Stuck in the middle with you…

Bless me Father for I have sinned.  It has been nine months since my last ‘Spill post and since then I have done all manner of bad things.  But let’s not worry about that for now…

I have a car.  And in that car lives the world’s worst sound system. The radio works when it wants to which is infrequently at best and the sound quality is virtually non-existent.  The CD player was fine until about three months ago when it swallowed a CD which it now steadfastly refuses to spit out.  Driving back from Canterbury the other night, it suddenly started playing (which scared the bejeezus out of me, going at about 50 in the fast lane in the dark and the torrential rain) and much to my delight, the CD turned out to be Ben FoldsRockin’ The Suburbs.

And here’s the point of this post.  It still refuses to allow me to eject the CD but it’s now happy to play the CD which makes the car a one-CD car.  Thankfully, it’s a CD that I love but having now listened to it about twenty times in the past week or so, I’m just beginning to yearn for a change*.

What I’d like you to do is imagine that you are in the ToffeeMobile (or a similarly musically-handicapped vehicle) and that you have a CD stuck in the player. What would you like that CD to be?  Remember, you will never be able to change the CD – this is it for the rest of your life – you will never be able to listen to another CD in your car, ever!  So what’s it going to be?  Over to you…

* Please don’t suggest that I do something about fixing the CD problem.  I know…

35 thoughts on “Stuck in the middle with you…

  1. I usually entertain myself with the iPod in the car, but when I forget to take it with me, or it’s in my bag in the boot, I actually do keep a CD for emergencies, for many years this has been The Nephilim by the Fields of the Nephilim. It’s great for driving because it has a cinematic feel to it, is pretty rocky so it can stand losing half the treble to speed and it doesn’t make me cry, perfect, for my needs 🙂

  2. Re Toffeemobile soundsystem – at least it has a CD player (player, player, player). My last car had a cassette deck.

    (Did you know you can buy fake cassettes that are actually MP3 players which will atually play (from an SD card) in such antiquated machines?)

  3. before I get to thinking what CD I’d choose – you have just reminded me of hell.

    when I was 16 I went to technical collage – my photography tutor was an interesting fella – (he let us paint/graffiti/destroy his car one drunken afternoon) – said car was old, but went fine. We often worked late at collage and he’d give us all lifts back to Canterbury, so we could quickly do a Millers Arms – Dolphin – Simple Simons pub crawl… as the train through the countryside wouldn’t get us there in time.

    Trouble was – his tape player was stuck with one cassette single in it – it wouldn’t stop – the volume didn’t work, it just went on and on auto reversing …. and I think this is the correct use of ironically; said single was Dead or Alive’s – you spin me round.

    AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRrrrrrrAAAAAAhhhhhh – thanks for that.

      • we went everywhere yep – the Millers was the perfect starting point as you could wander out and sit on the grass next to the water – sometimes we didn’t make it anywhere else. The owner would put all the bootleg albums we had brought from the indoor market behind the bar so we din’t loose/break them… we usually had to go back and pick them up another day.

        Funny thing was, when I hitched to Berlin – when the wall was first breached in 89 – there was a Canterbury uni banner pinned to the wall – I said out loud that it was weird to see that to my mate and the people next to me went “I recognise you from the millers arms” I’d never spoken to them in the pub but they made room in their camper van in Berlin for us.

        As you say – Good times.

      • Blimey, I used to go in the Seven Stars regularly around 1978 -79, wasn’t a bad pub from what I can remember, which isn’t much !! What a small world !

    • PS – my CD would simply be the Bhundu Boys – Shed Sessions (I guess I’d have to burn them onto one disc though before I got it stuck) – it’s an album that I never grow out of – in fact each listen probably cements an even deeper love .. I could live with it forever.

    • Loved the Millers, and Simple Simon’s (though it had gone a bit upmarket last time I visited – none of the suspiciously cheap house bitter).

      • When I returned about 10 years ago they’d stopped any drinking by the water in the Miller’s and I think Simple Simon’s was already one of those parrot and arsecrack pubs or something.

        It was even worse in Broadstairs where ‘our’ Smugglers pub had gone all Aussie… don’t think it worked out because it looks like (via ‘ispy internet nosing’ maps) a web design office now (wipes tear from eye).

        Thankfully – I still have cloudy memories.

  4. Toffeeboy discounting “best of’s” it would have to be a classic such as Led Zep IV or the first Alter Bridge album: One Day Remains

  5. No brainer, Exile on Main Street of course.

    Wish i ran into you folks on my excusion to Canterbury. It had this yankee trying to pick her jaw up off of the cobblestones.

    So what’s your album, Toffee?

