What are you staring at? . . . Oh. Oops!

cropped-embarrassed_polar_bear_w1 Embarrassed? Me? Oh hell yeah.

One of the “problems” with headphones/earpieces and music is that I tend to lose myself in the song. Frequently that results in my singing along. I have a terrible singing voice, but what the hell, even I can’t hear it with the earbuds in.
Occasionally though, I find myself doing it in company. Not good.
This morning I have been sat in the canteen area of the school DsSis has her Orchestra practice at.
Noticed I was being stared at. Realised I was singing along. Looked down at my Walkman to see what the song was.

Oh shit.

Tim Curry – Sweet Transvestite, from Rocky Horror. Oops.

So … ‘Fess up and make me feel less alone in my embarrassment. What have you been found doing?
[Keep it clean though, eh? This is the internet!]

8 thoughts on “What are you staring at? . . . Oh. Oops!

  1. A long time ago I used to go to regular parties at a friends house, they were usually long winded affairs going on all weekend with dozens of participants. Our host [a large corporation vice president] was known to take the occasional toke and the odd glass of wine, frequently in the early hours he would stretch out on the settee with the headphones on and his eyes closed and before long he was singing along, actually mumbling along, incoherently. At that point I would switch the music to ‘headphones only’ and Allen would unknowingly entertain the entire party, it was hilarious. I think we even video’d it for him once.

  2. In the bath one morning when I thought everyone was out, with ‘OK Computer’ on the CD player (remember them?) – whistling all the way through it – subsequently heard my husband and my neighbour laughing outside the (open) bathroom window – “Who knew you could whistle to Radiohead?”

  3. I’m home now from a long day out – went straight to work after dropping Jess back home.

    Glad to see it’s not just me. The problem I have over, say, Maki’s issue, is that I have to go back to sit in the same room next week, and the week after, etc., etc.

    Cheers all.

    • You could announced: “Bad news everyone, I didn’t get the part…the one that I was practicing for last week and that was completely out of character for me. The director said I just wasn’t believable as anything but a rugged, virile hetrosexual romantic or action adventure lead.”

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