true words of wisdom


“Cause, what the world needs now
are some true words of wisdom
like La La La La La”

1 Religious Songs Withered Hand
2 Shangri-la Yacht
3 Talking Synth The Bongolian
4 Teen Angst (What The World Needs now) Cracker
5 Start Wearing Purple Gogol Bordello
6 Black Flowers Yo La Tengo
7 Southwood Plantation Road The Mountain Goats

1 Breezeblocks Alt-J
2 Sex, Yeah Marina and The Diamonds
3 Dead Disco Metric
4 La France Camille
5 Can’t Get You Out Of My Head (XFM Session) The Flaming Lips
6 La La Land Futureshock Club Mix Green Velvet

13 thoughts on “true words of wisdom

    • Glad you did, I think Marina and The Diamonds is so perfect for the acres of internet space that the Cyrus woman has taken up lately – just perfect and goes to show the ideas of her ‘sellout/ titillation’ have been predated for many a decade.
      And as I said the withered hand is just perfect use of la la la to conjure up the Kum ba yah idea.

      I’m enjoying your lists so far, although wilemena’s Prefab Sprout nomination brings me out in hives (even reading the title – *shudder*) – no offence intended, personal taste and all that.
      You can never go wrong with Kylie and Iggy together.

      • Cheers for that. There are some great lyrics in Religious Songs.

        Mrs. Leavey has an aversion to Paddy M as well and I have to skip any of PS’s songs when they come up!

        Now Kylie and Iggy would be an interesting duo.

      • it’s not Prefab Sprout as a whole – just that track, pleased don’t make me think about it anymore 😉

        the withered hand album Good news is just brilliant (to me) and I’ve written an article about it relating the words of the album to ‘my generations’ Lenny Cohen – but I have to keep rewriting it:
        1. because Lenny IS ‘my/anyone’s generations’ LC.
        2. because it was supposed to be amusing – but sometimes these things are taken too seriously.
        3. the new album is out in the new year so I want to expand on the light hearted theory (and get the tone correct).
        I will finish it.

        Kylie and Iggy would be great, I’m surprised Death In Vegas haven’t done that.

        On that note; I have a duet of Iggy and Debbie Harry doing ‘Well, Did You Evah’ on 12″ with the Thompson Twins doing a track on the other side… alway thought that was a really odd flip. I wondered who could come up with the strangest A and B side – either on record or (a lot more fun) from people who used to tape their records… see who had the oddest musical clash when the autoreverse kicked in.
        Might make it a challenge one of these days.

      • Oh Shane!!! You’ve really hurt my feelings, but I’m not going to let you see me cry 😉

        Actually, it’s not a particular fave of mine, tho I don’t loathe it as much as you seem to do ha ha! I only posted it coz I saw it on the side-bar of the Haircut 100 and it made me laff coz I’d just mentioned Breaking Bad and Albuquerque! I was a big PS fan, but wasn’t keen on that whole Langley Park album as I recall.

        No disrespect to leaveitallbehind at all, and I’m pleased he liked the tune.

        I know Marie Queenie Lyons hasn’t a ghost of a chance either this week, and I’m not bovved if it doesn’t make the list. That’s not why I play. But if I can turn one person on to it this week, that makes me happy. It is THE greatest piece of soul music ever recorded, and needs to be heard. And I’m not going to say IMHO either. Coz it just IS!!! Maybe this version will be more up DsD’s street.

      • that Marie Queenie Lyons ditty is a lovely track.
        (slightly busy making cakes and presents for small boy this weekend – so gotta rush)

        got some jumping frogs for the party goers to play with …… 😉

      • I had a wee bit of a strop t’other day coz no-one seemed to have listened/commented on the song, but I’m over it now, and apologise to everyone for my arrogance (tho it probably went un-noticed ha ha!). Sometimes when you love a song so much you expect it to blow everyone’s socks off, but each to his own I guess.

        Enjoy your party (big birthday kisses to the little sane one) and try not to eat too many hot-dogs! 😉

      • oh – ms.mena – you took me to ‘L’… and it we were so drunk I was seeing double.
        (I’m calming down (with chilled booze) after a day of 3 year olds causing fun chaos)

        I scanned through a lot of covers of the track (so it must have blown the socks off a whole host of other musicians too) – thank you for the introduction .. haven’t managed to get back to the main blog except for typing out MY thoughts about it through the weekend.
        Sod stiff upper lip – you have a good strop.

      • Oh I am a good stropper alright. Hate bottling things up – makes me ill, literally – and like to let my emotions fly. It’s one of the reasons mr.m loves me (ha ha) and also why I’ve never been able to hold down a job for too long (ho ho) !!

  1. lovely picture of la la .. with a hint of trouble brewing

    once upon a time when the tribe were quite wee, the tubbies had just come on the telly and the big thing at christmas were teletubbie dolls .. which were impossible to get hold of and we didn’t manage
    Next spring we did a Thomas the Tank Engine special day from Pickering, through Goathland ( hogwarts station ) onto Grosmont which had some engine sheds and track where a Thomas adventure was enacted with a very slim fat controller .. a lady noticed our son looking at the LA LA doll poking out of her handbag .. her child that owned it would have been pushed to the fences at the front for a better view
    We hadn’t noticed this till she handed the doll over and said it would be okay to hold it for a while

    The screams later as the two children did a tug of war with it, stick in the memory
    as does the train ride back when we ended up in the same carriage as them

    Enjoyed the selection while sorting out the kitchen, cheers for posting

    • the image of La la was originally created all those years ago when I was a student – it had a bottle of beer in it’s hand and re-writen lyrics to ‘born slippy’ “shouting la la la la lager” it was 6 foot high and scared the beejeebies out of us when we came in worse for wear.

      we have third birthday party for my boy on Sunday – the concept of sharing is well up in my mind….*shudders* again.

      • happy birthday to the little’un just think of all the films you’ll be able to go and see .. pixar especially .. though i don’t envy you the tweenies or whatever is on the telly these days

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