  6. Do bootlegs count? If so I’ll have the 25-track Southern Gentleman (aka The Homecoming) which is a concert by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers in their home town, Gainesville, Florida, in 1993. The sound is really good and the set is very varied, including lots of stuff by other people, eg Take Out Some Insurance (Jimmy Reed) and Thirteen Days (JJ Cale). Oh yes, and it includes my favourite TP song ever, Southern Accents. And it’s very long!

    Or if I can’t have that (and it very possibly won’t fit on one CD anyway) I’ll have CD5 of Playback, the TP&TH outtakes and rarities boxed set. It’s got Keepin Me Alive on it, you see, and the country version of Louisiana Rain.

    *sighs happily*

  7. Nice to hear from you ToffeeBoy (I write this having just rewatched those delicious Leighton Baines free-kicks on MotD2).

    It’s a tricky question, because I worry that constant exposure could ruin some favourite artists for ever (I’m ruling out Tindersticks on this basis, for example) . Similarly, sometimes the mood won’t be right at all (Blue, Automatic for the People).

    First one that came to mind was Reading, Writing and Arithmetic by The Sundays, which I return to frequently and never palls – but perhaps it’s a bit to short and samey for continuous repetition.

    I’m thinking Blonde On Blonde could be a good answer. Not my favourite Dylan album, but a mix of moods, long, and surely hidden lyrical layers to discover every time.

  8. Hi TB!
    It was two LPs but it all fitted on one CD: Live/Dead. All the right noises, in all the right places; even in Feedback.

    Baines was superb and I also very much like the look of Lukaku.

  9. Hello Toffeeboy! Welcome back.

    I no longer have a car and I rarely listen to CDs (have got too used to flicking through ITunes or Spotify). BUT it would have to be something to drive to (try Queens of the Stone Age “Songs for the Deaf”), or something to sing to (try Cat Stevens and “Tea for the Tillerman”). Not sure how long they would last, though.

  10. Actually had a similar problem a few years back, stuck on Cornershop’s Brim full of Asha. Eventually had to send machine away to rescue the CD.
    I think I’d go for Mahlathini and Mahotella Queens – Thokozile , a near perfect Zulu Jive album ( one duff “disco” track).
    Ubuette has recently been given custody of the old turnable and, rather to my surprise, this is the album that keeps sneaking on. Everytime I hear it it gets better ( apart from duff disco track) and reminds me of the band at their peak.
    They were, without doubt, the best live band I ever saw. Even beating the Ramones !

  11. My feeling is that any record with distinct songs on it, let along classic pop or rock songs with proper words and choruses and stuff, would drive me round the bend after ten or so consecutive listens. So, I’m looking for something completely abstract; maybe the Blanck Mass album…

  12. Lots of albums on my “top ten” (far more than ten of them) wouldn’t really be suitable for listening to over and again for the duration. Patti Smith’s Horses for example. Love it but I wouldn’t want that kind of intensity on replay for any period of time.
    I used to listen to Joni’s Blue album at least once a day when I was 17. Ditto Siouxsie & The Banshees’ The Scream when I was 20 but now?
    My first thought was that I’d pick Two Sevens Clash by Culture but it was pipped at the post by………….

    Oddly enough I thought for a moment that I’d been pre-empted when Shane mentioned the Bhundu Boys.
    I’d probably pick Shabini though which I doubt would ever pall. It’s not an album that I play often enough as I have it on vinyl and I don’t have the technology or the patience to digitise. I’ll have to imagine that I can drive though since I don’t listen to music when I’m cycling. It’s dangerous enough in London as it is.

    I wonder why three of us have chosen African musicians. Of course all the albums mentioned are great to listen to he added hastily. Still I think that maybe a lyric in our own language would start to pall a bit sooner no matter how good the music if you had nothing else to listen to.

  13. bleedin’ speed cameras and cops hid behind bushes .. 60 quid and three points .. which goes to show that listening to the Fall does make you a bit impatient
    to drive to forever would be Kind of Blue .. stuck in the usual car park on the M25 for ages with that on once and it was great to have the chance to listen to it … can’t imagine i’d tire of it
    Couldn’t have my favourite Yessongs as its 2 cd’s and i’d miss the other too much or indeed Neil Young’s Decade

  14. I suppose if you had to listen to it forever then a jazz album would be less annoying so Kind of Blue would be the obvious choice but the cd I listened to today would also be a possible – the 1st Doors album

  15. Hmmm. I already use what little will power I have to avoid overplaying faves, having learned the hard way that they soon become unfave if left on repeat. So I think I’d rather leave the CD player empty or off. If I was forced to choose I might go for something classical, Scheherazade perhaps, or Manuel Gottsching’s E2-E4.

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