Earworms 18 November 2013

kitten in teacup

I couldn’t find any fluffy bunnies for DsD, so I hope this week’s photo doesn’t give anyone nightmares. A lively and diverse selection for you today; many thanks to all contributors. Hate to say it, but Christmas is coming … don’t forget to send some seasonal worms to earworm@tincanland.com.

Dick Dale – Hava Nagila – Beltway: Surf guitar legend Dick Dale takes the ever popular Jewish folk melody and turns it into a thrashy stomper that is a proper treat to listen to or play along with …

Diblo Dibala – Amour et Souvenir – goneforeign: Often known simply as Diblo, he’s a Congolese soukous musician, known as “Machine Gun” for his speed and skill on the guitar. He was born in Zaire in 1954  and at age 15 won a talent competition which led to him playing guitar in Franco’s TPOK band. He went on to play in every major Soukous  band in Zaire and also formed his own group, Loketo. I love this style of playing, very stylised and  traditional, very Cuban also.

Christian Scott – The Eraser – Nilpferd: Scott reworks the plaintive and desperate ballad from Thom Yorke’s solo debut, introducing a note of urbane rhythmic urgency and smoothing out the rough edges with his muted trumpet.

Prince Fatty – Shimmy Shimmy Ya – Shoegazer: Like buses these earworms – Prince Fatty & Horseman at a Brooklyn Dancehall with the late ‘Ol Dirty Bastard.

Chili Mac – Preston Love & Shuggie Otis -Fintan: stirring up a big ol’ pot of comfort food.

Zap Pow – River-River Stone – Albahooky: Here’s one from ’77 from the reggae band Zap Pow under the majestic guidance of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry at the Black Ark giving it that dense, swirling ethereal sound – mesmerising.

24 thoughts on “Earworms 18 November 2013

  1. Worms are in the Box, gentle people,
    Having just installed a new virus checker, I’ve set sites to ‘allow’ the ‘Spill and WordPress, but it (Bitdefender) won’t let me access the wordpress / ‘Spill ‘preview’ page when I’m doing a post. Tried typing in the exact url of the preview page in the ‘allow’ category but it doesn’t work. Any ideas, techies?

    • First thought was that if you are copying across the whole URL of a preview page, the preview page URL will probably change each time you generate a new preview, so try just posting the “root” URL, but I just did that and realised it is:


      Which I guess is already covered!

      Second thought is that the Preview window appears as a pop up window in some browsers – see if there are any settings in Bitdefender around blocking pop ups – there will probably be a white list in there of sites from which you will allow pop ups to come from – again, set the spill home URL to be allowed and see if that works?

  2. Encountered some ‘Spill blockage when trying out a new DNS service (don’t ask). Suspect that some of the undeleted links from Spam comments may have landed us on a “block” list for security software. Not sure why only preview is affected for you.

    Your Software gets good reviews, but have had problems with annoying & unnecessary site blocking from all the paid pro security software I’ve used, except for Malwarebytes (there’s a free version, but only the paid version blocks malicious websites).

    Avast & AVG (either/or) are free antivirus for Windows that have worked well for me.

  3. Cracking selection this week Ali, nice to get a leaning to the instrumental side – The Diblo and Christian Scott where the absolute highlights for me, the latter a particularly brilliant reworking that I would never have imagined working somehow, but it’s perfect. Excellent stuff!

      • I also love both versions, Scott’s one of an increasing number of jazz musicians who grew up with Yorke and other’s music and cherish- and understand- it as much as the “traditional canon”, I think they are also enriching the genre with covers like this.

  4. Dick Dale and Diblo seemed to fit together well, though I thought Diblo was becoming very boring, I think I chose the wrong cut from the Loketo CD, it should have been Super K but I suspect I switched because that one’s over 8 mins.
    As much as I try to like Nilp’s cuts I always seem to have trouble with ’em, must be me, others seem to like ’em. I suppose I don’t understand The Eraser and I’m not impressed musically but I will keep trying.
    Fatty – not for me, once upon a time when Dancehall began I found it interesting, now it seems so contrived and boring.
    The standout of the week, Chili Mac, loved it. Shuggie and his old man used to live just a few miles from me, always hoped we’d bump into each other but we never did, met them both though back when we all lived in LA.
    Zap Pow, enough classic names in that group to write a book about, I remember them all very well plus their individual careers, Often back then the Zap Pow horns were credited on lots of records, saw them many times, happy days.
    Nice to have a dominance of instrumentals for a change. Thanks Ari.

