Words Are Missing


Swans – The River That Runs With Love
zZz – Lalala
Ukrainians – Tsyhanochka
A Certain Ratio – Skipscada
New Order – Paradise
Cabaret Voltaire – Big Funk

Renegade Soundwave – Bubbaluba
Dub Syndicate – The Captain’s Trance Mission
People Like Us – Dolly Pardon
Art Of Noise – Close (To The Edit)
Liebe Ist Cool – Regenbogen
Underworld – Best Mamgu Ever

7 thoughts on “Words Are Missing

  1. really enjoyed it shoey – good to have a playlist back – looks almost exactly like the A list, I imagine!
    Great ending to the list , I somehow managed to miss Dolly, then the fantastic AoN, Liebe Ist Cool – Regenbogen was new to me – and probably my fav this week – cheers.

    here’s the Bongolian with one of my all time most enjoyable happy tunes – completely forgot about it’s brilliantly cheerful lalala:

    • Bongolian is ace (haven’t caught up with the rest of the Shanelist yet: work (poo), delivering a scooter upstate to freshman shoeteen, followed by a rare dose of the sniffles (blahg) – infected by unwashed students, no doubt. Cheers.

  2. People Like Us followed by the Art of Noise. You spoil us. And then you give us Liebe Ist Cool, which is being followed up on as I listen to it. Wauw! Liebe Ist Cool. Liebe Ist Cool. Wauw!

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