Earworms 7 October 2013

Greetings all. Another mix for you this week – ‘Spill point for anyone who can work out which song the photo relates to. DsD has set a little quiz, too. Have fun, and keep the worms coming to earworm@tincanland.com. Oh, and happy birthday amylee, this week (and anyone else I’ve missed).

Artie Shaw – Summit Ridge Drive – goneforeign: In addition to his orchestra he also had a small jazz group, The Gramarcy Five. The title’s taken from a mountain road in LA. He always presented himself as an “artist” rather than an entertainer, or even a “jazz” musician. He once said, “Art happens when somebody with skill loves what he is doing and works at the absolute top level of his ability.”

Copper Penny – You’re Still The One – Sweet Home Alabama: There was some fine Canadian soul (Motherlode, Skylark) that became hits in the States.   So this song with it’s breezy chorus and Hammond Organ break coulda been a contender.

An incognito earworm – DsD: I’ve tried to make this one anonymous by stripping out the file properties. Yeah, Tinny will know exactly what it is, and the rest of you can just Shazam it if you want, but I’m interested in what anyone thinks of it WITHOUT knowing who it is. Me? I love the blissed-out, late-night, Lanegan-goes-Country drawl, and the guitar solo tops it off just f-i-n-e, y’all.

Jean Michelle Jarre – Zoolookologie – beltway: Shoey’s recent earworm from Mainframe made me think of this lovely bit of catchy French electropop, this is from Jarre’s patchy 1984 album Zoolook which was pretty groundbreaking at the time due to the extensive use of manipulation of voice samples and other fragments of digital recordings – this is probably the poppiest track on the album and neatly demonstrates Jarre’s gift for a catchy melody. Jarre doesn’t get a lot of love these days, probably due to memories of his overblown 80s light shows, but hopefully this tune will be heard in a kind light!

Kitchens of Distinction – Quick As Rainbows- Bish: A feminist anthem sung by a gay man fronting a shoegaze-style indie band. They don’t make ’em like they used to… except they do as the guys are about to release their first album in 19 years. Yay!

Over the Rhine – All Over Ohio – tincanman: What a love song. They take stock of themselves with such intimacy that I feel a bit pervy listening. “I still get shivers when I hear you singing down the hall.”

18 thoughts on “Earworms 7 October 2013

  1. An interesting and varied selection. I liked them all, but my faves were DSD’s anonymous one and the Kitchens of Distinction track.

  2. Artie Shaw – This is reminding me of something that keeps whispering “Trains” in my ear [rather than roads], but I can’t bring to mind what it is. Enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.

    Copper Penny – I kept wanting to sing “Betchabygollywow” whenever this got to the chorus. Anyone else? Another I liked despite myself. I must be in a receptive mood tonight!

    Not-As-Incognito-As-I-Thought – Damn. Media Player flags up the composer (and thus gives the game away) when it plays this; there’s a field I obviously missed when trying to strip it of its identity. If you want to play the ‘game’ folks, try not to look when it’s playing please.

    • Jean-Michel Jarre – Wow! I’m instantly transported back to a time of skinny ties, pulled up jacket sleeves and backcombed mullets. What a very strange sensation.

      Kitchens Of Distinction – I’ve got this (Strange Free World album) but had forgotten I had. Thanks for the pointy finger, Bish. KoD are a band I’d never even heard of until RR.

      Over The Rhine – WTF? Cripes, I can’t decide if that yellowish glow coming out of my speakers is gold, corn, cheese or [taking the] piss. Another very strange sensation. Gobsmacked.

      • hey DsD your OTR reminded me to say: have a listen to Shakey Graves – album is ‘any’ donation – you might like it (if you don’t know the geezer) of course I might be totally wrong and you’ll hate it – not ground breaking but good drifting tracks with gruffish vocal:

        shakey graves

  3. Eclectic mix this week, roving thru the decades. Enjoyed em all, but stand out for me was DsD’s incognito number. Loved it, but no idea who. Shades of Lenny Cohen in places, but not him. Anything to do with Richmond Fontaine?
    Just got my OtR double CD from the US, so not listened enough to generate any earworms for me yet, but lots of great tracks, including Tinny’s choice. Recommended.
    Thanks to all you perennial contributors (and AliM) – earworms is always a treat each week.

  4. Artie Shaw: Jaunty. Quite enjoyed that without being blown away. I’m too young (ha!) for it not to feel background-y. But it’s a nice background to nod one’s head and tap one’s toes to.

    Copper Penny: I was half-expecting this to be Shania Twain’s guilty pleasure of a song. Not a lush smooth-soul epic. Love it.

    Incognito Worm: Yeah, sounds like Leonard Cohen to me too. Really like this. No idea who it actually is. But it thumps along nicely.

    Jean Michel Jarre: I don’t know that I’ve knowingly heard any JMJ before. Which is weird as he was everywhere (in terms of light shows) during my teenage years. But I don’t recall him having been played on the radio. This is sort of fun in an Art of Noisey sort of way.

    Over The Rhine: I have no history with OTR so didn’t know what to expect. What a lovely, gentle, intimate thing. Oh and it’s a duet. Even better. Gorgeous.

  5. Artie Shaw – No idea whether it’s “art” but it sounds good to me.
    Copper Penny – Is this from the 1970s? The music sounds like some Al Green tracks and, yes, I did start singing that Stylistics song. Very fine.
    Anon – The opening made me think of Twin Peaks. Took a few listens to get into the song itself but it is kind of insidious/insinuating. Is it on a film soundtrack? It should be.
    Jean-Michel Jarre – Don’t know. Yes. No. Yes. Odd. Fun. Retro futuristic.. Liked it in the end.
    Kitchens of Distinction – Are just a name to me. Liked this a lot. I have been digging out the vinyl and listening to a few things from that era recently so I may have been primed.
    Over the Rhine – Rather lovely. Had never even heard of them before. Very intimate and a nice one to end on.

  6. For anyone who enabled follow-up comments, my ‘worm was from actor Jeff Bridges’ 2011 album, which is his second effort, a decade after his first. The song is called Slow Boat, and isn’t that typical of what else is on there, to be honest.
    I’d say the album is definitely worth a borrow or a stream, but I doubt it will find many willing purchasers.

        • Not me, severin. JB as a recording artist was a surprise to me when I spotted the CD in my local library.

          I do however have a number of LPs by people famous for other things that decided to play at being musicians.

          Albums fronted by Steven Seagal and Jada Pinkett Smith in particular don’t really deserve a place in any right-thinking world.

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