7 thoughts on “Felina, Good-bye

  1. This is wonderful – this is one of those songs that just seems to be hard wired into my brain – I had a mad Aunt who was obsessed by Marty Robbins so a lot of his music featured in my childhood, but this song always haunted me – it’s those high vocal bits over the D7 chord that do it, but of course, as we know, Marty was a bit of a nasty SoB, so fantastic to hear this version (shamefully I’ve never heard it before) – Jerry’s guitar work is magnificent….

  2. Yep, highly satisfying ending – more positive than we might have expected.

    Amazing after all he’s done that by the end you find yourself gunning for Walt again.

  3. Thanks for the comments, folks (even the accidental ones). My apologies for a lack of response but creating this post was the last act of a dying internet connection.
    Having suffered through Felina with frequent stops to watch a slowly rotating buffer circle on Monday, I called Virgin Media for support. They very effectively made matters worse by insisting I reconfigure my wireless router (by sticking an unfurled paperclip in a hole for 40 seconds whilst crouching on the floor and holding my phone) and then making me borrow a laptop ready for their promised (and scheduled) second attempt on Tuesday.
    When the expected Tuesday call didn’t arrive and I called them, the support person this time identified the problem within 2 minutes as being with the modem, not the router (as I had told the first person I was 1000% convinced was the case) and arranged for an engineer to call today. He fixed in 10 minutes.

    First, an enormous Thank You to Shoey for bringing Breaking Bad to my attention back in July, 2011. It has been a fantastic ride. Even though it perhaps occasionally jumped a baby shark in Season 5 (the time/space logistics of Felina didn’t really stack up, imho), the character development, the superbly imaginative, well-written and expertly-directed plotlines and the acting have made it the best thing on screen (TV or cinema) for some time.

    Second, thanks for the Jerry appreciation. There are several delightful El Paso’s on the ‘72 tour (I posted the previous night’s version in my ‘40 Years Ago’ series). As with John Phillips’ Me & My Uncle, the Dead played cowboy songs with a sense of urgency and danger, in stark contrast to the lacklustre originals. Garcia’s ability to spin threads of gold running through them provided a great counterpoint to the tale being told.

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