Earworms 14 October 2013

Here’s an idea for Earworms from DsD, who suggests sending in two very different songs from one album by an artist,  in a sort of “Compare & Contrast” scenario. He has sent 2 songs which will feature here soon; in the meantime if you also have 2 songs that fit the bill, send them to earworm@tincanland.com, and I’ll do the rest.  As always,”normal” worms will be appreciated too – many thanks!

Nona Hendrix – Busting Out – CaroleBristol: I’ve been reliving the glories of Ze Records’ “Mutant Disco” compilations from the beginning of the 1980s. There is so much good stuff on the first two CDs, which I picked up recently, but this one is the one that I find myself singing at the moment. The sheer exuberance is so infectious.

Afrika Bambaata Family – Funk You – Shoegazer: Afrika Bambaata’s Family on this one include Melle Mel with Skip, Doug & Keith (aka Fats Comet/Tackhead/Mafia etc.). A new Tackhead album is promised before the end of the year.

Transglobal Underground – Lookee Here (Dread Zone Mix) – severin: This is one of the remixes of a 1994 single but I have it on a compilation called “Dubnology 2 (Lost In Bass)”.  One of the few albums that make me wonder if it’s too late to learn to drive. Can’t listen to this sort of thing when you’re cycling.

Les Roche Martin – Tu As Peur Du Bruit – beltway: The term Baroque pop could have been invented for this gorgeous two minute 60’s French pop symphony, that swirling cello riff is just heavenly. Odd pop fact – Singer Veronique Sanson went on to marry Stephen Stills…

The Smithereens – Top Of The Pops: DsD: Have we had this before? It’s in my iTunes on its own in addition to its in-album position. Anyway, it is a worm of many facets, from the riff to the chorus to the “Walk on”s and more. Grin-inducing.

Iain Matthews – Flower Lady – goneforeign: This has been a personal earworm for as long as I can remember. Beautiful lyric by Phil Ochs beautifully delivered by Iain Matthews. It’s from the album ‘What’s that I hear? The Songs of Phil Ochs.” A compilation of 28 of his songs by many of his friends, highly recommended.

15 thoughts on “Earworms 14 October 2013

  1. Nona: I think I like the sound/production of this more than the song itself. Until that guitar solo, which really wasn’t my bag.

    Afrika Bambaataa: I try with funk, but often it’s just not my thing either. I quite like the rappiness and scratchiness of it. But the “we will funk you” refrain less so. And it gets a bit shouty…

    Transglobal Underground: I don’t really think this is my week… Again, some nice stuff sonically but I want more of a song. I know, very old-fashioned of me. Oh and it’s a bit long…

    Les Roche Martin: The one I was most looking forward to from the write-up (and not just cos of the “two minute” bit). And yeah, it’s kind of fun. If a bit all over the place.

    The Smithereens: Aren’t they too American to be singing about TOTP? It’s catchy, I’ll give it that.

    Iain Matthews: I find myself wanting it to be more Lou Reedy. I don’t know that I find his voice characterful enough for the spoken-word delivery.

    Sorry, really not my week this week. It’s not you (or the tunes); it’s me. Onwards and upwards…

  2. A fun collection this week that considerably livened up an otherwise dull drive home through a wet Salfordian traffic jam – quite heavily dance and funk orientated so I think my little gallic pop offering sounds a little effete in such company, but nevermind!

    Nona – a huge amount to love here, I can never resist these massive analogue synth driven disco tunes, the sheer exuberance is joyful – will agree with Bish though about that guitar solo, it really overstays its welcome by about 4 minutes – very much cocaine driven I suspect….

    Afrika Bambaataa – This is a genre of music I struggle with – I really tried here but it just didn’t really grab me, almost felt like it was just trying a bit too hard.

    Transglobal Underground – now I liked this, probably not as much as I would have liked it 16 or 17 years ago over a nightclub PA, but still inventive and nicely evolving.

    Smithereens – Am sure I’ve heard this before – has it been in the box before now? Catchy dirty rocky number.

    Iain Matthews – probably my fave track of the week, interesting to see Bish mention Lou Reed, I was thinking that he sounds like the product of a genetic splice of Lou and Loudon Wainwright III (possibly because the chord structure is so similar to The Picture) – I really like the way the chords jump off key during the refrain (during “Nobody’s buying flowers, from the flower lady…”, the chords go C, D, G then Bflat, which you don’t expect and it really catches the ear) and it is very memorable – great track.

    Enjoyable mixed bag selection, cheers Ali!

    • Hark at you with your knowledge of chord progressions an’ that! Very impressive. I once got accused by a piano teacher of having perfect pitch, but I think she was just flattering my mother (by proxy) into paying for a few more months’ worth of lessons I resented/never practised for. I’ve never been able to tell what is what, note-wise.

    • I couldn’t find the Smithereens on the ‘historical earworms’ spreadsheet, but it may have come up before – DsD wasn’t sure. It’s infuriatingly catchy.

      Hope you don’t feel your earworm was overwhelmed by the others; I’m quite low on stock at the moment so can’t always get them matched up – I thought it provided a welcome interlude (for Panthersan to fold his ironing nice and neatly?!)

  3. Actually pretty perfect ironing music this week!

    Trans Global Underground and Afrika Babbaataa were my faves and the Les Roche Martin made Mrs Panther perk up from her sewing too – see how rock’n’roll we are!!

  4. My favourite was Transglobal Underground, I think chamber pop is more me that baroque pop, not my week either really, but always an interesting listen 😉

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