Earworms 21 October 2013


Another interesting mix for you this week, including the first example of our “compare and contrast” slot – two contrasting songs from the same artist, taken from one album. If you have any examples you’d like to share, or just some lonely worms that need a home, send them along to earworm@tincanland.com. Thanks to all.

Raghu Dixit – No Man Will Ever Love You Like I Do – bishbosh: Being both middle-class and middle-aged (more or less anyway – when do we hit middle age these days?), I came across Mr Dixit on a BBC4 programme about how to make it as a world music star (no, I wasn’t looking for tips…). I think his voice is a thing of extreme beauty.

Gene Clark – You’re Gonna Miss That Somebody – tincanman: This is from the former Byrd’s treasure trove of unreleased songs. He drank a lot, our Gene, and I’m guessing he wrote this, set it aside to have a nap, and forgot all about it. How else could a song that should be a classic get lost in the mothballs for 50 years?

The Troggs – When Will The Rain Come – severin: Difficult to say really. From 1968 this is the B Side of Love is All Around and a nice slice of Brit psychedelia. That’s it really.

The Youngbloods – Get Together – goneforeign: The Youngbloods, fronted by Jesse Colin Young, were  popular on the west coast in the mid 60’s. I think I have their first two albums and I’m surprised that they never made a bigger impact nationally. This cut is their only US top 40 hit.

The Brandos – Guantanamera and She’s The One – DsD: “GUAN-TAN-A-BLOODY-MERA?!?!?” I hear you squawk. Two parts cheese, to three parts pure corn, surely? Well … yes, I would normally agree, but somehow this has got completely under my skin and stolen my heart; I think it is one of the loveliest, most romantic things I’ve ever heard. Somehow, I just cannot see how a band who looked like this – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dU33q0ELfcw – could take an 80-year-old song, which over the decades has been over-exposed and bastardised for various Cuban patriotic, humorous, or social comment purposes, and record something I find so . . . vulnerable, tender, and (here’s that word again) romantic. I just love it – an acoustic pearl.  But “Compare & Contrast” with She’s The One which is a typical DsD American rocker fave.

23 thoughts on “Earworms 21 October 2013

  1. Worms are in the Box.

    Middle age? According to Wiki, average UK life expectancy for men is 79. So it depends whether you divide it by 3 (representing youth, middle-age and old-age) and double it (appx 52), or if you divide it by 2 to get the middle (appx 39). For women the average life expectancy is 82, so working on the same calculations, middle age is either appx 54 or appx 41. So I would go with whatever method suits you best. Anyone care to join the debate?

    Don’t get me started on class – ha! Another can of worms (see what I did there?)

    • There is also the north-south divide in life expectancy in Britain, which is in bishbosh‘s favour. Also ethnicity divides, which again is in his favour.

      Alas, lifestyle choices trump statistical analysis. Does he smoke? Does he engage in high-risk sports, such as deep sea diving or chess? What is his exercise regime? Are there anger management issues? Has he been to tropical regions recently? Does he exchange needles among other ‘Spillers? What percentage of his diet contains transfats? How much stress is there in his workplace and personal life? Is he left-handed? Are there risk factors in his family history? How long has it been since he’s been zedded?

      btw, screw the government ’cause I got all that stuff off TV hospital dramas.

  2. I shall now perform my Ancient Mariner routine and draw DsD’s attention to my recent Sunshine Daydream post, wherein a certain beat combo slides from atonal psychedelic jazz into a country song….

  3. A nice selection. I liked Raghu Dixit, never heard of him before but worth pursuing. Gene Clark, nice, worth recording in a studio without all the chatter from the kitchen. Not so sure about the Troggs though I applaud their question, when indeed will the bloody rain come? I’ve got a large garden project on hold awaiting it; prayers to Chac Mool the rain god aren’t working, maybe some virgins might come in handy. The Youngbloods, very low key but passionate. I just Wiki’d it and discovered that it was written by someone I used to know, Dino Valenti who went on to front the Quicksilver Messenger service, there’s a long list of other versions there also. Guantanamera, there’s only one version of this for me, the one we all used to sing along to at the various rallies in the ’60’s, the one by Pete Seeger which incorporated the Jose Marti poems. And we didn’t squark!
    She’s the one – not for me.
    Carole: I just clicked on your picture and that took me to your websites, I’m in AWE! Unbelievable talents and interests, everyone here should take a look if they haven’t already.

  4. Very much liked Raghu Dixit and The Brandos’ leisurely take on Guantanamera; also The Youngbloods. Liked the last one least.

    gf: I seem to remember Chac Mool is more partial to hearts than virgins…. (they may be easier to source these days).

  5. Short of virgins but I can send you some rain, GF. How many buckets would you like?

    Raghu Dixit is my favourite this week; The Troggs track has a really earwormy hook too. Didn’t expect to like Guantanamera, but it is good – not so keen on She’s the One.

  6. Ali: I’ll take all you’ve got, it hasn’t rained here since before April, the ‘garden’ looks like a section of the Mojave desert. I’ve just cleared a large area, 8,000sq ft, raked it smooth and level and I’m now waiting for some rain, hopefully a deluge, so that I can seed it and rake it again. The weather forecast sees no rain this month.

  7. Gene Clark: Need to listen again – the lo-fi-ness of it all made it hard for me to get a handle on the tune. I need shiny pop production, goddamnit! Sounded like there was a good song in there somewhere though.

    The Troggs: Oh I like this. Hard to credit that it was relegated to a B-side. I’m guessing maybe it sounded rather similar to lots about at the time, but still a cracking tune.

    The Youngbloods: Yeah, I like this too. Lovely, if slightly naive sentiment (and melody). The idealism makes me feel faintly nostalgic despite being too young to have been around then (but still middle-aged).

    The Brandos: I really like Guantanamera as a song (even cheesy takes on it like Joe Dassin’s) and this is a lovely version. Nice lived-in voice for it. At least “She’s The One” isn’t the Robbie Williams classic… Hard to believe it’s the same group. I don’t mind it, but it’s not really my cuppa.

    Thanks all!

  8. Interesting week. I like DsDs idea, and his picks are sure different – but I’ve OD’d on Guantanamera, so the wig out of ‘She’s the one’ got my vote. Standout was the Raghu Dixit, and middle age deffo starts in your fifties these days, bish, so you’ve got a long wait! The Youngbloods was a welcome blast from the past, GF. I must dig out their first album from my lock up. There were no end of bands that were big in the bay area around that time – Sons of Champlin another case in point. Roll on next week.

  9. Thanks for the feedback, everyone. Yeah, I liked the Raghu Dixit too, but it seems to be offering diminishing returns each time I listen, so I’m not sure it’s a worker in the long-term.

    My sympathies to you, gf about your weather. Ali‘s right: we’re just starting into a ten-day weather warning period in Yorkshire for persistent, very heavy rain. Fortunately I’m only down to run a training course OUTDOORS on one of those days.

  10. GHE: Indeed, the Sons of Champlin, they were somehow related to another popular group, the Chicago Transit Authority and were managed by Ron Polte, who also managed Quicksilver. A few others come to mind from that era, Moby Grape, Love, Iron Butterfly, Blood Sweat and Tears, the Turtles and Big Brother; where are they now?
    Probably all drawing their OAP’s and living somewhere fairly close by.
    DsD, And my reciprocal sympathies to you, we were both born to suffer.

  11. Far too late but briefly: loved the Raghu Dixit, Youngbloods and Guantanamera, luke warm about Gene Clark (I’d rather hear Jim Reeves singing it) and couldn’t really get into She’s The One.

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