Neighbourhood Watch


Noah House Of Dread – Neighbours
Gary Clail & On U-Sound System – These Things Are Worth Fighting For [Perfecto Radio Mix]
Gnarls Barkley – Neighbors
Mystery Jets – Two Doors Down
Wave Pictures – Yr Neighbour

Matthew Dear – Neighborhoods
Ween – So Many People In The Neighborhood
El-P – For My Upstairs Neighbor (Mums The Word)
Mountain Goats – Letter From Belgium
Thee More Shallows – 2 AM

9 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Watch

  1. Brilliant set! Going for a third listen now. TMS are my fave from the wierd&naughty neighbours and Mystery Jets are my fave from the nice neighbours.

    • One of those rare Goldilocks themes this week. Glad you liked the list. Can’t believe MJs & TMS aren’t more popular than they are (probably just as well, acclaim often makes things go pear-shaped).

  2. It’s the misanthropic ones here which appeal to me most.
    El-P droll and dangerous, if you kill him I won’t tell…the walls are thin and so is skin… with a nicely gratuitous synth backing, and Three More Shadows’ sonic desperation. With a theme like this it’s the wacky, edgy ones I tend to lean towards, better on the ‘Spill than just around the corner in any case.

  3. Well this would be my A List if I were picking them Shoey – loved it all! I have a MJ album (Serotonin) somewhere and I’ve never listened to it – will go and fish it out now. Matthew Dear and yes! El-P are the ones I’ll be digging into. Cheers x

    Oh and this is my choice version of Man Next Door (sounds like me and mr.mena in the throes of a full scale row ha ha)

    • Don’t know that Tubby version. Dennis Brown’s version is my personal fave, although this one, Slits, Bim Sherman, Massive & Mr Holt himself, are all not far behind. Great tune.

      • It’s from his In Fine Style album (all brilliant dubs on there btw).

        Hadn’t heard The Slits one before – ace! I like Dr Alimantado’s Poison Flour/I Shall Fear No Evil too. ‘Tis a great tune.

  4. loved it shoey – having trouble keeping up with the neighbours – boys were on holiday last week and kept demanding attention – now caught up with work and might even manage a playlist next week.
    Letter From Belgium was one of my first thoughts – great lyrics.

    Love the picture … here’s Private Lawns:

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