party game for panthersan :


Okay – so it’s Luke’s birthday

I picked up my record player in a suitcase and headed to the wilds of Japan’s countryside (via China so they could make my record player) and I grabbed a few slabs of vinyl for a party game.

What connects the songs?

DON”T TYPE IN THE ANSWER – just say YEAH, I GOT IT – when you work it out.

and we’ll wait until the birthday boy knows what the link is.

happy happy joy joy – pin the tail on the panther GO:

Kool Thing Sonic Youth
Get It On Grinderman
Rebel Without A Pause Public Enemy
Miss Lucifer (Bone to Bone Alec Empire Remix) Primal Scream
Blondes With Lobotomy Eyes My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult
TV All Greasy (feat. Anti-Pop Consortium) TOBACCO
Apollo Throwdown (Star Slinger Remix) The Go! Team

22 thoughts on “party game for panthersan :

  1. Wow! What a nice surprise – cheers Shane!

    The artwork is ace and eerily similar to the early birthday present I bought for myself last week – a little Numark portable record player to replace the clapped out old National one I had. It does indeed fold up into a little briefcase with a handle!

    Now…about the quiz, apart from the fact that they are all REALLY REALLY GOOD (loved that Alec Empire mix and MYWTTKK was just ace) and that the Go! Team instructs people to walk like me, I’m stumped… for a few hours sleep to think on it…hmmm…

    …thanks again!

    • the Go! Team instructs people to walk like me – that’s on the right lines – the tracks should be in an old dropbox file we shared once – so you can listen on the move.

      hope you have slept well.

  2. thanks for the kind messages (and tunes) everyone.

    Am still stumped by the challenge though…..I’m sure I’m thinking too deeply and it’s really obvious…

  3. simple and it was the obvious thing you said about the Go! Team…..

    Kool Thing:
    Kool Thing walking like a panther

    Get It On:
    He drank panther piss

    Rebel Without A Pause:
    Panther power on the hour from the rebel to you

    Miss Lucifer:
    Tattoed panther, vampire cape

    Black magic panther always gets what she’s after.
    She’s the blonde with lobotomy eyes!

    TV All Greasy (feat. Anti-Pop Consortium):
    It moves to tell the truth of work of fiction
    After panther barely up when they speak

    and you got:
    Walk like a panther…
    I said
    Walk like a panther….

    … hope that puts you out of your misery.

  4. that’s pretty impressive finding all those songs with panthers in ’em!

    Cheers Shane, you’re a star!

    Sorry for delayed replying – I’ve been so busy this week that I’ve barely had an hour or two on the internet!

    • it was good fun – I have a folder of big cat songs so just had to sort the panthers from the lions and tigers …

      I really do have a mixtape obsession on any subject.

      You have yourself an enjoyable weekend now.

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