Earworms 4 November 2013

A sparkling collection to get things off with a bang this week – just missing Explosions in the Sky. Thanks to all for your contributions – and don’t forget to light the blue touch-paper and fire off those whizzing worms to earworm@tincanland.com.

The Other Europeans – Goldene Khasene/ Hora de la Cahul – ghe: I love Romany/Manouche music (especially the Django strand) and Balkan wedding bands. In a similar league for the feel good factor is the Jewish klezmer tradition. Get your dancing shoes on …

L’Arpeggiata – Pizzica di San Vito – beltway: you know that thing that occasionally happens when you are driving and a piece of music comes on the radio that is so intense and exciting that you just have to pull over to give it your full attention? Well this almost happened to me, I’d actually just pulled up outside the house, but I still had to sit listening transfixed to the amazing song blasting out my speakers – turned out it was a live session on Radio 3’s In Tune show by Austrian early music group L’Arpeggiata, with their mad interpretation of a Salentese tarantella, a frantic dance supposed to be so intense it could cure victims of the bite of a tarantula. This is one of the most exciting things I’ve heard in ages, hence straight to the iPlayer to hear it again and straight onto Amazon to order their new album Mediterraneo, which I can’t wait for. Hope you find it exciting too…

Zaz – Le Long de la Route – Fintan: A couple of years ago Debby M. turned us on to Zaz and I’ve been hooked ever since.  Here’s an earworm hard to resist.

Lutricia McNeal – Ain’t That Just The Way – severin: Originally a hit for the Playboy model (and star of the film “Hospital Massacre”) Barbi Benton. This is a far far better thing imho. It’s also an earworm if ever there was one. Lutricia Mcneal lives and records in Sweden these days. Barbi Benton doesn’t.

Maria de Lourdes – Huapango Torero – goneforeign: She’s a wonderful young Mexican woman singing traditional songs in their regional styles. This is from an album ‘La Cancion de Mexicana’ with mariachi vargas de tecalitlan.

Four Tet – Angel Echoes – magicman: from the shimmering beauty of his 2010 album “There Is Love In You”, Keiran Hebden’s opening track.

19 thoughts on “Earworms 4 November 2013

  1. I had a similar experience to Beltway about two nights ago, I’d awoken at about 2am and put on the earbuds as I usually do and tuned to my favorite all-night classical station, This is what I came in on, as I lie there I kept saying ‘who the hell could this be? I had no idea; it went on for about 20 mins and then the announcer came on and said it was La Noche de los Mayas by ‘Silvestre Revueltas. I thought it was fabulous and I went straight to youtunes when I got up and sure enough it was there.

      • That wasn’t this one actually, this is Chichen Itza, Mine was Temple IV at Tikal, maybe a hundred miles away. Were this the one you wouldn’t need your glasses, there were hundreds of the buggers! Thanks for paying attention.

  2. An interesting selection, I think Maria de Lourdes is the only one I’d want to listen to again though.
    I love the trumpets on that one, unusual for me as usually brass leaves me cold.

  3. Wow! My kinda playlist, a box of sparklers for Guy Fawkes (well done AliM and the ear worm club). An operatic performance from Maria (puts me in mind of Rebekah del Rio), and real knees up singalongs from L’arpeggiata and Zaz – the latter a true Gallic earworm. Hypnotic cut up from Four Tet. Lutricia is sort of the odd one out, but a good soulful bit of pop – why am I not surprised she was in her gospel church choir? I loved the enthusiasm of the nominations too – couldn’t wait to listen!

  4. Had a couple of listens now, and greatly enjoyed those. A whirl of mad energy in the first two (I find klezmer utterly irresistible). Zaz I remember enjoying before – I must look at the album, which I think I retrieved from the Box at the time. Lutricia’s chorus is familiar, and I think I was vaguely familiar with it at the time, but don’t remember enjoying it so much – that’s a wonderful growl she’s got in her voice. Maria has a great voice too. Four Tet make beauty out of beeps and bleeps.

  5. The Other Europeans: What barbryn said. Love it. Started off hoping for a vocal but it really doesn’t need one. (But I’m glad there is the odd ‘ho!’ and the applause. It would feel somehow weird to be flung headlong into such giddy excitement and not hear it being appreciated!)

