the devils spawn of Swap Shop would have stuck instead of the devils love juice that we watched: Tiswas) but not having seen adverts unless at my grans or at the cinema – adverts between Tiswas really hurt my head… I ended up studying them and working on them later in life weirdly. But our son is the same he looks at all the plastic rubbish and turns away – and hates big warehouse shops – so the local second hand shops are the only place he will go*** – it’s brilliant – we are so lucky. He still has cash from 2 birthdays ago. (***we gloss* over the brainwashing years -*gloss from free cycle).

        Both boys love the library too – and it’s brilliant for me as I never read a book until I was 16/17, when you start on Animal Farm you have miss a lot of the things your peers read – I have never read The Hobbit or anything like that – all the things the boys read are a first for me too – so I get really wrapped up in all the worlds. Plus because of the dyslexia I never learned any of the language rules so when they get explained to me I do become quite obsessed about them…. a Tove Jansson The Hobbit sounds ace.

        The Ms. and I didn’t have the same access to lots of the normal reference points growing up – we found it made us good at making stuff up (and lying), just so we fitted in. We try to let our boys experience what their friends do – up to a point – but in a lot of ways they are becoming very good at being their own people – which is great.
        It’ll all change at big school, I expect.

        what the fox have I been on about? – I’d better do some work.
        Enjoy the family gathering.

  2. Late to this party (as usual these days.) I’ve been a good doobie in work mode so i haven’t been listening to much, but i saw the National and E and Withered Hand so i figured i’d give it a try while working. Had to skip out of Shana Ponk and Anorak Girls. Liked the National and E but Geek was the one i loved of the set.

    • I could imagine you enjoying some Bettie Serveert – glad you liked.

      Shaka Ponk isn’t really work mode music….

      can’t be long until you up sticks and move can it? – perhaps we can do a riotous playlist for unpacking – rather than disrupting your work mode with wordy/nerdy tracks.

      • Well, my lease is up beginning of November so i’ve got to up sticks by then. I really don’t want to stick around here any longer, i hate this state and and i’m getting pretty itchy to get moved and set up studio / workspace for photography. Just can’t tell you how excited it gets me to think about getting up and working on photography every day, but if anyone gets that you would. Just trying to get as much out of the way and done now as i can. Consolidating stuff down to one website. Already axed all websites but one, right now i’m wielding the axe on some very old designs – 86ing the ones that don’t sell well or that i think essentially suck, redoing some, etc. Which is kind of a nice break from relentless coding anyway.

        As for unpacking – i travel very light as i don’t stay in one place for very long, unpacking won’t take very long. Dragged it out far too long where i am now, should have been gone years ago. If only i could have decided where the right palce to move was. Looking forward to getting back into the swing of a city life and drowning in brain food – here i’m reduced to arguing on the internet to try to keep the brain somewhat sharp. I need live bodies around me. And lots of big pretty arty (gay) men. And somehow to make a lot of money too. We’ll get there.

      • I always wondered what Bukowski and Tom Waits meant by 86’d in – ‘Factotum’ and ‘Eggs and Sausage (In a Cadillac with Susan Michelson)’ – I have now been reminded of the term and I now have the internet to look it up – wow, there’s some great theories about how it came about. Ace.

        I need to consolidate some blogs and sites nothing seems to be working how I really want it too.
        I’m in a slumped place at the moment as all my energies were focused on getting a bit of work selected in our major show here – I did – and I now kind of feel somewhat empty and lost… I’m in the waiting place as Dr Seuss so perfectly put it.
        We’ll get there – yep – we’ll get there.

  3. Where’s tfd with that Tom Petty song right now…maybe i’ll avoid work by doing a playlist about waiting…Beck’s Lost Cause has been in my brain too much lately.

    I hope your show went well?

    Just want to put down some roots and hope they take for a change…

    In the meantime, this might work –

  4. Knew about half of these, enjoyed almost all. The Indelicates made me laugh. That Casiotone song is a beauty, but far too short. I guess you just have to listen to it again.

  5. Years of dedication are what it comes down to, relaly. If you want to learn the British birds (I’m assuming you’re a UK resident here) then if you can get hold of the teach yourself bird sound series of tapes/cds, you will find these are most helpful. Alternatively, go join the local bird group on a walk somewhere. The aforementioned cassette tapes (from 1992 onwards) were precisely how I started with my bird sound addiction and I have never looked back.Kind RegardsTony

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