Earworms 23 September 2013

Socking it to you this week with a mis-matched selection of songs – but, like odd hosiery, they still kinda work when you put them together. Now get those earworms hotfoot to earworm@tincanland.com – pull yer socks up!

Artie Shaw Orchestra – Begin the Beguine – goneforeign: There was recently a small feature at the Guardian, ‘The songs our parents gave us’, this is one of those. During WW2 my father had an upright radiogram and about a dozen 78’s, this was one of them, I played it to death. It became the best-selling record of 1938 and went on to became one of the most famous and popular anthems of the entire Swing Era. It was probably responsible for my later life love of big band jazz.  It was written by Cole Porter.

John Barry – The Challenge – beltway: No idea what it was written for but it oozes that John Barry early 60’s tense suaveness, perfect for listening to whilst driving to work to make you think you are being followed by Russian spies and that the humdrum is no more. And that 7 note brass riff will drive you batty!

Mainframe – 5 Minutes – Shoegazer: Recall something about this being a test for some new (back in ‘85) software. Might be one of the first records created on a PC. Love that the “chorus” seems to belong to a completely different tune.

The Dolphin Brothers – My Winter – bethnoir: When the band Japan split up, David Sylvian’s brother, Steve Jansen and Richard Barbieri made an album together. Do all siblings sing the same? It’s poppy, but I like it.

Avett Brothers – Sixteen in July – tincanman: Such a simple evocation of that first summer you were free(ish) and grown up(ish). The wistful start sounds like it is going to be one of those Townes van Zandt songs where someone has to die, but it’s all warm and cuddly nostalgic.

Blur – Tender – glassarfemptee: I hadn’t heard this for ages, and it popped up on my iPod and reminded me how much I love it. ‘C’mon, c’mon, c’mon, get thru it’. Earworm, or what?”

23 thoughts on “Earworms 23 September 2013

  1. Cor, what a great set of ‘worms. I liked everything but Blur had me singing along.

    Luckily, I am working from home and not in the office.

    • Can’t add a great deal to what has been posted since I said that. Just a great set altogether. No obvious theme but all seemed to work together. The Dolphin Brothers took a few listens to sink in but it was a nice change of pace. Mainframe I had never heard of and liked a lot more than I expected to. This is the song that Bish was talking about btw.

      • There it is! On a re-listen, not that similar at all (but actually rather more enjoyable/less irritating than I recall it being)! Hey ho…

  2. Ironing done for another week and another great set of Worms, although it’s difficult to put into perspective when the set contains My Favourite Song In The Whole World, Like, Ever…Seriously!! That’s Blur of course, I recently wrote about Tender for the office website as my favourite song!

    The others were all great too, especially Mainframe – loved the unnecessary 80s singing – and the Avett Brothers, which was gorgeous and very evocative.

  3. Oh good! It’s funny, whenever I think ‘people won’t the worms this week’, people DO. I’ve been singing ‘C’mon c’mon c’mon’ for the last few days, too,and I like them all.

  4. ooh, I liked them too, John Barry not quite my bag, but if I imagine Ilya Kuryakin is following me I can see it might appeal more! The Avett Brothers song is sweet, reminds me of the feeling Vetiver evoke for me and Blur follows on brilliantly.

  5. Artie Shaw: Yeah, this is polite yet jolly. My toes are a-tapping.

    John Barry: Ooh, it’s quite thrilling, isn’t it? And follows on unexpectedly fantastically from the Beguinning. (Sorry.)

    Mainframe: Unusually for me, I find the chorus the least engaging bit. I rather like the rest. All a bit Art of Noise – what was that one they did with Max Headroom? “Paranoimia”? Reminds me a bit of that in parts. Although I haven’t heard that since about 1987, so it may be nothing like it. Goes on a bit, doesn’t it? Don’t tell me – it lasts five minutes…

    Dolphin Brothers: Oh this is very Japan, isn’t it? Did he just sing something about “quiet life”? The cheek of it… Good atmospheric track though.

    Avett Brothers: Ooh, I seem to recall one of theirs being an earworm during my tenure as worm-wrangler – Kick Drum Heart, wasn’t it? What a lovely clear recording. How nice to be able to hear the words! You don’t get that diction from kids today, etc. Proper nang.

    Blur: A classic. Nuff said. Sometimes simple (and heartfelt) is best. Damon is clever enough to realise that.

  6. A nice set that generally flows together, not sure about that 5 minutes, goes on too long. I knew nothing about the structure or the history of beguine, it’s interesting. Check Wiki for details.

    • I really like “Begin the Beguine” – it’s a tune I knew but never really cared for as it’s usually over-sentimentalised, but I love this version / original.

  7. Yes, a wonderful and eclectic set – something for everybody except chin healer. Mainframe is the sort of off the wall thing from Shoey that I love – a musical Burroughs cut up (an Eighties version of Grasscut). The Artie Shaw and John Barry both museum pieces that deserve their glass cases. And then the brothers Avett and Dolphin both arresting in different ways, and sending me off for more on Spotty. Great week.

  8. Really lovely and well programmed set this week, interesting to see John Barry getting mixed reviews but I can see why it’s not everyone’s bag. From the selection….

    Artie Shaw – absolutely glorious, the first time I heard this song was as a kid in the 80s when it was a big hit for Spanish crooner Julio Iglesias and for years I just assumed it was some cheesy rubbish until I heard the original big band take and realised what a massive, passionate piece of music it is – cracking stuff.

    Mainframe – new to me, initial thoughts were that it sounded very “of its time” (though it probably sounded very futuristic then) – those midi saxaphones still set me teeth on edge – kind of reminds me of the Zoolook era Jean Michelle Jarre, which inspires me to send in a worm for the future…I will say, it does really really grow on you though and I was singing along by the end – for a song written as a software test, it’s bloody good!

    Dolphin Brothers – on first listen this sort of washed over me a bit but it opens up beautifully on subsequent listens, the spacious atmospheric synth strings in the background are the key to why it lodges in your mind.

    Avett Brothers – aww that’s gorgeous, very very evocative and so simple

    Blur – am going to have to be the dissenting voice here and risk permanent ostricisation from the RR community but I’ve never liked this song and never understood its anthemic status, it just feels dirgy and not in a good way, it’s very over orchestrated for such a slight musical idea and it just goes on and on and on and on ….Sorry glass et al!

  9. There were two major big band clarinetists during the 1940’s big band era. I know that clarinetists take 14th place behind guitars these days but back then both were a big deal. The two were Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman, BG was by far the popular favorite but my favorite was always Artie Shaw, not to detract from BG’s musicianship, I think he was great but Artie’s arrangements I thought were superb. I just went to youtube to see if they had the 1940’s version of the BG orchestra playing this tune: they do and it’s a dead copy of the Artie Shaw version, I’m surprised that BG would do that.
    The story about ‘beguine’ is interesting, Wiki has that, check it.

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