    • I loved Diblo – but then I liked them all, this week. That’s quite rare. (Probably shouldn’t admit that). You always call me Ari – is that deliberate? I don’t mind, think I might adopt it (more interesting than Ali)!

      • Oh dear Ali, that must be senility setting in or something, last week I made out a check to an old friend who’s name is Bob Wallace to Bob Roberts! More of same.

  5. Re. Fatty. maybe I didn’t phrase that quite right, I still love the dancehall pioneers: Big Youth, Barrington Levy, Leroy Smart, U Roy and I Roy and Kiddus I et. al. but as the years passed by it seemed that nothing new was being added. One highlight of Sunsplash in the ’80’s was Thursday night, about 8 hours of dancehall!

  6. Dick Dale – I like his stuff in general and hadn’t heard this one before. Visions of Yiddisher Surf parties.
    Diblo – I love the sound, this kind of guitar playing and rhythm does it for me.
    Christian Scott – I don’t know the original of this. Like it well enough although it’s not the type of music I’d normally choose for prolonged listening. This track is fine. In fact very fine.
    Prince Fatty – Dancehall isn’t really my thing either. Again a short burst is fine. Didn’t quite get this one. Maybe cos I don’t like it raw. Worked ok as part of the set though.
    Preston Love – Lovely stuff. Yes comfort food but nutritious too.
    Zap Pow – Love this. Could listen to it forever.

    Muchas Gracias.

  7. Well Shoey, I love Shimmy Shimmy Ya. First heard it when Fatty’s ‘Supersize’ came out in 2010, it got stuck in my head for ages then, especially as it popped up in Breaking Bad around that time. I think the hip-hop/dancehall mash-up thing works a treat I do.

    There’s also this. ODB (Shimmy Shimmy Ya) vs King Tubby ( Dubbing My Baby – very sexy dub)
    Dubbing It Raw
    I do like it raw. Especially in dub.

  8. Dick Dale- nice blast of energy to kick off with. perhaps suffers a little for me for the inadvertent Pulp Fiction flashbacks- I know it wasn’t this track but it sounded very similar.
    Diblo- ha ha, GF, not surprisingly I really like this, not boring at all. I’d rather hear real horns than the synth but the playing is so lucid and joyful. Great bass counterpoint too.
    Prince Fatty doesn’t really get me shimmying I’m afraid.
    Some great ensemble sax and vibes work on Chilli Mac, and River River stone also impresses, this is the kind of sound that inspired Vienna Scientists/K&D/G-Stone. I need to listen to this later with an accompanying glass of whisky.

  9. Great set though I couldn’t get Prince Fatty to play for some reason. Dick Dale will always rule a piece of my teenage heart so that was a given. Really everything made for a tasty repast.

  10. Stunning set, beautifully put together, Ali. And all new to me, so that’s a bonus. Thanks to nommers all. These are all going on my phone pod toot sweet.
    Preston love – yes, lovely stabbing horns and a great walking bass line, then a Gary Burton-esque bit of vibraphone. Sweet.
    Dick Dale – I like almost any version of Hava Nagila – this one is superb, really adds something – crazy speed guitars remind me of Love Sculpture
    Red River Stone – Hypnotic, spaced out psychedelic reggae – what’s not to like?
    Prince Fatty – Reminds me of Chaka Demus and Pliers – oh yes, we like it raw (we do!)
    Diblo – Put me in mind of Bhundu boys, and another one to float downstream with in the river of your mind. I’m getting pretty blissed out here.
    Eraser – almost an anti-climax, but also a soothing chill out, wafting me back to Forest Flower era Lloyd.
    Whew! Presses repeat.

  11. I’ve only just had a chance to listen to the full list and, you know what, I love all of them. Excellent worming, ‘Spillers.

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