‘Spill A-Z: This week, the letter Y

yankeeThis is so simple that YOU can  do it, sweethomealabama

What is your favourite song that begins with (or kinda if you get stuck) ….. the letter Y.

Next Wednesday: The letter …… (But it won’t end there, Spillers and Spillettes.  Sorry, no hints)

114 thoughts on “‘Spill A-Z: This week, the letter Y

  1. My Y spot ~
    You Look Like Rain – Morphine
    I can tell you taste like the sky ’cause you look like rain

    Sometimes I work at night,” he admits. “It [the gear’s always blinking at me, saying things: ‘Hey Mark come here and play.’ When I did the vocals to ‘You Look Like Rain’ my roommate was sleeping so hard I had to whisper the lyrics.”

    A spécial mention for this instrumental delight ~ Years of Solitude/Años de Soledad – Astor Piazzola & Gerry Mulligan
    lr x

    • I like the Truffaz. I don’t know if you agree, but he seems to be a musician in possession of oodles of inner quiet and poise. Super subtle and precise too. When I saw him performing live this year he reminded me of an elegant, meditative, blue crane. lr

      • yes, inner quiet and poise are very appropriate words to describe him. It’s a while since I saw him last- probably five years now- but each time I was also impressed by his intensity on stage.

  2. I’d thought this was going to be a week I’d sit out – all those “You” songs – but found myself sat at the PC with time to kill last night waiting for another task to finish. And only 1317 Y-songs in my iTunes was rather less than I’d imagined.

    A couple of themes emerged from my deliberations:

    1. Previous DsD Earworm selections
    You’re Only Lonely – Micah P. Hinson
    Your Hand In Mine – EITS
    Your Woman Is A Livin’ Thing – DBT

    2. Cover versions I prefer to the originals
    Young Girl Blues – Sammy Hagar
    You Really Got Me – Van Halen
    You Will Miss Me When I Burn – Soulsavers

    3. Artists I knew of but got into thanks to Blimpy‘s nudges
    You’ve No Clue Do You – King Creosote
    You’re Always Welcome – Aereogramme
    You Almost Made It Out, But… – Corinna Repp

    Then there were a couple of “ploughing a lonely furrow” asafaerae:
    You Used To – Distant Cousins
    Yakut Song – Hector Zazou ft Lioudmila Khandi

    I laughed at finding these two faves adjacent in the list:
    Your Daddy Hates Me – DBT
    Your Daddy Loves You – Gil Scott-Heron (I also miss EJD!)

    … but in the end, here’s my pick (and probably Gordon‘s too),
    the magnificent Maria McKee with You Gotta Sin To Get Saved

  3. Well, a tough week again, but it’s got to be this:

    McAlmont & Butler: Yes(Y-based props too to follow-up, You Do)

    Runners up include: Mory Kante’s Yeke Yeke, REM’s You Are The Everything, Johnny Boy’s You Are The Generation That Bought More Shoes And You Get What You Deserve, The Supremes’ You Can’t Hurry Love, Amy Winehouse’s You Know I’m No Good, The Real Thing’s You To Me Are Everything, Barbara McNair’s You’re Gonna Love My Baby, etc etc etc…

  4. Not wanting to put a downer on proceedings, but there are some songs that resonate so much with ones own childhood that when you hear the words you can only say “That’s my life”.
    And this is exactly what I feel about my education in Catholic schools.

    “By the cold and religious we were taken in hand.
    Taught how to be good and told to feel bad.
    Strung out behind us the banners and flags
    Of our possible pasts lie in tatters and rags”

    Pink Floyd…………………..”Your Possible Pasts”.

    • I feel the same about Morrissey’s “I Have Forgiven Jesus”. Bloody religion…

      Have you seen “Philomena”? The Catholic church has so much to answer for. And seemingly so little willingness to do so.

        • Not quite, but it gets pretty close. The damage (wilfully) done to the lives of countless people over decades is just staggering.

      • I agree about Philomena, despite it’s playing a bit fast and loose with the facts. And it’s wonderful to see Steve Coogan erasing all Partridge from his performance.

        What hit me, personally, is that I was born around the same time as Philomena’s son. To imagine that, had my mother been in different circumstances and Irish, she would have died before finding out what the fecking nuns did with him/me.

  5. I forgot all about this and i came unprepared this week. So this is what came to mind – song is ever so slightly sullied by it’s tie in with the ’08 Obama campaign (yeah, that’s working out well for us) – but still can’t resist this Lee Dorsey cover by these funkmistresses –

    (Bish also just reminded me of the Stylistics’ You are Everything.)

    Pointer Sisters – Yes We Can Can

  6. Possibly Der Dong Dang’s wonderful “Yipmerdai”

    It’s from Thailand,1960’s and is named after a slang word that is so obscure that no one can remember what it meant.
    How cool is that ?

  7. A letter that I thought might be difficult turns out to be relatively easy with

    Young Americans – David Bowie

    clearly out in front although not without competition from (You Make me Feel like a) Natural Woman (Aretha), You Wear It Well, Your Song, You Can’t be too Strong (Graham Parker), You Can’t Hurry Love and the magisterial dance classic You Got The Floor (Arthur Adams).

  8. Deadsongs end at W and I’m only getting a trickle of fave Y songs through my brain. Dylan’s You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome is one but severin’s already mentioned it.
    I’ll have The CharlatansYou’re Not Very Well

    I got nuttin’ for Z….

  9. Too much to dond, especially as I am simultaneously running a writing workshop on Objectivism and there’s only so long I can keep my class working on their first drafts given that they don’t know what the hell Objectivism is. So I’ll cut to my choice, which beat out a whole load of contenders, despite arguably being a W, because it doesn’t fanny around with words that begin with Y – its name itself is like a tribute to Y:

    Lee Dorsey – Ya Ya

  10. Ying tong iddle I po

    You really shook me girl, you shook me all night long
    Girl you really got me now, you got me so I can’t sleep at night

    So boll*cks to the bedroom tax and its minimum number of rooms allowed, extensive research by Davies & Plant shows adults need separate bedrooms else they’ll get no kip

    Once got Stray a-listed so shall mention their Yesterdays promises

    Bunnies Yo-Yo man
    Happy Yes men stand in line .. Doesn’t quite fit … but for a Birmingham arena show, tickets were on sale in Virgin shops throughout the north .. Queued all night … wonder if Mac saw that at St John’s Market

    • and Kate Bush from Red Shoes breaking up with Del possibly ? You’re the One
      with Gary Brooker’s fine backing chorus .. youretheonlyonethatiwant

      your own special way was Phil singing i think

  11. re doing “your own” playlist- I did one for “S” with about 30 songs which I suspect entertains me far more than any I’d attempt using A-Z. In any case you’ve missed out the umlaut letters Tinny so I’m taking my “Z” and going home..

  12. For those wondering where we go after ‘Z’, it is a surprise.

    Only I and nilpferd know what it is and he swore me to secrecy when he asked me to do the coding for the posts. I don’t think a review of the periodic table would go amiss, but even saying that is breaching a confidence so *me goes schtum*

  13. This is the first song you hear in the Peter Bogdanovich documentary Runnin’ Down A Dream, which introduced me to the considerable delights of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers way back in 2010.

    Actually, he had me at the first three chords.

    You Wreck Me by Tom Petty

  14. Ys, you’ve got everything now – the smiths, you’ve got good taste – the cramps, yeah is what we had – grandaddy, you know you can’t help it – buzzcocks, your ghost – kristin, yawn yawn yawn – les savy fav

  15. A couple from the soul sampler Take Me to the River that’ve been rockin the motor this week:


    The first is my preference.


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