Five Card Stud

Five Card Stud

Royal Flush

Two of a kind, a full house, a flush, a Royal Flush; what’s the best poker hand you can put together with your choice of five songs?

Here’s my Royal Flush for starters:

Paul Simon – Late Great Johnny Ace

Kings of Leon – King of the Rodeo

The Gaslight Anthem – Queen of Lower Chelsea

Eric Church – Jack Daniels

The Black Keys – 10 Cent Pistol

Read ’em and weep!

I’ll see you ๐Ÿ™‚

39 thoughts on “Five Card Stud

  1. OK, I shall go for a full house.

    Nektar King of Twilight
    Wishbone Ash The King Will Come
    King Crimson The Court Of The Crimson King
    Bob Dylan Queen Jane Approximately
    David Bowie Queen Bitch

  2. Strictly speaking just a straight here

    ACE of Spades – Motorhead
    I’m a KING Bee – Rolling Stones
    Killer QUEEN – Queen
    JACK The Ripper – LL Cool J
    TEN Fifteen Saturday Night – The Cure

  3. Never played poker but I’ll try a bluff:

    Love Me TENder – Elvis Presley
    Jack of Hearts – Bob Dylan
    Queen Bee – Taj Mahal and Toumani Diabate
    Rain King – Counting Crows
    The first Time Ever I Saw Your F-ACE – Ewan MacColl

  4. Royal Flush..

    Ella Fitzgerald- Ace in the hole (Cole Porter penned life advice)
    The irresistable force- Lie in King (supremely laid back)
    McCoy Tyner- Ebony Queen (supercharged hard bop)
    The Go-betweens- House that Jack Kerouac built (droll and menacing indie folk)
    Bonobo- Ten tigers (Typewriter driven electronica)

    They’re all hearts…
    The Chills- Party in my heart (rejection post-punk)

    • Four new cards there, looking forward to going on a discovery trip with those, especially the “supercharged hard bop”. What sort of music genre is that? ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I’m not sure you’ve got a royal flush there – how can we be sure they’re all the same suit? So I’m going to raise you with my 4 kings:

    First Aid Kit – King of the World
    Bonnie Prince Billy – A King At Night
    Animals That Swim – King Beer
    REM – King of Birds

    My other card is a queen (Queen Matilda by Michael Head and the Strands).

  6. Great idea this. Certainly got me thinking. Wasn’t sure I could come up with a set but a troll through my media file threw these up.

    Iron Maiden…………………………………..Aces High.
    Of Monsters and Men…………………….King and Lionheart.
    Redbone……………………………………….Witch Queen of New Orleans.
    King Crimson…………………………………Neal and Jack and Me.

    • Another King Crimson tune, perhaps we’ll make a hand just from their songs. cracking Iron Maiden nom, I’d pair that with Rolo Tomasi’s Motรถrhead.

    • Maybe I could keep a straight face with this?

      The Two Sisters – Alasdair Roberts
      Three Things – Pere Ubu
      Four Pails – Peter Hammill
      Five Years Ago – Peter Hammill
      Six Days on the Road on the Jukebox – David Childers

  7. Scrap the one awaiting moderation leaveitallbehind please. I’ve done it as a YT playlist instead of individual links. Thank you x

  8. Thank you everyone for playing a hand of poker with me. There’s some great “new to me” tunes there (which I was hoping for) so I think I win.

    Wilemena, unfortunately I can’t seem to reply directly to your post or play the YouTube; stupid Apple products ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

    Could you post a list so I can look them up? Cheers.

    • Damn those rotten Apple products. Here you go, hope you get this one.

      Augustus Pablo – King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown
      King Tubby & Mikey Dread – King At The Controls
      (also attributed to Carlton Patterson)
      Ernest Ranglin – King Tubby Meets The Rockers – this is more like
      reggae jazz like than dub like. Think you’ll enjoy the guitar (Ernest Ranglin is a master player!) on this one. Oh yeah and ace drum and bass. Oh and that piano is lovely too. Oh and … ๐Ÿ™‚
      King Tubby – King Of Zion Dub (feat. Barry Brown)
      Mikey Dread – Queen Dub

      King Of The Rodeo cover by The Bamboos

  9. Mystic Queen Camel .. Gyspy Queen ( always tagged onto Black Magic Woman ) Santana
    Pearly Queen – Clapton’s Rainbow concert .. possibly traffic originally

    Kill the King Rainbow King Harvest the Band

  10. Late again and can’t find a suitable “ace” song so I’ll have to go with…..

    Nine Stone Rig – Linda Thompson
    I Close My Eyes and Count to Ten – Dusty Springfield
    Happy Jack – The Who
    God Save the Queen – Sex Pistols
    Early Roman Kings – Dylan

    • All new suits for me saneshane, but then again that’s exactly what I’d hope from you: lots of new stuff to listen to.

  11. ok, this is a great idea.

    Motorhead Ace of Spades iss way too easy, isn’t it. Swapped out The Queen is Dead for the Stones Roses, don’t need a double shot of Mozza in a 5 song playlist. Police’s King of Pain just missed the cut.

    Donds for Queen Bitch, Court of the Crimson King, God Save the Queen.

    James Brown – King Heroin
    Babybird – King Bing
    Stone Roses – Elizabeth My Dear
    Dead – Jack Straw
    Morrissey – Jack the Ripper

    Did Chris leave this out?

    One eyed jacks and the deuces are wild
    And the aces are crawlin’ up and down your sleeve

  12. King Creole – Elvis Presley
    King of Birds – Karine Polwart (not the same as the REM song)
    Cooksferry Queen – Richard Thompson
    The Queen and the Soldier – Suzanne Vega
    Little Jack Frost – Kate Rusby

    Sorry, have forgotten how to post a link here, help needed! I remember that it’s very easy, but my brain is fading…

  13. Hi suzi, thanks for playing, nice bit of Elvis there.

    To embed a video either do it in the RR site and then copy it over here or

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