Radio Abahachi: Solid Gold Classics II

Draper's UlyssesIt’s been ages since I’ve done any sort of podcast – I’ve just been way too busy at work – and for various strategic reasons this one has to be another of the cross-overs between Abahachi and my work identity. Still, better than nothing, I hope, and some of the music is fabulous…

[audio |titles= Radio Abahachi Sold Gold Classics II]

13 thoughts on “Radio Abahachi: Solid Gold Classics II

  1. Great listen – a few favourites (and “O Brother Where Art Thou?” is my favourite film). Here’s the Johnny Depp version of sirens:

    Thanks Aba.

  2. Thanks for boxing – thoroughly enjoyed that!

    A nice concept impeccably executed and mostly new to me music – great stuff!

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