11 Songs That Shouldn’t Be On My iPod (But Are)


Well, seeing as barbryn set the ball (re-)rolling… I thought I’d do one of these lists. I found it surprisingly hard to come up with songs I like that (I think) might surprise people. Perhaps because, rather arrogantly and doubtless inaccurately, I think of myself as having pretty catholic tastes. And because I’ve been around here and the Mothership long enough to have mentioned most of my favourite songs. And because most of the stuff on my iPod that isn’t very “me” has come via the Dropbox from you lot!

Anyway, here are 11 tracks, at least most of which are my own purchases. But that I think are more likely to have come from the record collections of DsD or chinny or Amy or Panth or tinny or… oh, anyone but me really! Some are ‘classics’; other less so.

Feel free to jettison one. Or all. Or suggest others that could have fitted better. Or tell me they’re all totally obvious bishpicks. Or ignore the whole business.

18 thoughts on “11 Songs That Shouldn’t Be On My iPod (But Are)

  1. 1. Now funnily enough, I’m not a big fan of this. Everyone knows I’m no Dylan fan and XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX>>>>>>>>>>>………..
    [Rest of comment deleted by Self-Preservation Society: Editorial Division.]

    2. Don’t know it: harmless.

    3. Ace. Long-time fave. Easily the keeper so far.

    4. Ah, Axl at his most overblown. Bless.

    5. Keep the song, providing the singer promises not to say a single word afterwards.

    6. Never been that interested in them. This doesn’t change my mind.

    7. Cannot be dumped. It’s the law, dontchano?

    8. Another newtome. Interesting. Manics, anyone?

    9. Safely mid-table. Squally solo always hits the DsD sweetspot.

    10. Untouchable with its post-2002 associations.

    11. Wasn’t expecting that. Not in any danger.

    Hmmm. One to dump from the Bish iPod whilst he’s not looking? Probably Therapy?.
    If I found these on MY Walkman, McDermott, Therapy?, and probably DBT & GnR would get deleted to make space.

    Alternatives? Couldn’t possibly say. Take November Rain for instance. If you want Elton-John-goes-metal, it’s perfect. If you want to introduce someone to the GnR that blew the roof off stadiums and the PMRC’s blood pressure off the scale, it’d be about the last song you picked.

    • Thanks Rich. Interestingly(ish), no.7 probably would be the first one I’d dump because I consider myself so pathologically allergic to the band. But it’s such an undeniable choon…

  2. …don’t know number 2, but it doesn’t sound like something that would be an essential addition to my collection, in fact it sounds like the most boring song in this list, positivily hate number 4, would have gone for ‘Paradise City” myself, would have chosen another Therapy? song, and I don’t know if number 11 is even more boring than number 2, but it is by U2, so number 11 would be the one that I would dump…

  3. 1) No beef with this at all. In fact, i’m liking it quite a lot. No butchery there as far as i can figure. Probably blame for that one goes to DsD or Lambre.

    2) Never heard of him. With DsD here, meh.

    3) Probably blame DsD or Leavey for this one. Not kicking it out of bed either though, even though it’s not a fave.

    4) Ah. Maybe one of my least favorites of theirs, MOR as fuck. Maybe blame Panth? (sorry if not applicable.) However, i took a look at the lyrics sometime recently and i have to say they’re really kind of lovely. Feel like i ought to hold up a lighter or something, don’t you do that sort of thing for ott power ballads?

    5) Now we’re talking. You bet we’re keeping this, even if it is just after Courtney’s prime. I’m probably to blame for this one, i’m cool with that.

    6) Never heard of them before, but no complaint either. Not going to toss it.

    7) Not mine. DsD, Abahachi? I’m not a fan, but i love Freddie’s pipes. Not on best display here. Think it’s Brian May’s guitar i have beef with. (But big up for his work with badgers.) It can stay, don’t dislike, don’t love by a long shot.

    8) Newtome too. Nice enough though, i’ll keep it.

    9) Oh, we’re keeping this one, classic. Maybe blame Chris or Carole or Shane.

    10) Dunno this one, but it’s lovely. Really lovely, actually.

    11) Well, you didn’t get this U2 from me, but i’m a rare fan. I’ll keep it for sure anyway, but i wouldn’t put it up with their best.

    So i’ll toss McDermott, and like DsD maybe GnR. Hopefully Welcome to the Jungle will get put up for W if someone really wants a taste of kickass GnR. Keeping – Hole, DBT, and Feeder is the discovery of the set for me, i loved it.

    That was a lovely set Bish, thanks.

    • I can’t blame any other Spillers for any of them, Amy – they’re all songs I liked (and mostly procured, bar Queen and GnR and possibly Dinosaur Jr, I think) before I’d come across RR. But an interesting exercise to try and attribute them! Glad you enjoyed.

      • Actually I tell a lie: the McDermott doesn’t pre-date RR. It was on a freebie CD with Uncut or The Word or some such. Cheesy as hell but I find the disconnect between the lyrics and the music interesting. I can imagine it getting misinterpreted by listeners in a Born In The USA kinda way (although of course it’s not even close to being in the same class as BITUSA – but we know I like me a bit of cheese…).

  4. OK, I will admit that I deliberately didn’t check out the artists when playing this to make it even more random. So, I will try and identify the bands while listening and then see how well I did afterwards.

    1) “Like A Rolling Stone” is my favourite song ever and I rather liked this cover. Is it Tom Petty?

    2) Is this Ben Folds? I quite like it.

    3) Pearl Jam. Not sure who would be a PJ fan, maybe DsD. I’ve got a live album of theirs but hardly ever play it.