    L’Arpeggiata: This is joyful too. I’m grinning. Look at my daft grinny face.

    Zaz: Gorgeous warm sound. And an irresistible tune. This is shaping up to be my fave set in weeks (although I don’t think I listened last week – for which, apols).

    Lutricia McNeal: I know the name. Can’t think I know the song (or why I know the name). Ah, the chorus is a bit more familiar. Yeah, it’s a catchy one. Great to hear a great singer serving the song rather than using it as a launchpad for melismatic acrobatics.

    Maria de Lourdes: Possibly my favourite so far. I love her voice. Something really moving about it. (Or maybe I’m just overtired again.) Beautiful anyway. The reveille-style horn bit is slightly weird on first listen, but it might grow on me/start to make more sense on repeated listens. (Or might mean something if I understood the lyrics!)

    Four Tet: I find the cut-up vocals a bit jerky to listen to, but he makes a lovely sound overall. I agree with ghe: hypnotic. Like the ending too!

    What a great selection! Thanks all (and Ali). bb x

  6. The Other Europeans – Great start. Love the wildness. L’Arpeggiata – Hypnotic and yeah, joyful. Zaz – Love the voice and the tune/rhythm is compelling. Maria de Lourdes – Great voice. Love the changes of pace and the brass. Four Tet – Stranger than the rest but draws you in. Like the chimes.

    That was fun.

  7. These were also my favorite earworms of recent postings, not a bad one there. Maria de Lourdes, a CD i’ve played quite a bit and I’m amazed how different it sounds in this context, seems like all the cuts affect each other? The brass in Huapango is traditional mariachi, it would sound similar whatever the vocal content. I remember a Christmas in Mexico City, we stayed at a very old traditional hotel, quite deluxe, there was a
    garden outside our bedroom and at about 8pm a mariachi band in full regalia
    serenaded us for about an hour, spectacularly memorable!

  8. I just saw an item in the local paper, Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlan performed at the university in Berkeley two days ago, this was part of the story:
    ‘One of the most influential ensembles in the history of mariachi, Mariachi Vargas de Tecalitlán was founded over 100 years ago in a small city near Jalisco, Mexico. More than 50 recordings later, the 13-piece ensemble brings together five generations of musicians who continue to define the sound of modern mariachi while firmly rooted in the music’s rich folk tradition. Sporting ornately embroidered charro outfits, the performers of Mariachi Vargas fill the hall with the vibrant sound of strings, brass, and strident vocals, performing their own takes on traditional and popular forms like the huasteco, waltz, popurri, polka, huapango, and cumbia.’

  9. Well this little lot has much livened up an otherwise dull train back up north from London (and has even distracted me from the Pendolino Pong!). So for the little it is worth, I think that…..

    Goldhene Kahsane – I love klezmer, though it is a genre I know little about, but I adore this, so evocative and basically a key root to so much European folk and pop. Glorious

    Zaz – oh I fell in love with this, where has this been all my life? lovely voice and sharp arrangment, irresistible, my pick of the week.

    Lutritia McNeal – I feel bad writing this, I don’t think I have ever gone totally hostile on an ew before, but I really don’t like this, sorry Steven, it just sounds like 1000 other identikit pop songs and does nothing for me at all – happy to accept that that is my fault though.

    Maria de Lourdes – wears its Mexicana loud and proud. Love it, evocative and the brass melts my ears in a good way. Want to hear more of this.

    Four Tet – new to me and fabulous, very cleverly constructed, the truest earworm of the week and probably the smartest pop of the week- susspect I will be humming this for a bit.

  10. Oh, this has me proud to be part of the earworm crew. I’m home & recovering from shoulder surgery. Perhaps it’s the morphine but this is like teleporting about the globe. Fantastic images & sensations. Loved it all but the tarantella & mariachi stand out. Really pleased folks are taking to Zaz. She’s provided me many hours of warm listening even if I understand little. If like me you were wishing for a bit more of that fine little scat she does in the middle here’s a live clip should work. Just adorable.

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