I wear black on the outside
‘Cause black is how I feel on the inside

please give black man in space at least a couple of minutes.

1 A Black Man in Space (Sax Mix) Son Of Raw
2 Black Cat Balloons Her Space Holiday
3 Black Spider Sunday Driver
4 Black Water Timber Timbre
5 Queen Black Acid Menomena
6 Black Balloon Mink Lungs
7 Black Music F.S.K.

more after the jump:

1 Black Cat (Original Version) Whitey
2 Black Cadillacs Modest Mouse
3 Blackette FOUND
4 Black Box Messiah Diablo Swing Orchestra
5 Black part love Selah Sue
6 Brother In Black Fine Arts Showcase
7 Black Mags Cool Kids

1 Black Night Dodos
2 The Strangers St. Vincent
3 Well Water Black (feat. Yoni Wolf of WHY?) Alias
4 Black Cab Jens Lekman
5 Black Flowers Yo La Tengo
6 Black Sweatshirt Sage Francis
7 Black Lungs Ono Palindromes

27 thoughts on “unloveable

  1. ace artwork.

    black man in space, but i don’t see any Parliament / Funkadelic on the list. I see a Whitey, but no Whitey on the Moon.

    Off for a listen now – kind of work i’m doing at the moment i can listen to anything. In the meantime here’s a mini-list – dunno if anyone put these up on the mothership. Maybe DsD or Shoey or Beth. I have to keep my online farting around to a mimimum now, in focus mode.

    • I cut out loads amy – the original list was 234 long I think – the first playlist idea was songs focused on black but didn’t mention it in the title (I got about 12 but it didn’t flow – then I was going to do covers:

      had a lot of Lanegan too – hope you find something to enjoy… tried not to be too obvious with the choices.

      I gotta work now too.

      • that was on your Stones covers playlist, wasn’t it. Dunno why, that’s just never been a personal Stonesfave. You’d think it would be, i’m pretty morbid.

      • just for fun i checked my own wordpress site to be sure, and nothing remotely similar happens with the images i have on there. Dunno what Blimpy has hooked up to make it do that.

      • it’s only the misty lake theme that does it – (that I’ve found so far) and normally I detest it with a passion – I spend time making the colours and tones how I want it – then it fades out/comes back/changes – not how I want … when it’s uploaded to the site.
        But as the theme is black I purposely designed it to get blacker … which was fun.

    • That was a great 2nd set. I even liked the Modest Mouse (not that i don’t like them, i just never got them and still don’t.) Especially liked the Fine Arts Showcase.

    • pretty much loved the whole 3rd set, but the Jens Lekman was the most gorgeous thing i’ve heard all week. Ok, maybe it’s time to ask Barbryn where i should start with him, because i’ve loved probably almost every thing i’ve heard to date. Some seriously pretty guitar in that one too.

      Thanks Shane!

    • In my best of year ‘spill choices a little while back – would have been one of the safest bets ever… take your time – got a lot of playlists this theme – I’m looking forward to yours too.

  2. Ok, getting there. Loads of Shane go-to’s, particularly good to see Mink Lungs back. Ono Palindromes were new to me & make an interesting racket. Cheers.

    • only track I’ve got by Ono Palindromes – they’ve had a couple of ep’s out – but the cover art put me off a bit (as I’m not sex and drug crazed 15 year old anymore)

      Mink Lungs (I’ll take it album) is having a bit of a revival in my house – (because I want to be a sex and drug crazed 15 year old again)**…

      **(he lies)

  3. Listening while gazing out onto bright sunshine. Would be nice to see Alias, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Whitey and Son of Raw on an A-list. Think I’ll keep them in my head and bounce outside.

    • Alias, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Whitey and Son of Raw on an A-list – it’d be ace wouldn’t it (for us).

      I can guarantee that wont happen as I didn’t bother doing any decent nominating this week – not that there was a guru to pitch them too – maybe shoey ended up phoning in the A list to save Adams bacon and we all got a third of the tunes each from the spill playlists. heehee.

      great theme – overwhelming choice of tracks though… enjoy the sunshine – great isn’t it.

  4. I’m sure it’d be ace for every single person alive. (Perhaps my taste is completely skewed at the moment!) IIRC, I think I remember Adam Boult writing that he liked Cloud Nothings, so he might well be charmed by the content of yours and shoey’s list. BTW. That other third would have to go to Wilemena as I only nommed that Brazilian black-funk-outta-yer-world-magic. And a third for Ms W. would be fair cos her list was better sounding by far.

  5. A black magic playlist Shane! Really enjoyed it all. As well as the one’s Fuel’s mentioned (brill, brill, brill!) I love Sunday Driver, Timbre Timber, F.S.K. (D.I.S.C.O. baby!), Selah Sue, Cool Kids, and Black Francis, which I’d add to Black Fuel nos 2-5 heavy smokers, Amy’s Sweet Black Angel, and Shoey’s BJ&TH and Country Teasers for an extended blacklist.

    I’m in a really good mood me now. Cheers!

    • Hi awesomealbumart,
      I try and leave music up for a short amount of time – the idea of the blog is to share and discover new music – it’s not to rip off artists.

      Hopefully these mix ‘tapes’ spark an interest in bands and people go out and discover more (in the short time they are live) – I’m a realist and realise that this could be through ‘free’ downloading or even in second hand stores that means nothing to the original musician – I’m no angel in this way – but I do try and do my part by buying records as much as I can still (and not leaving links up forever).

      Glad you found the track – and cheers for the compliment on my artwork – thank you.

      P.S. your blog looks ace – and yes you should judge a record by it’s cover… well said.

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