    4) If there was ever an archetypal Make One Good Album And Ought To Split Up band, it is this lot. Self-indulgent and overblown twaddle. Skipped it.

    5) Yeah, great. I like Hole in small doses, even though Ms Love is a pain in the arse.

    6) No idea who this is. Not really my sort of thing at all.

    7) I absolutely and utterly hate Queen and everything they have ever recorded. This song is almost the exception to the rule. I saw them once, when this was a hit. They were awful.

    8) Horrible. Skipped it after about 30 seconds.

    9) Ah Dinosaur Jr. This is ace. Love it to bits. J Mascis can do no wrong.

    10) No idea who this is. It is innocuous enough, though, in a Brit-Pop sort of way.

    11) U2, innit. Another band I don’t like. I parted company with them around the time of Achtung! Baby

    OK, I checked out the artists. Don’t think I did that badly, overall.

    So, who will I chuck?

    U2, obviously.

  5. Good idea bishbosh.

    1. Having just listened to them on DsD’s A-List quite like this version of Like a Rolling Stone but hey I am no fan of Dylan.
    2. Harmless, meh, greige!
    3. PJ: won’t be them going. šŸ˜‰
    4. GnR; not a big fan of Axl Rose but they did put out a cracking tune and they had Slash. Keep.
    5. Hole – Courtney ‘car crash’ Love – “whatevs”
    6. Therapy ? ? don’t know them but enjoyed the track.
    7. Queen – dond and save.
    8. Glitterbox – dunno – so-so
    9. Dinosaur Jr. new to me – alright – keep.
    10. Feeder – definitely keep.
    11. U2 – yep alright with me.

    If I’m ‘pulled on to the punch’ I’d probably ditch Hole but wouldn’t skip it if it came up on ‘shuffle’ so probably keep them all.

  6. Freak Scene is my favourite song of all time (this weeks flavour) – that STAYS.

    I really would prefer a proper bishbosh list …

    (he says, biting (personally opinionated) tongue about almost all the rest)

  7. 1. DBT – there’s an odd Rod-like tone to that (first) voice. Good version of a great song.
    2. M McDermott – OK, in a generic-rock kinda way.
    3. Pearl Jam – kewl but maybe a bit over-dramatic in parts.
    4. GnR – one of those singers that sounds like he’s straining to poo. Dramatic drum pattern #3b. Slow-but-dramatic guitar solo #6 (shouldn’t there be a harmony part?). I do hope that’s the full orchestra. At least the chord sequence isn’t bog-standard.
    5. Hole – OK rawk but with a likeable contrasting pop bit.
    6. Therapy? – more OK-rock.
    7. Queen – I’m with Carole on the subject of Queen. There’s musical talent in there (and showmanship aplenty) but everything’s way too far over the top.
    8. Glitterbox – and more OK-rock. I’m not a big fan of sustain/distortion guitar……
    9. Dino Jr – ….except when JM uses it to sculpt his imagination. Not my most fave track of theirs but still quite good.
    10. Feeder – this (apart from the voice) sounds like a Dino Jr track. OK.
    11. U2 – they lost me after Joshua Tree and my opinion of their output is now distorted by the-twat-in-the-shades’ behaviour. Apart from the dreadful drum sound (hitting a Quality Street tin filled with sand?), it’s OK.

    Thanks for digging these out for examination, bish. I’m generally just ‘a bit underwhelmed’ rather than appalled and will ditch Queen on the basis of long-standing dislike rather than any logic. The DBT take on Dylan is probably my fave.

    • I can understand why you’d be underwhelmed, Chris – in fact, I’m surprised you weren’t more rabidly anti most of them. And including Queen on the list went against everything I think I stand for (he says, not remotely hyperbolically), but I do find that song reasonably listenable!

      • I must be in a good mood! Maybe something to do with Michael Hann saying he ‘very much’ likes ‘large chunks’ of the Dead’s Veneta concert. After years of me nudging, whingeing and needling, he’s finally taking a listen! I’m now looking forward to his Damascene conversion article in next Friday’s F&M…..

  8. Late as usual – I did feel I’d stumbled into an alternative bish/dsd universe for a minute but enjoyed having a listen; Pearl Jam is the stand-out for me. Quite like Hole and Feeder, too. The rest sort of washed over me apart from Guns n’ Roses which I expected to like, but it was totally meh, so this one can go. Thanks for a fun list!

  9. Very late to this. I suspect these will be unlikely ones for me too, but here goes:

    1. Like DBT, and this is one of the greatest songs ever – so I like this, though it doesn’t rock anything like as hard as Dylan.

    2. Unknown to me. Likeable enough.

    3. Oh, this is good. I find too much Pearl Jam too much, but I like them in small doses. They seem to have stolen the verse melody to Tori Amos’s “Silent All These Years”.

    4. I admit to rather loving this. Generally hate Axl’s voice, but it kind of fits here.

    5. I like the pop sensibility here – sure I ought to know this, but don’t. “Olympia” is probably my favourite Hole track.

    6. I’ve always quite liked Therapy? – partly probably because the music press seemed to allow them into the indie arena. Actually, I’m really liking this chorus…

    7. Queen are a ridiculous rock band, but a great pop band. Discuss.

    8. Liked this – very Manics…

    9. Ah, we’re getting close to my comfort zone now (even with a guitar solo)

    10. I’ve never paid Feeder much attention, though have always quite liked what I heard. This is very nice.

    11. One of my favourite U2 songs (and I genuinely liked that Achtung Baby-Zooropa period). I particularly like the way it ends with a sudden stop.

    All surprisingly enjoyable really. When I was doing my list last week I originally considered including some unlikely rock – partly because I wanted to include BYOB by System of a Down:

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