Playlist pairs- soft autumn

A new release by Polish pianist Leszek Możdżer weaves Chopin and folk themes together in beguiling ways. Here’s the brief Africa, written by bassist Lars Danielsson, a lyrical mixture of sweet and ever-so-slightly-bitter which resonates for my tastes with Peter Erskine’s mid nineties trio version of the Vince Mendoza composition Esperança, featuring John Taylor on piano and another Danielsson, Palle, on bass.

6 thoughts on “Playlist pairs- soft autumn

  1. Gorgeous! That could have been the soundtrack to my early morning tea in Place St Sulpice today. Wonderfully buoyant autumn sunshine with a fresh, cool, breeze blowing through it and the dying golden leaves in the small square beside. Thanks!

  2. That sounds very nice indeed.. meanwhile for me it was soundtracking a damp, foggy, fairly mucky trip through the forest with the dog, trudging through mushy leaf litter and the remnants of the wine harvest from the adjacent vineyard slopes.

  3. Nice pair! I found the first one very pretty, which is a word that should mean more than it does, I think. It’s been overused to inanity, but I think it has more depth, and it’s the word I thought of as I listened.

    I liked the second even better, I think. Also pretty, and I like the thoughtful melancholy of it, and the way it seems to go round and round trying to pick itself up.

    • Pretty is appropriate, it also has something slightly brittle about it which fits. I like the way they both drift in and out of harmonic ambiguity, and the circular movement you mention adds focus. Taylor is considered something of a link between Bill Evans and modern pianists playing this kind of impressionistic, pretty music- a lot of European players in particular consider him a big influence.

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